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    Wycombe's Marcus Bean was on Monday's GFW and very good he was too.

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    Today’s Totally Football Show.
    (James, Sash, Daniel Storey & Ian Irving)
    Felt like we covered literally loads. Props to Producer Ben for condensing this down to an hour.

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    VT, although I found Caliphate completely gripping, I found myself pondering over the structure of it, and the way if moved quite casually from the particular case to the general process of trying to report on Isis in an information vacuum. The latter is still absolutely fascinating, because it is such an information vacuum, but I found that there wasn't much reflection on this – the difficulties, the dead-ends, the areas we don't or will never know. I though Serial did this maybe a bit better. In retrospect, I think they started and then had to change up halfway through. Still amazing reporting though, of course.

    So I've got to the end of In The Dark series 2, and it really is staggeringly good. The amount of journalism that has gone into it is humbling – five reporters and producers moved from Minnesota to Mississippi for a whole year to report on the case. And their work is painstaking, patient and relentless. There are incredible searches for documents and people that reveal a rancid underbelly of poor or non-existent record keeping, systematic bias in the legal system, and much more. It's a case that, if anything, raises much wider questions for US justice than the first series of Serial.

    They have just released a new update on the case. Lola Flowers, the mother of Curtis Flowers who case is discussed in the pod, has tragically died since the conclusion of the series.
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    Thanks for the "Caliphate" recommendation VT, I listened to the whole thing on a long drive to Kent and back (from Loughborough).

    Was gripped from start to finish although I was confused slightly when my iPhone decided to play two of the episodes out of sequence.

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    All about podcasts on The Premier League Show tonight (BBC Two, 10 pm)

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    I note that Gimlet's podcast Crimetown, on corrupt and gang cities in the US, is finally back for a second season. Detroit follows a debut series on Providence. It is, as far as I can tell, well researched and very nicely made, although just a little bit more breezy and general than I'd like, with a bit less detail. In this it resembles Gimlet's excellent hiphop doc Mogul, which was also a gripping and entertaining listen.

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    I don't listen to too many podcasts but have recently (i.e this summer) started listening to the Slow Burn podcasts by Slate. First series was on Watergate and the current one is on the Lewinsky Scandal. Available on Spotify and other providers no doubt. Also listened to The RFK Tapes which investigates his assassination whilst providing some (im)plausible conspiracies.

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    Is Providence a bit of a gang hub? (I can imagine drug importing?)

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    Monday's TFS:
    (James, Sash, Michael Cox, Daniel Storey)

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    Always been a fan of David McWilliams and his interview with Blindboy of the Rubberbandits is pretty good. Look for the Blindboy podcast on your usual provider or

    (For those who don't know, McWilliams is to economics what Professor Brian Cox is to physics i.e. a bloke who is very good and getting complex issues and ideas over to an audience.)

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