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    Agree that's not necessarily a reason to assume why people move to Australia.

    However I have spent some time there I really liked the place in many ways but the casual racism is (or was then ) overwhelming
    - I was shocked when in a bar after work one of our colleagues started talking about "wogs". (by which they meant people of italian heritage.)
    Not only that a guy called Mario, who was part of the group, was expected to join in the banter.

    Of course the history of the way the Indigneous population has been treated is well known- though not as well known as it should be, but what happened to the Chinese community in Australia is absolutely horrendous .


      Yeah perhaps people should stop making assumptions.

      Australia has some appalling issues with race, both historical and current. Addressing those issues takes time and effort. Many people are trying to speed that process up.

      I have spent some time in the UK.The treatment of a range of immigrant populations over the years has been overwhelmingly bad. Do you live in the UK because you endorse such racism?


        Yes, in hindsight my earlier comment was unfair and I shouldn't have generalised based on my experience with the branch of the family who emigrated. As I said that emigrating generation still regarded themselves as British not Australian anyway.


          Meanwhile, this morning's offering featured a live broadcast from their newest presenter aboard a launch in the middle of the Channel pointing out other small boats and dinghies


            Originally posted by Guy Profumo View Post
            Meanwhile, this morning's offering featured a live broadcast from their newest presenter aboard a launch in the middle of the Channel pointing out other small boats and dinghies
            Amazed that the cable stretched that far, tbh


              Originally posted by Nefertiti2 View Post

              Amazed that the cable stretched that far, tbh
              String on the end of a tin can, surely


                String and a tin can?

                Elastic picked out from the waistband of a pair of C&A Y-fronts and a used, partially crushed foam cup (still with remnants of oxtail soup), surely?


                  The truth of it is that the worst of some Australian attitudes stem from the British (yes, the British, not just the English).

                  Those attitudes have of course been honed by both sides of politics. Queensland can pretty well lay claim to setting the framework in place that South Africa used to impose apartheid. The White Australia Policy was a Labor government's idea and far too many unions played along.

                  Just a few weeks back I was in a south coast town reading a plaque that told the story of Aboriginal people being barred from the jetty area after 6pm in the 1950s. Yes, 1950s not 1850s. The extraordinary aspect of that plaque is that it is a step forward. When I lived in that town 30 years ago the story was hidden. On Rottnest island there is a memorial to all the Aboriginal men and boys who died in horrific conditions while imprisoned there in the 1800s. Of course such gestures are tiny. The apology to the stolen generation in Parliament by Kevin Rudd was much more significant, but thus far the progress on Closing the Gap initiatives around Aboriginal health and education has been glacial. A man who walked out on that apology is possibly next cab off the rank if Scott Morrison gets rolled as PM.

                  In the modern era the same vile influence of Rupert Murdoch is experienced here, particularly through Sky News, The Australian and various tabloids. National government tactics in both countries are remarkably similar - target minorities, blame them for society's ills, dog-whistle to extremists and rake in their votes. They have many advisors and PR agencies in common so the tactics being the same is hardly surprising. The easiest example is the UK adopting Australia's approach to "border control".

                  Of course the Tories/Liberals, whatever you want to call them, rally together because power is everything to them. The left meanwhile actively seeks out ways to avoid working together.
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                    In case you were wondering how this was going, they've announced another addition to their gang of truth tellers.

                    Arlene Foster.



                      For a moment there I thought it was Arlene Phillips.
                      Or to my eternal shame and embarrasment Jayda Fransen



                        Ironic for an Ulster Unionist committed to the continuation of the United Kingdom joining "GBNews"