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Jealousy? HAHAHA

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    Jealousy? HAHAHA

    Right, this one may take some time:

    I was in a relationship with this guy for 7 years, and he moved to Derby, I moved to Bournemouth. Long story. He wanted a garden, I wanted a life.

    OK, fast forward 6 years. I am still in Bournemouth, and I hear on the grapevine that he is in a relationship, and specifically I hear it (on and off) from him about how wonderful he is doing.

    So, this morning I am on MSN, and my ex comes on to show the new garden (stunning, apart from the occasional dead cat), and then he sends me the pic of his new beau.

    Well, I laughed my fucking nuts off. I am not gorgeous in any way, but this person is fucking hideous, and fuck the caring, considerate way, he really is.

    I was so jealous of all the build up, expecting some lithe young(ish) person with a ... brain the size of a planet.

    Sorry, but my life is now so much better in every way. I have nothing to fear. The ex was, and is, very good looking, and I thought I might be traded in for a better model.

    My envy has gone, I am a new man! Thank fuck.

    Jealousy? HAHAHA

    It's weird, isn't it, how your feelings regarding a previous relationship can catch you unawares sometimes?

    Sometimes you think you're 'over it', but then you find yourself falling to pieces when faced with some aspect of it. Other times, you suddenly realise you *have* moved on in some small ways.

    I will quite possibly be meeting my ex for the first time in a year & a half, in a couple of weekends time. I guess that will be a bit of a litmus test, personally speaking. On balance, though, I'm now leading a life that I'm comfortable with, so I'm coming to terms with it in that respect.


      Jealousy? HAHAHA

      will the ex be solo? That is an entirely different matter.


        Jealousy? HAHAHA

        I shall likely be avoiding bumping into mine in a couple of weeks' time. I think it's better that way, all this "let's stay friends" business is a load of old bollocks.

        (For me, that is, I know it can work for other people. But, saying that, I'm hard-pushed actually to believe that)


          Jealousy? HAHAHA

          I dont think that I have a bad word to say about any of my (4) exes... to their face. Seriously, they were all nice people. When/if I speak to them, I get on with them ok.

          I really want them all to have happy lives etc, and if I never heard from any of them again (hopefully), I would do so safe in the knowledge that I behaved like a gentleman. Which doesnt dissallow me from wishing them harm in the twilight hours of occasional mornings.

          Still... my ex is about to marry an ug! and my work is done for the day... this calls for a Krug.

          Yep, I checked with the flatmate (going well, dont want to say too much yet) and its fine... he knows its only Man U this evening, and I will have a sleep.

          Another thing I realised about exes is that I do actually care. One of mine went off to California to make a new life, and I gave him some money to go. He came back a couple of years ago, and reciprocated in kind, and I thought that was classy of him.

          Maybe I am just a nice guy, but think otherwise.

          Hang on, I KNOW I am a decent person. Just need to get a life... where's that atlas again?