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    Quote Originally Posted by Satchmo Distel View Post
    Lots of edgy 70s black performers started out in pop soul territory: Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, The Wailers
    I don't think that any of their transformations were quite to the same extent of Clinton's, however.

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    Certainly with people like Gaye and Mayfield, the image change was gradual and part of going with the times. There was no deliberate image change of the type, say, Marc Bolan made when he turned from being a folkie to be a glam metal guru.

    With The Beatles it was a bit of both: they changed with the times (ditto the Rolling Stones), but there seemed to be also a deliberate break with the mop top image, against which they rebelled. But that image change would have happened even if they hadn't resented the suits Epstein made them wear.

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    Courtney Pine. I'd put up photos, but I can't find one of him in his Jazz Warriors era.

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