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Amusing insolvency filings of our time

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    That Prick v Prick case turned out a cracker. Sample evidence:
    Meanwhile, back on Facebook, Mr Martinez responded to Ms Leon's 11 August message on 9 September 2016 by telling her to "FUCK OFF", with added expletives.


    the name PRICK has, for me, always been associated with Henry

    Lola R says in her review that she has had half a tattoo applied at the Tattoo Parlour and intends to go back for the other half. She does also appear to have been sufficiently deceived by the use of the name "PRICK" on the Cactus Shop website to leave a 5 star review of her tattoo application there. I am at a loss to understand how Lola R can believe that the Cactus Shop website has any connection with the Tattoo Parlour, given that she appears just to have come from the Tattoo Parlour and so must be well aware of the dissimilarities in style and get up of the place, compared to the website she is on. For that reason I feel that she must fall into the category of "moron in a hurry" who has been deceived but who cannot sustain a claim for passing off.


      BR-2018-001170 Jason Atherton
      Hope this isn't the chef. I quite like his restaurants, though it does seem a few have closed in recent months, so maybe it is.


        CR-2018-007910 GOBBLEDEGOOK COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED Companies - Petition - Winding Up Petition
        In hindsight, maybe not the best name.


          BL-2018-000988 Spilt Milk Management Limited v Amy
          I told her it was no use, but she wouldn't listen.


            An appealing butt:

            A2/2017/3116 Butt -v- The Secretary of State for the Home Department. Application of Claimant for permission to appeal with appeal to follow if granted.


              African diplomat Boris Becker is back in court on Monday.


                He didn’t appear, but his lawyers withdrew his claim for immunity


                  It's all about the Benjamins:

                  Hearing Room 5

                  Before DEPUTY MASTER BARTLETT (Sitting on Behalf MASTER TEVERSON)

                  Wednesday 16 January 2019
                  At 10:30 AM

                  Application Hearing

                  PT-2018-000691 Benjamin v Benjamin


                    Companies Applications

                    CR-2018-006683 In the matter of Cambridge Analytica (UK) Limited