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    I listened to Uptown Funk a million times, courtesy of my then 7-year-old. It's a pastiche. I must have blocked him out.

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    His performance was quite a feat.

    That's also a gag.

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    I don't believe it...

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    I'm not going to ask you to watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sits View Post
    Of course, there'll be a movie.
    The documentary is already out: Operation Thai Cave Rescue, Discovery Channel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WOM View Post
    How do you reconcile the two statements above? They're pumping out a decent number of cars in a very specific, narrow segment. And doing so at their retail price. But I don't see how that's making a profit on every one if the company is not only not profitable, but chewing through money at an astounding pace.

    What's more, the make-or-break 'mass market' car has so far proven unbuildable in the required numbers.
    It costs less to make each and every car which rolls off their production lines than it does the sticker price. Profit on each and every car. Which is then eaten by the investments they've made in expanding production lines, R&D etc etc etc . All with an animus against the company that is out of all proportion to what it does, which is make cars. Even if Musk wasn't there the scrutiny placed on Tesla is ridiculous.

    Tesla produce a serious number of cars for the position the company is in, and if you want to complain about EV production numbers, I direct you to the utterly pathetic attempts by every other manufacturer bar Nissan - which has no thermal management on the batteries, and Renault, which had its brainless battery lease nonsense. Anyone who believes anything Musk says about delivery times or numbers needs their head examining.

    I have little time for Musk beyond the remarkable impact he has had in starting the transition away from ICE, I am no fan of most of his nuttery, but to try and pretend Tesla the company hasn't been a game changer is wrong.

    And the serious push back against EVs had started, with Koch brothers lies flooding every channel, straight out of the climate change denial playbook, shit like Toyota's "self-charging hybrids" strapline etc al
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    Quote Originally Posted by tee rex View Post
    The documentary is already out: Operation Thai Cave Rescue, Discovery Channel.
    It needs a dramatic reconstruction, though.

    You know, with a bunch of Julliard wannabes and some completely unworkable love-interest. And a hero dog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WOM View Post
    It would be impossible to 'rubbish' Tesla's achievements if they could simply build the cars they've designed, promised, and sold. Simply doing what he says he's going to do would go a very long way.
    well that's kind of it isn't it? what is happening now at Tesla is considerably different to anything that he's encountered before and he seems to be unravelling. Both tesla and Space-X nearly went to the wall in 2008, but managed to pull through, but at the time both were a fraction of the size they are now, and the problems that they faced were of a technological nature. The issues until now were to do with the challenge of doing new things. The challenges being faced now are more the fundamental issues of making a lot of cars. this is supposed to be the relatively well understood bit. These are more traditional problems and they're burning through a lot of money while they are struggling with them. It's put them in an unusual situation. Until the recent disasters pretty much any negative publicity they encountered was usually in the form of articles written by people with an ideological bent, and could actually pretty legitimately dismissed as the whining of professional haterz. However what's happening right now are articles written by serious journalists about actual problems, and Musk seems to be unravelling a bit under the weight of them. Instead of retreating from public view and resolving the problems, he's decided to double down on going all alpha, and he's been expressing strong opinions on a variety of subjects that don't seem to have anything to do with anything.

    This is the inevitable downside of being the Public Face of a company, in the world of twitter, when there's no-one in a position to tell you to shut up and stop being a dickhead. He really needs to get a grip of himself.

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