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What's In Your Wallet?

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    What's In Your Wallet?

    A P45.

    If the debt-management companies are laying off, we're in for some heavy manners.

    What's In Your Wallet?

    750 well-paying jobs lost will have a huge impact on that community. Very sad.
    On the other hand, it's a good sign that people are tightening up on their credit use. Consumer credit is wildly out of control and credit pushers like Capital One and MBNA are largely to blame for making it so easy to get so much of it.


      What's In Your Wallet?

      $54.63 and a cash machine receipt.


        What's In Your Wallet?

        €50, various cards, a memory stick and a very, very dog-eared mini-booklet containing last autumn's fixtures for the group stage of the Champions League.


          What's In Your Wallet?

          I don't carry a wallet as such, just a card holder. I keep cash in a pocket.

          In my car holder:

          Hampstead Heath Tennis Registration Card
          Booking reference for hotel (myhotel) for 1st anniversary
          Oyster card
          4 1st class stamps
          smile Visa card
          RAC membership card
          Business card for one of my brother's mates
          AXA PPP Healthcare membership card
          Egg Visa Card
          Dentist receipt

          One Hotspur Silver membership card
          Receipt for dentist, Fifteen restaurant, Congestion Charge
          FA Coaches Association "LIcensed Coach" card
          Receipt for Thai Sq
          LloydsTSB mastercard
          LloydsTSB visa card