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    There seems to be some people who are putting forward people like on the radio whereas I thought the opening post was about voices we like the sound of which is a different matter.

    I will go with many on here - Peel, Nunes, Young, Mair - and also add, as slackster has rightly mentioned the sexiness of Frostrup's voice, Antonia Quirke as well for the same reason (although different pitch).

    I quite like Jim Naughty's voice as well, there is something comforting about it as with most Scottish voices on radio. I had grown attached to the mangled meter that was Robert Peston's metier and miss it now he has gone to TV.

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    For the first 20 years or so of my life the only American voices I heard were generally loud. TV sitcoms, movie cops, news clips of politicians' rallies, etc.

    Then I travelled a bit and heard NPR, as well as syndicated shows playing old music. Suddenly I had a completely different perspective. It was like I'd left NYC and arrived in Iowa.

    If you want to sell me a bridge just say "All Things Considered" in a voice that combines authority and seduction, and I'll sign on the dotted line.

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