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    Billy Batts went to a petrol station

    Frank Vincent, who was Billy Batts in GoodFellas and Phil Leotardo in The Sopranos has died.

    I didn't like his man's man shtick much, but as Phil Leotardo especially he was fantastic.

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    Yeah he was great in the Sopranos. When he was schlepping 100% mortgages on telly for Irish TSB pre crash, his whole thing definitely got wearing. RIP but.

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    My thread title would have been:
    Now go home and get your fucking pine box

    Can save it for Joe Pesci I suppose.

    RIP. He was great at playing Italian macho mobster "greaseballs", possibly because like a lot of the Scorsese/Sopranos actors, that wasn't far off what he was.

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    Yeah, your thread title is better.

    Frank Vincent wrote a book about how to be a proper man. That already puts him on the wrong side of the pool from which I'd choose my friends. I mean, you don't need to moisturise to be my friend (in fact, if you don't, then I look better next to you), but that whole macho thing isn't my brand of poison.

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    I always preferred Dennis Farina.

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    Meh. A lot of the guys on the Sopranos were pretty poorly paid considering how popular the show was and a lot of those Italian-American jobbing actor types weren't young. So, realizing they're playing the role of their lives and their 15 minute clock was ticking, they all cashed in big time with spaghetti sauces, commercials, books, whatever.

    Vincent was probably overly macho for the average OTF poster, but he was a jazz musician who didn't get into acting until he was almost 40 years old. I'm sure his dad thought he was a wuss.

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