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John Ashcroft, classy guy

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    John Ashcroft, classy guy

    Anyone, like me, feeling twinges of sympathy for Ashcroft after his mild displays of backbone over the hospital visit and the torture meeting, would do well to read this.

    TOM: This story was made public by ABC a few weeks ago. It claims that you, Rice, Tenet and others met in the White House to discuss different methods of "enhanced interrogation," is that correct?
    ASHCROFT: (angrily) Correct? Is what correct? Is it correct that this story ran on ABC? I don't know that. I don't know anything about it! Is it a real story? When was this story, huh? Huh?
    TOM: Um, early April, April 9th, I think...
    ASHCROFT: (interrupting) You think? You think? You don't even know! Next question!
    TOM: The article says that you discussed "whether they would be slapped, pushed, deprived of sleep or subjected to simulated drowning"...
    ASHCROFT: I said, next question!

    Another student asked if Ashcroft's position on torture violated the Geneva Conventions or other international laws:

    ASHCROFT: No. No it doesn't violate the Geneva Conventions. As for other laws, well, the U.S. is a party to the United Nations Convention against Torture. And that convention, well, when we join a treaty like that we send it to the Senate to be ratified, and when the Senate ratifies they often add qualifiers, reservations, to the treaty which affect what exactly we follow. Now, I don't have a copy of the convention in front of me...
    ME: (holding up my copy) I do! (boisterous applause and whistling from the audience) Would you like to borrow it?
    ASHCROFT: (after a pause) Uh, you keep a hold of it. Now, as I was saying, I don't have it with me but I'm pretty sure it defines torture as something that leaves lasting scars or physical damage...
    A STUDENT FROM THE AUDIENCE: Liar! You liar! (the student is shushed by the audience)
    ASHCROFT: So no, waterboarding does not violate international law.
    I particularly liked his comment that he didn't have time to memorise "random legal facts". Bear in mind, this guy used to be attorney general.

    John Ashcroft, classy guy

    Unless Tom is an idiot, the next question would have been something like this: "Very well, let's leave the ABC report a that. My next question is: Did you, Rice, Tenet and others meet in the White House to discuss different methods of "enhanced interrogation"?