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    "The force said it believed Mr Grainger was planning an armed robbery"

    So fucking what?

    You are not authorised to enact summary justice, and capital punishment is prevented by law in the UK.


      This website which has stories of women who had relationships with SpyCops is absolutely horrifying.

      I didn't know that Helen Steel from the McLibel case was amongst them


        Given I've only interacted once with the English police, following a traffic incident in Scotland, I'd like to point out the Scottish Police are professional, polite, courteous, and effective.

        The English police are fucking scum.

        The cunt issued me with a formal warning after I acted on the producer that the sergeant and constable issued me with in Strathclyde.

        Fat slap head cunt that he was.


          But hey.

          "Lessons learned" by the Sussex force.

          Because Palace fans were going to bring knuckle dusters and flick-knives to the match.

          Or something

          Except of course, they weren't

          (And given what I think of Palace supporters, even I'm on their side on this one)


            And one of the first newspapers to break the news that Liverpool fans caused the Hillsborough disaster by being drunk

            Still at it.

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              Today's the 14th anniversary of the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes. And the cop in charge of killing him is now in charge of the Met, of course.


                Meanwhile, police refuse to investigate rape claims as they're too busy trying to blame the people alleging the charges



                  Thames Valley Police at it again

                  Dashcam footage proves PCs made inaccurate statements.

                  No it doesn't.

                  It proves they lied.


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                    What could possibly have lead to this woman thinking the GMP were racist after noting these facts?



                      "Instead of deterring and detecting crime, you were committing crime"

                      - Police sued after police officer spied on naked sunbather.


                      (No surprise it's the SYP.)



                        Cunt, cunt fucking cunt cunt cunt bastards.


                        These fucking cunts have been photographing me and using those images for facial recognition

                        Cunt, cunt, cunt, bastards that they are