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Review with Forrest Macneil

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    Review with Forrest Macneil

    Anybody else seen this on comedy central?

    To those that haven't, the premise is that Forrest Macneil (ably played by comedian Andy Daly) reviews various aspects of life in the form of requests from 'viewers', and once experienced, Macneil then rates the experience from one to five stars.

    Some reviews are naturally better than others, with the highlights for me being cocaine, an orgy, being a racist, being batman, and space travel.

    The space travel segment had me crying with laughter, which is always a good thing.

    In my eyes, comedies of this nature live or die on the little touches added to it, and this show feels suitably well crafted, as though Andy Daly is giving it his all, and for me that comes across on the screen.

    Some really good cameos in this, including Fred Willard as Andy's father-in-law, Rich Fulcher of boosh fame and Jason Mantzoukas of the league.

    Well worth a watch if you're looking for something new to distract you from yourself.

    Four and a half stars.

    Review with Forrest Macneil

    2nd season confirmed!!!

    *Happy dance*