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    Personal Covid-19 tally

    So, I am fortunate that nobody in my immediate family has suffered from Covid-19 so far, but I am still surprised by the number of people I know who have been affected. Thread triggered by teenager called Tom on the Covid-19 pandemic thread who claimed not to know anyone who had contracted Covid-19.

    People I know personally who've been affected:

    Friend who I lived with in China, her father died of confirmed Covid-19 at Easter.

    Childhood friend lost both her grandmother and mother to suspiciously Covid-19-like pneumonia illnesses in early 2020 (January / February before routine Covid-19 testing was in place).

    My cousin's daughter contracted Covid-19 in the care home she worked in and carried on working with symptoms for about six weeks before it was confirmed she had Covid-19 and had to isolate in her own bedroom away from her children.

    Husband's university friend had asymptomatic Covid-19 but was tested and confirmed to be infected due to being in hospital separately with food poisoning. His wife's grandfather also died from confirmed Covid-19.

    Acquaintance (best friend's friend) ended up with her 18 month old son in ICU due to Covid-19, but fortunately he recovered.

    Friend who I did the breastfeeding course with, her 40-ish year old brother spent weeks on a ventilator due to Covid-19 and made it out of hospital, but was having to walk with a zimmer frame due to how weak it had made him.

    Possibly I stay in contact with more people than average, but this still feels like a high tally. I am amazed that there are still people who don't know anyone who has been affected by this disease.

    I think I'm only on 3 at the moment (miraculously)

    1. Wife of my best friend from schooldays (she's also a good friend) got it in about March, and had symptoms that lingered for months. She never had to be hospitalised thankfully, so reasonably "mild", but still very unpleasant. They didn't isolate from each other - they are childless - and he amazingly never caught it (or at least never showed any symptoms).
    2. Colleague at work had a friend who died of confirmed Covid.
    3. My wife's cousin caught it - think it was relatively mild. We only found out on facebook, so don't really know much detail.
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      I don't know anybody who has.

      Edit: at least closer than a relative of a friend of a friend.


        Multiple colleagues, multiple neighbours, a larger multiple of older relatives of friends.

        It is rare for individuals here not to know someone who has been directly effected


          My best mate demonstrated symptoms (we now know) back in January. He was really ill for about 2 weeks, and took another 2 to 3 weeks to get fully over it.

          Another friend said her dad and step-mum presented symptoms (we now know) back in early December. Step-mum was particularly ill by all accounts.

          These weren't confirmed, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.

          The two confirmed cases I know personally (tested), have been a GP and consultant who works at the Royal Shrewsbury.

          My GP friend was really ill for about a month, my consultant acquaintance was bed ridden for 3 days and fully recovered in a week.


            Originally posted by S. aureus View Post
            I don't know anybody who has.
            Nor me.


              My wife's Mexican-American friend lost her father and uncle.

              Our regular electrician and dry cleaner are isolating with symptoms.

              My wife had two employees (siblings) who isolated because one of their family members had symptoms (they had to bring a negative Test result at the end of the isolation period before returning; we paid for the tests).

              My wife thinks her best friend may have had COVID while she was staying with us in early January but this seems unlikely as neither of us developed symptoms or has antibodies (and the date seems too early for the US).
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                Several people I work with have had it and been poorly. I didn't personally know any of the 5 staff members who have died. Another colleague's wife was a confirmed case and the whole family had to self-isolate.

                A retired couple I know were both verv poorly with Covid symptoms but didn't need to be hospitalised.


                  I think I know three people who have had it.

                  The mam of the lady who lives over the road from our mam, so a family friend. She was fairly old, suffering with dementia, and unfortunately it seems to have finished her off.

                  The lady who was head cleaner at our old office before it closed down. I always used to have a chat on with her, lovely woman. Is reasonably close relative of a professional footballer too, to keep things relevant to the board. She had quite a rough time, intensive care, a video went round of her being clapped out of the hospital by the staff. I am assuming she is still recovering, not heard anything on the grapevine for a while.

                  A workmate on my new team who I still haven't met outside of Teams/Skype was ill with it in my second week of the job. He seems to have made a full recovery.

                  A pal from work/the pub scene's sister has also had it, but I have never met her at all.


                    I don't know anyone, in Ireland or Scotland. An old workmate of my dad's died a week after being airlifted from his rig tho. I'd say rigs in union unfriendly (thanks, Tony fucking Benn!) UK waters will be pretty hellish undistanced environments during this. With a lot of the experienced workers being gammony and "heavy set".
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                      Next door neighbour, he had a heart attack last year,,so was probably lucky he didn't get a particularly bad dose.

                      My brother's mother in law was very ill with "pneumonia that we've never seen before " following a trip to Berlin last December. It probably wasn't Covid but sounds suspiciously like it.

                      Not people I know, but every time I get an email in work from a son or daughter saying Mam/ Dad died recently, can we close their account you can't help wondering.


                        My younger niece's boyfriend was very ill with Covid for weeks.

                        A work colleague's grandmother in Canada died from it.


                          Friend of my wife got it, she is ok. My brother-in-law brother died of it alas.



                            Sorry for all who had loved ones affected.


                              Sadly the last of my late fathers siblings both died with / of Covid.
                              My aunt died in Aberdeen age 98 in April, and my uncle died in Bristol aged 87 at the start of July, both tested +ve after being admitted to hospital, both died alone without family at their bedsides.


                                The landlady of the pub in the village where my mum lives has just been released from hospital and into a rehab unit after 99 days, all but two in the ICU. That's the only person I know for certain, although a work colleague had quite severe symptoms during the latter half of March that were almost certainly Covid and if it was then a couple of others may have had a mild dose too.

                                However three of my closest mates all lost a parent during April and though none were a result Covid given the funeral restrictions at the time it sure felt like it.


                                  Three of my mates all had flu-like bugs in March, two of them having been at the Liverpool v Atletico Madrid game (as was I). None got tested though so who knows. Woman at work came back from a cruise round the Far East at NY with a horrendous cough, having been laid up for days whilst on the boat. She ended up going sick as it just wouldn't clear up. Again, no test but seemed suspicious.

                                  Two NHS staff are the only ones I know of who've died - the aunt of someone Mrs TrL works with, and a lad I 'knew' through the internet (shared interest in motorsport) who was a hospital porter in Middlesbrough.


                                    No one, fortunately.


                                      Young (late 20s) colleague of mine probably had it, after we had all started WFH, caught from his wife who teaches special needs kids and was infected by one of them. Not sure if he is suffering recurrent effects, i.e. whether or not his recent severe fatigue is at all related to it.

                                      A London couple we're longstanding friends with had it quite badly. The male half of that couple, Pakistan heritage, lost his younger brother to it.

                                      Otherwise, all known cases more distant from me.


                                        My sister thinks she had it quite early in February (she travels all over the world for work). Separately and later my brother in law had it in May and only just recovered - he has some lung congestion but clearing up. A friend, her husband and son all had it in June but not too bad.

                                        My wife works in a care home and fortunately they haven't had any cases yet. From her working there I understand how devastating it would be to lose residents to this - they really are seen as family by the people who work there.


                                          I've been fortunate so far, in that only two people from the very outer spiral arms of my friendship galaxy.

                                          Someone that I hung out with a little about 15 years ago died very early on, I think it might have been just before the lockdown began. He was still Facebook friends with friends if mine, so I'd see him about. 51, so no age, and I think he had any pre-existing health issues.

                                          And an ex-girlfriend's mum. She was about 80 and in very poor health. I think she contracted it in hospital, and she had dementia.

                                          My wife works in a care home, and they had two deaths there and two members of staff catch it. One of them ended up on a ventilator. She got through, but she was, like, 22 or something. It's a miracle there wasn't a major outbreak there.

                                          It all happened over the course of about four days, and she worked two of them. She quit, because of the shit PPE (basically none) and we had to self-isolate for two weeks. She's back working now, but for a temp agency and the job she's doing right now is more of a backroom thing and doesn't require much contact with anyone else.


                                            Just one for me: my mother went into hospital in April for ostensibly non-Covid reasons, and had tested positive within 48 hours. During those two days she underwent a major operation.

                                            Over the course of the next 50 days, recovering in ICU then high dependency wards, she went on to test negative, then positive, negative again, positive once more and negative since. Difficult not to raise a quizzical eyebrow at that run of results.

                                            She's back home now and doing well, any after effects of spring being related to her operation rather than respiratory. We'll never truly know if those three positive tests weren't false positives. I have my opinion.


                                              I have an auntie who is in her late 80s, is in a care home and has Alzheimer's. She tested positive and was isolated a couple of months ago so I assumed that would be that. She came out of isolation having shown no symptoms, so it was either a false positive or she's been asymptomatic. Other than that, and I'm seriously touching wood here, I don't know of anyone.


                                                Know a guy who lost his brother and mother. From Brabant region of Netherlands.


                                                  No one that I know of. Although over the course of the next week or so I will be revisiting local pubs that I haven't been to since March, so there's always a chance of "Old Len* had it. You know Len, always stands over there, complains about the music, drinks Guinness". And, knowing the lot that frequent these locals, I'm sure there'll be a few bores who will insist that they reckon they had it in December, even though they just had a cold.

                                                  * - There isn't actually an old Len, I just needed an amalgamated example. Even I wouldn't be cruel enough to jinx an actual real person.