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Groups or singers whose biggest hit wasn't their most memorable song

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    Going back to my OP, it seems the song that kept Justified off the No 1 spot was the immediately posthumous re-release of Bohemian Rhapsody, which is fair enough.


      Mr. Brightside is The Killers' top seller by some margin:

      Frank Sinatra didn't get to No. 1 with My Way but I'd be surprised if it sold less than the singles of his that did so, given it had 122 weeks in the Top 50. Sometimes weeks on chart does trump highest position, even for an act with multiple #1s.
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        Originally posted by Patrick Thistle View Post

        I don't remember the song called Killers.

        I'm also surprised that "Somebody Told Me" isn't the tune they live off. (I presume you're talking about MR Brightside.)
        "Human" is my guess for the mix-up.

        I think caja is underestimating "When You Were Young", it's their third biggest on Spotify after "Mr Brightside" and "Somebody Told Me". "Human" is fourth.

        (The Killers were mentioned in the first few posts by Crystal Staples.)


          That's quite surprising to me – going on how much I hear them on radio alone, I'd have thought that Human was certainly going to be ahead of When You Were Young on Spotify and quite possibly ahead of Somebody Told Me too.

          All These Things That I've Done is still their best song, anyway.


            If we 'are' going by UK chart positions, then New Order probably fit somewhere here: Blue Monday never made it past #9 on its (38-week) first run on the chart in 1983, but had topped a million sales even before it climbed to #3 via that shorter-lived 1988 remix. It's somewhere near the 1.25m mark now.

            The band's only number one was, of course, World in Motion (1990), which sold just over a third as many copies as Blue Monday. (Obviously it's a popular and well-recalled tune but because of its nature didn't really impact elsewhere - other than in the antipodes, oddly.)


              Another issue is acts whose biggest vinyl hit has not been their biggest downloaded or streamed track. The Beatles' biggest vinyl was She Loves You but the digital leaders are mostly post-1967: Here Comes The Sun, Let It Be, Hey Jude. Another popular digital track, In My Life, was not a hit single.


                Globally, I Want to Hold Your Hand (12m worldwide) and Hey Jude (8m) sold more than She Loves You, but I doubt they feature as prominently in digital terms, either.