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    I'm all for it.

    The RSA is, too. There's not much that's different here, but it's another (collective) voice arguing for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tubby Isaacs View Post
    Hope it's good.

    Some points made here by Declan Gaffney, who is against.
    I think that's a good piece.

    IMO a further issue with UBI would be citizenship. Precisely who is entitled to a universal basic income and who isn't? It promises a two tier system - of citizen - spared the indignity of low-pay and poverty - and "guest worker" who is not. I could see UBI being used to expand existing inhumane schemes like NRPF status.

    I also worry that any poverty-easing effects of UBI would be swallowed up by rent-increases and pay cuts without wholesale economic reform.

    This is not even taking into account the fact that UBI would be used by the right to pare down or even eliminate state provided education and healthcare.

    If we're adopting utopian positions - communisation (or at very least nationalisation) of basic services, such as housing, utilities and transport, and making them freely available is a far better solution.
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