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The 2021 OTF Weight Loss Intention & Mutual Support Thread

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    Nice going Janik!


      Originally posted by Nocturnal Submission View Post
      Very impressive!

      Given your substantial weight loss, what changes in your physical performance have you noticed?

      I know it's a blunt tool, but what's your current BMI?

      (My weight, top end of the healthy BMI range, has oscillated gently since last summer. It's so stable that I'm thinking about moving from two weigh-ins per week to just one. )
      Performance, how?

      Erm, well, it's kind of hard to unpick what is down to weight loss, what is down to improved fitness from the running I've been doing, and what is down to the knee strengthening exercises that a physio advised as generally good after a very slow recovery from an injury at the start of 2019, something (the slow recovery) that she put down to weak muscles around the knee rather than any problems in the joint. But in general the stamina is much better, my knees don't hurt when I go up or down stairs, standing up is from the floor is now straightforward again, my back gets stiff when lying down very rarely now rather than occasionally, my core strength is improved and my balance is better. Oh, and improved digestive health as well - it turns out having a heavy stomach pressing down on and squashing your intestines is unhelpful.

      As for BMI, my height is 1m77. So at 69.3kg, it calculates as 22.1.
      [BMI = weight in kilos / (height in metres)squared]


        I put new batteries in my electronic scales and they are now recording my weight as a kilogram higher than it was before I replaced the batteries. Outrageous.

        But I really do need to get a handle on my weight. I went to the gym three times last week. I'm still 1.6kg down on my peak weight on January 6th this year, but about 23kg higher than I should be so a long way to go.