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    This article

    A friend for whom this article is incredibly close to the bone sent me this today. It's 2 years old but she had been sent it by a friend and it spoke to her in so many ways. It had me in absolutely floods of tears. It's an absolutely superb piece of writing I think.

    This paragraph in particular is so true and so good
    My father’s death has given me a lot. It has given me a lifelong love of women, of their grittiness and hardness – traits that we are not supposed to value as feminine. It has also given me a love of men, of their vulnerability and tenderness – traits that we do not foster as masculine or allow ourselves to associate with masculinity.
    Anyway I just wanted to share.

    That is fantastic. I love her.

    I especially liked this bit. I can imagine it in her voice and I can imagine her going through it as a teenager at a wake or whatever.

    I look like him. For all of my teens and early 20s, I smothered my face in fake tan and bleached my hair blond so that elderly relatives would stop looking at me like I was the ghost of Christmas past whenever I did something funny. “You look so like your father,” they would say. And as much as people might think a teenage girl wants to be told that she looks like a dead man, she doesn’t.


      I remember reading this article a while ago and being hugely impressed, not just by the insight but also the writing style.

      It's a nugget of all-around excellence.


        Thanks for sharing this. A lovely but tough read.