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Return to Cinder - The 2021 Speedway Season

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    Return to Cinder - The 2021 Speedway Season

    Hey, speedway's back! Well, almost. On May 17th, fans will be allowed in to see bikes sliding round corners for the first time since FOREVER, although things kick off a little bit earlier than that with some behind-closed-doors stuff. British speedway is once again going with a 3 (and a half) tier system, but there's been a few casualties since the tapes were pulled down at the end of the 2019 season.

    - - -

    In the top division, still called the Premiership, just SIX teams will race this year, after reigning champions Swindon put their license on hold for a year due to not-at-all-surprising difficulties getting their new stadium finished. Sheffield had stepped up to the Premiership for the aborted 2020 season, replacing Poole, who dropped down to the second tier. Teams in the top division are forced to track a young British rider at reserve this year, taking us back to where we were the last time this was done in 2014 (only to be dropped because some teams didn't like being forced to track young British riders).

    The 2021 Premiership looks like this:

    Belle Vue Aces: Brady Kurtz (AUS), Steve Worrall (GBR), Dan Bewley (GBR), Richie Worrall (GBR), Charles Wright (GBR), Jay Etheridge (AUS), Tom Brennan (GBR)

    Ipswich Witches: Jason Crump (AUS/GBR), Cameron Heeps (AUS), Nicolai Klindt (DEN), Jordan Stewart (AUS), Danny King (GBR), Anders Rowe (GBR), Drew Kemp (GBR)

    King's Lynn Stars: Craig Cook (GBR), Ty Proctor (AUS), Lewis Kerr (GBR), Thomas Jorgensen (DEN), Erik Riss (GER), Lewis Bridger (GBR), Ryan Kinsley (GBR)

    Peterborough Panthers: Bjarne Pedersen (DEN), Scott Nicholls (GBR), Chris Harris (GBR), Hans Andersen (DEN), Michael Palm-Toft (DEN), Ulrich Ostergaard (DEN), Jordan Palin (GBR)

    Sheffield Tigers: Troy Batchelor (AUS), Justin Sedgmen (AUS), Adam Ellis (GBR), Kyle Howarth (GBR), Jack Holder (AUS), James Wright (GBR), Josh Bates (GBR)

    Wolverhampton Wolves: Sam Masters (AUS), Ryan Douglas (AUS), Nick Morris (AUS), Luke Becker (USA), Rory Schlein (AUS/GBR), Broc Nichol (USA), Tom Bacon (GBR)

    The six Premiership clubs will also track reserve sides in a second-half competition, although it will not be after every meeting, and only four races per match. Premiership fixtures will be raced on Monday and Thursday evenings, although the main reason for bringing this in - to avoid clashes with overseas leagues who share riders with the Premiership - has been slightly negated by limits being put on the amount of leagues any one rider can compete in by the Polish League.

    - - -

    The second division, again called the Championship, has twelve teams taking part, with Plymouth the new arrivals, replacing Somerset, who declined to take part and have put their license on ice. Kent will also race their first second-tier fixtures, having made the jump for 2020 before it was cancelled. Championship teams also have to include a British youngster in their line-up.

    The 2021 Championship looks like this:

    Berwick Bandits: Aaron Summers (AUS), Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen (DEN), Jye Etheridge (AUS), Daniel Gappmaier (AUT), Fernando Garcia (ARG), Kyle Bickley (GBR), Leon Flint (GBR)

    Birmingham Brummies: Chris Harris (GBR), Eric Riss (GER), Ashley Morris (GBR), Valentin Groubauer (GER), James Shanes (GBR), Paco Castagna (ITA), Jack Thomas (GBR)

    Eastbourne Eagles: Edward Kennett (GBR), Richard Lawson (GBR), Lewis Kerr (GBR), Tom Brennan (GBR), Kyle Newman (GBR), Drew Kemp (GBR), Jason Edwards (GBR)

    Edinburgh Monarchs: Sam Masters (AUS), Richie Worrall (GBR), Josh Pickering (AUS), Nathan Greaves (GBR), Kye Thomson (AUS), William Lawson (GBR), Joe Lawlor (GBR)

    Glasgow Tigers: Craig Cook (GBR), Ricky Wells (USA/NZL), Ulrich Ostergaard (DEN), Justin Sedgmen (AUS), Broc Nicol (USA), Sam Jensen (DEN), Jack Smith (GBR)

    Kent Kings: Scott Nicholls (GBR), Paul Hurry (GBR), Cameron Heeps (AUS), Paul Starke (GBR), Tom Bacon (GBR), Ben Morley (GBR), Dan Gilkes (GBR)

    Leicester Lions: Nick Morris (AUS), Ryan Douglas (AUS), Kyle Howarth (GBR), Ty Proctor (AUS), Josh Bates (GBR), Dan Thompson (GBR), Joe Thompson (GBR)

    Newcastle Diamonds: Claus Vissing (DEN), Ben Barker (GBR), Matty Wethers (AUS), Max Clegg (GBR), Adam Roynon (GBR), James Wright (GBR), Joe Alcock (GBR)

    Poo Pirates: Rory Schlein (AUS/GBR), Danny King (GBR), Steve Worrall (GBR), Stefan Nielsen (GBR/DEN), Ben Cook (GBR), Zane Keleher (AUS), Danyon Hume (GBR)

    Plymouth Gladiators: Jason Crump (AUS/GBR), Bjarne Pedersen (DEN), Steven Goret (FRA), Zach Cook (AUS), Dillon Ruml (USA), Alfie Bowtell (GBR), Henry Atkins (GBR),

    Redcar Bears: Charles Wright (GBR), Michael Palm Toft (DEN), Jordan Stewart (AUS), Kasper Andersen (DEN), Anders Rowe (GBR), Jordan Jenkins (GBR), +1 TBC

    Scunthorpe Scorpions: Josh Auty (GBR), Tero Aarnio (FIN), Thomas Jorgensen (DEN), Theo Pijper (HOL), Simon Lambert (GBR), Jordan Palin (GBR), +1 TBC

    There's no fixed racenight in the Championship, with clubs able to pick their own. Kent & Plymouth usually run on Tuesdays, with Birmingham & Poole on Wednesdays, and Edinburgh, Glasgow, Redcar & Scunthorpe using Fridays. Saturdays are for Berwick, Eastbourne & reigning champions Leicester, with Newcastle on Sundays.

    - - -

    The third division has gone through some changes, with Stoke and Cradley dropping out ahead of the 2020 season, which was planned to run with just seven clubs. For 2021, it's back up to eight, although they've lost Plymouth to promotion and the Isle of Wight altogether, with the addition of second teams from Newcastle and Berwick. With Armadale effectively Edinburgh B, only Mildenhall run as a standalone track in tier three. All riders have to qualify for a British racing license.

    The 2021 National Development League looks like this:

    Armadale Devils: Nathan Greaves, Sheldon Davies, Danny Phillips, George Rothery, Tom Woolley, Lewis Millar, Gregor Millar

    Belle Vue Colts: Jack Parkinson-Blackburn, Paul Bowen, Ben Woodhull, Connor Coles, Harry McGurk, Sam McGurk. +1 TBC

    Berwick Bullets: Leon Flint, Ryan MacDonald, Greg Blair, Ben Rathbone, Kyle Bickley, Kieran Douglas, Mason Watson

    Eastbourne Seagulls: Jake Knight, Connor King, Richard Andrews, Chad Wirtzfeld, Henry Atkins, Nick Laurence, Nathan Ablitt

    Kent Royals: Dan Gilkes, Jacob Clouting, Rob Ledwith, Jamie Bursill, Ryan Kinsley, Jake Mulford, Josh Warren

    Leicester Lion Cubs: Joe Lawlor, Tom Spencer, Jamie Halder, Dan Thompson, Joe Thompson, Kai Ward, Ben Trigger

    Mildenhall Fen Tigers: Jason Edwards, Elliot Kelly, Luke Ruddick, Sam Bebee, Jordan Jenkins, Arran Bucher, Sam Hagon

    Newcastle Gems: Max Clegg, Kelsey Dugard, Joe Alcock, Josh Embleton, Ryan Terry-Daley, Danny Smith, Archie Freeman

    Racenights are all over the place for NDL clubs, with some operating on the same night as their senior clubs, some racing in place of those senior clubs on those nights, and some on different nights altogether. Mildenhall run Sundays, for what it's worth!

    - - -

    Below that, there'll be no semi-official youth development leagues (which sees the end of some clubs keeping famous names alive as nomads) but there will be the British Youth Championship.

    I really fell out of love with organised speedway a few years back but after this past twelve months I'm determined to make a few meetings, probably at Peterborough, Leicester, and Birmingham. Anyone else?


      I was thinking of Return to Cinder as the title.

      I was pondering starting the thread this weekend as the Polish league started with live coverage on Premier Sports (meetings sadly behind closed doors currently due to the surge in cases out there).

      I'll certainly be making as many UK meetings as possible this season after my attendance being limited to a handful of Polish meetings last campaign. I'm sure it will include all of the ones you mention above and hopefully much wider afield too (I particularly want to get back to Glasgow Tigers' track) with Kent Kings as my most regular fix.


        It'll come as no surprise to the regulars on the speedway thread to learn that I've bought a season ticket to the Gladiators. At only ?195 and with talk of early season fixtures being limited to 500 spectators (and the 300 limit was easily reached for the couple of meetings last year) it was really a no brainer. There's a proper buzz about the place at the moment with the two big names, but also Rumi and Goret. It's a real shame we can only manage two British riders but there wasn't much to choose from with most squads already in place from 2020, but Bowtell and Atkins will get loads of support however they do.

        The clips from practice at the weekend show a track in tiptop condition compared to the ploughed field from a couple of years back and our only worry is really about how all this is being paid for, but for the moment we'll enjoy it.

        Oh, and on a purely selfish level, Tuesday race nights mean I should be able to get down there every week without work getting in the way.

        Big props to RdG for his thread title too.


          The first thing that leaps out at me from the team lists is that there's not a single one of this season's GP riders lining up in the UK. Has that ever been the case before (since we moved to the permanent SGP circus)? It feels both bad (less prestigious) but good (more opportunities to develop good young riders).

          Anyway, I'm determined to get over to Belle Vue again - it's not the most convenient night of the week but working from home should make it easier for me to knock off early enough to get across the M62 for tapes up. I'm also really keen to have a trip out to Berwick.

          Between May 17 and whenever the final step in the release from lockdown actually happens (I'm highly sceptical it'll be in June), capacities will be restricted to 50%, but does anyone know what each track capacity is?


            Originally posted by Greenlander View Post
            It'll come as no surprise to the regulars on the speedway thread to learn that I've bought a season ticket to the Gladiators. At only ?195 and with talk of early season fixtures being limited to 500 spectators (and the 300 limit was easily reached for the couple of meetings last year) it was really a no brainer.
            I hadn't pondered a season ticket or the possibility of clubs reaching their maximum reduced capacity when those are in place. Looking at their website it doesn't look like Kent are offering them (yet, at least) so will have to look further in to it.


              This thread has just prompted me to buy a ticket for what may be my opening meeting of the season, Eastbourne v Newcastle racing a Championship/NDL double-header on Saturday May 22nd, so thanks HD.

              The Eagles appear to be the only club selling advance tickets yet from the few I've checked as options for the opening couple of weeks (Belle Vue, Ipswich, Kings Lynn and Wolves being the others) and are already 70% sold of their limited capacity on the opening two fixtures so I thought I'd get in sharpish.

              The idea of a double-header on the late May Bank Holiday Monday with Belle Vue v Peterborough at noon and Wolves v Ipswich at 7:30pm is attractive too.

              I've also ventured with some trepidation on to the British Speedway Forum to see what's going on with the Kings only to read that Len Silver's travel firm seems to (unsurprisingly) gone bust so there may be problems there.
              Last edited by Ray de Galles; 06-04-2021, 10:13.


                Plymouth was limited to 300 spectators last year which gave plenty of space for everyone to distance. This has been upped to 500 for our first two meetings with the possibility of that increasing if government annoucements allow. Tickets for Glasgow and Poole are selling well. I've no idea what the capacity might be, I reckon it would start to be a squeeze around the 2000 mark.

                It'll be all-ticket until June 21st for sure.


                  Ray's title is light years better - can it be changed?

                  And the 50% capacity thing would usually not be an issue - there's very few tracks that get anywhere near that in normal times. But post-COVID? It could be, so plan ahead, I guess.

                  Also - TRL: Belle Vue's junior side seem to be running some Fridays if that helps!





                      The Isle of Wight have announced a summer program of challenge matches and individual meetings, and been given the go-ahead to do so by the BSPL (although they were going to do it regardless, and were ready for a legal case). Shame it's Thursday nights but great news for one of the country's most forward-thinking tracks.


                        I watched Grudziadz vs Gorzow yesterday from the Polish EkstraLiga on Freesports and the big takeaway is that Bartosz Zmarzlik has inhuman speed. I’ve not paid much attention to the overseas game lately but he’s a worthy World Champion. Krzysztof Kasprzak, on the other hand, looked like a bag of shit, triggering memories of sub-par performances for the Bees. Incredibly weird to see an empty stadium in Poland!


                          And in case anyone fancies following the Polish action, here's how they line-up:

                          POLISH "PGE" EKSTRALIGA
                          "Eltrox" Wl?kniarz Czestochowa: Jonas Jeppesen (DEN), Patryk Kowalik (POL), Bartlomiej Kowalski (POL), Kamil Kr?l (POL), Fredrik Lindgren (SWE), Leon Madsen (DEN), Jakub Martyniak (POL), Jakub Miskowiak (POL), Oskar Polis (POL), Bartosz Smektala (POL), Mateusz Swidnicki (POL), Kacper Woryna (POL)

                          "Moje Bermudy" Stal Gorz?w: Marcus Birkemose (DEN), Wiktor Jasinski (POL), Rafal Karczmarz (POL), Nicolai Klindt (DEN), Kamil Nowacki (POL), Kamil Pytlewski (POL), Anders Thomsen (DEN), Martin Vaculik (SLV), Szymon Wozniak (POL), Bartosz Zmarzlik (POL)

                          "ZOOleszcz DPV Logistic" GKM Grudziadz: Mateusz Bartkowiak (POL), Kenneth Bjerre (DEN), Frederik Jakobsen (DEN), Krzysztof Kasprzak (POL), Norbert Krakowiak (POL), Roman Lakhbaum (RUS), Kacper Lobodzinski (POL), Przemyslaw Pawlicki (POL), Nicki Pedersen (DEN), Krystian Pieszczek (POL), Denis Zielinski (POL)

                          "Fogo" Unia Leszno: Jason Doyle (AUS), Janusz Kolodziej (POL), Jaimon Lidsey (AUS), Piotr Pawlicki (POL), Kacper Pludra (POL), Damian Ratajczak (POL), Krzysztof Sadurski (POL), Emil Sayfutdinov (RUS), Hubert Scibak (POL), Szymon Szlauderbach (POL)

                          Motor Lublin: Krzysztof Buczkowski (POL), Mateusz Cierniak (POL), Wiktor Firmuga (POL), Jaroslaw Hampel (POL), Mark Karion (RUS), Dominik Kubera (POL), Grigorij Laguta (RUS), Wiktor Lampart (POL), Dawid Lampart (POL), Mikkel Michelsen (DEN), Maksymilian Sledz (POL), Jakub Szpytma (POL), Rohan Tungate (AUS)

                          "eWinner" Apator Torun: Petr Chulpac (POL), Chris Holder (AUS), Jack Holder (AUS), Igor Kopec-Sobczynski (POL), Robert Lambert, Krzysztof Lewandowski (POL), Kamil Marciniec (POL), Adrian Miedzinski (POL), Tobiasz Musielak (POL), Pawel Przedpelski (POL), Justin Stolp (POL), Karol Zupinski (POL)

                          "Betard" Sparta Wroclaw: Daniel Bewley (GBR), Gleb Chugunov (RUS/POL), Michal Curzytek (POL), Jakub Jamr?g (POL), Maciej Janowski (POL), Artem Laguta (RUS), Andzej Lebedevs (LAT), Przemyslaw Liszka (POL), Mateusz Panicz (POL), Tai Woffinden (GBR)

                          "" Falubaz Zielona G?ra: Patryk Dudek (POL), Max Fricke (AUS), Kacper Mateusz Grzelak (POL), Jan Kvech (CZE), Vaclav Milik (CZE), Jakub Osyczka (POL), Damian Pawliczak (POL), Piotr Protasiewicz (POL), Fabian Ragus (POL), Mateusz Tonder (POL), Nile Tufft (POL), Matej Zagar (SLO)

                          POLISH "eWinner" 1.LIGA
                          ROW Rybnik: Leon Flint (GBR), Kacper Gom?lski (POL), Rune Holta (POL), Michael Jepsen Jensen (DEN), Sergey Logachev (RUS), Wiktor Trofimow jr (RUS), Przemyslaw Giera (POL), Mateusz Tudziez (POL), Pawel Trzesniewski (POL), Blazej Wypior (POL)

                          "Aforti" Start Gniezno: Nick Agertoft (DEN), Maksymilian Bogdanowicz (POL), Kevin Fajfer (POL), Oskar Fajfer (POL), Philip Hellstroem-Baengs (SWE), Miroslaw Jablonski (POL), Frederik Jakobsen (DEN), Peter Kildemand (DEN), Timo Lahti (FIN), Damian Stalkowski (POL), Mikolaj Czapla (POL), Marcel Studzinski (POL), Szymon Szwacher (POL)

                          Orzel L?dz: Luke Becker (USA), Vladimir Borodulin (RUS), Tom Brennan (GBR), Ben Ernst (GER), Norbert Kosciuch (POL), Brady Kurtz (AUS), Alexander Loktaev (UKR), Marcin Nowak (POL), Piotr Pi?ro (POL), Jack Thomas ( GBR), Hubert Banas (POL), Mateusz Dul (POL), Aleksander Grygolec (POL), Jakub Sroka (POL)

                          "Zdunek" Wybrzeze Gdansk: Lukas Fienhage (GER), Michal Gruchalski (POL), Jakub Jamr?g (POL), Rasmus Jensen (DEN), Aleksandr Kajbuszew (RUS), Drew Kemp (GBR), Wiktor Kulakow (RUS), Kevin Juhl Pedersen (DEN), Krystian Pieszczek (POL), Piotr Gryszpinski (POL), Alan Brush (POL), Amadeusz Szulist (POL)

                          Unia Tarn?w: Oskar Bober (POL), Niels Kristian Iversen (DEN), Ernest Goat (POL), Pawel Month (POL), Kim Nilsson (POL), Artur Mroczka (POL), Rohan Tungate (AUS), Alexander Woentin (SWE), Mateusz Gzyl (POL), Przemyslaw Konieczny (POL), David Rempala (POL), Piotr Swiercz (POL), Patryk Zielinski (POL)

                          "Arged" Malesa Ostr?w: Oliver Berntzon (SWE), Adrian Cyfer (POL), Tomasz Gapinski (POL), Patrick Hansen (DEN), Daniel Kaczmarek (POL), Nicolai Klindt (DEN), Grzegorz Walasek (POL), Kacper Grzelak (POL), Jakub Krawczyk (POL), Jakub Poczta (POL), Sebastian Szostak (POL)

                          "Abramczyk" Polonia Bydgoszcz: David Bellego (FRA), Dimitri Berge (FRA), Adrian Gala (POL), Josh Grajczonek (POL/AUS), Andreas Lyager (DEN), Brayden McGuinness (AUS), Vadim Tarasienko (RUS), Grzegorz Zengota (POL), Mateusz Blazykowski (POL), Nicodemus Bartoch (POL), Wiktoria Garbowska (POL), Hubert Gasior (POL), Wiktor Przyjemski (POL)

                          "Cellfast" Wilki Krosno: Daniel Jeleniewski (POL), Jason Joergensen (DEN), Vitaly Kotlar (RUS), Andrzej Lebedev (LAT), Peter Ljung (SWE), David Pacalaj (SLV), Mateusz Szczepaniak (POL), Mathias Thoernblom (SWE), Patryk Wojdylo (POL), Bartosz Curzytek (POL), Jakub Janik (POL), Kacper Przybylski (POL), Aleks Rydlewski (POL)

                          POLISH 2.LIGA
                          Lokomotiv Daugavpils (Latvia): Hans Andersen (DEN), Tomas Hjelm Jonasson (SWE), Yevgeny Kostygov (LAT), Olegs Mikhailovs (LAT), Marko Lewiszyn (UKR), Kjastas Puodzuks (LAT), Wianczeslaw Monachow (RUS), Ricard Ansviesulis (LAT), Elvis Awgucewicz (LAT), Francis Gust (LAT), Daniil Kolodinski (LAT), Kristers Lumanis (LAT), Ernest Matiuszonok (LAT), Aleksiej Pilac (LAT), Rudolf Sprogis (LAT), Maris Strielcow (LAT)

                          "OK Bedmet" Kolejarz Opole: Mads Hansen (DEN), Kamil Brzozowski (POL), Andriej Kudriaszow (RUS), Oskar Polis (POL), Jacob Thorssell (SWE), Tomasz Orwat (POL), Bartosz Smektala (POL), Oskar Rowecki (POL), Dawid Kolodziej (POL), Marcel Krzykowski (POL), Lukasz Szczesny (POL), Bartlomiej Kowalski (POL), Mateusz Swidnicki (POL)

                          "specHouse" PSZ Poznan: Tero Aarnio (FIN), Robert Chmiel (POL), Jonas Seifert-Salk (DEN), Kevin W?lbert (GER), Lars Skupien (POL), Benjamin Bosso (DEN), Rafal Karczmarz (POL), Mathias Nielsen (DEN), Eduard Krcmar (CZE), Lukas Fienhage (GER), Kacper Klosok (POL)

                          RzTZ Rzesz?w: Ilja Czalow (RUS), Adam Ellis (GBR), Patryk Rolnicki (POL), Dawid Stachyra (POL), Hubert Legowik (POL), Tim S?rensen (DEN), Karol Baran (POL), Kenneth Hansen (DEN), Andriej Karpow (UKR), Sam Masters (AUS), Hubert Banas (POL), Mateusz Majcher (POL), Konrad Miklos (POL), Jakub Stojanowski (POL)

                          "Metalika Recycling" Kolejarz Rawicz: Keynan Rew (AUS), Szymon Szlauderbach (POL), Damian Balinski (POL), Matthew Gillmore (AUS), Anders Rowe (GBR), Pavel Nagibin (ROS), Kirill Leiman (ROS), Jaimon Lidsey (AUS), Damian Ratajczak (POL), Kacper Pludra (POL), Krzysztof Sadurski (POL), Hubert Scibak (POL)

                          MSC W?lfe Wittstock (Germany): Erik Riss (GER), Sandro Wasserman (GER), Steven Maurer (GER), Marcin Koscielski (POL), Fraser Bowes (AUS), Max Dilger (GER), Jye Etheridge (AUS), Josef Franc (CZE), Jack Smith (GBR), Mirko Wolter (GER), Celina Liebmann (GER), Erik Bachhuber (GER), Lukas Baumann (GER), Lukas Wegner (GER), Ben Ernst (GER)

                          "Trans" MF Landshut Devils: Tobias Bush (GER), Michael H?rtel (GER), Valentin Grobauer (GER), Kai Huckenbeck (GER), Martin Smolinski (GER), Nick Skorja (SLO), Norick Bl?dorn (GER), Marius Hillebrand (GER), Mario Niedermeier (GER), Maximiliann Troidl (GER)


                            Originally posted by HeavyDracula View Post
                            I watched Grudziadz vs Gorzow yesterday from the Polish EkstraLiga on Freesports and the big takeaway is that Bartosz Zmarzlik has inhuman speed. I’ve not paid much attention to the overseas game lately but he’s a worthy World Champion. Krzysztof Kasprzak, on the other hand, looked like a bag of shit, triggering memories of sub-par performances for the Bees. Incredibly weird to see an empty stadium in Poland!
                            I've been watching a bit of the EkstraLiga but the crowdless stadia and all-too-obviously studio-based commentary makes it an uninvolving watch.

                            I did see most of that meeting though and Zmarzlik does seem to remain way ahead of anyone else in the world right now. I'd be amazed if he doesn't make it a consecutive hat trick of world titles if he stays crash and injury free.
                            Last edited by Ray de Galles; 03-05-2021, 17:58.


                              Gladiators first home meeting next Tuesday is sold out.


                                Gladiators have permission from the city council to increase capacity by 50%. Which sounds impressive put like that but actually takes it up to 750.


                                  Season preview issue of the Speedway Star is out today.


                                    Crowds back in at 25% capacity for Polish meetings this weekend.

                                    It did make for a far better watch but quite a surprise given I thought rates were still terrible over there.


                                      The fourth bend is underwater and the rest of the track is sodden (which is why the area is known as Marsh Mills). What's another week to wait.


                                        Just watched last night’s meeting on FFW between the races and it turned into a fun tussle. Heat 13 was race of the night but Tom Brennan’s ride in Heat 11 was awesome. It’s nice to have the youngsters to root for again.

                                        Now to do the same with Wroclaw vs Gorzow!


                                          Three meetings in four days I had tickets for have been rained off; Eastbourne on Saturday, Peterborough tonight and Kent tomorrow.

                                          At least all of them made early calls before I travelled.


                                            Yeah, it's rubbish isn't it. Around 1000 this morning we'd annouced another sell out, by midday it had been called off. Almost certainly the correct decision as it's been raining almost non stop for the last week and looks set to continue tomorrow.

                                            Long range looking good for next week.


                                              Yeah, I'm trying for Eastbourne v Poole on Saturday night and Peterborough v Belle Vue on the evening of Bank Holiday Monday.


                                                Somerset is done. FFS.
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