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    Last time Terri was that hot she was Mott the Hoople's groupie


      Originally posted by Nefertiti2 View Post
      Weve had a complicit Media for years and a complicit civil se service will finish it off -we are heading for Hungary and Poland.
      Attacks on academia, Limiting the franchise. Complete control of state media.

      who is m********i sfd? I could only find Mussolini or Messi?
      Messi would be nice, but John Manzoni. Stood down in April. I agree a complicit CS would finish it off. If I'm honest, I think there's been more complicity among the SCS than most of us would want to admit and a trawl through the Chilcot report shows that, but as their manifesto aluded to, this lot are taking authoritarianism to another level and I sadly agree the comparisons with Hungary and Poland are depressingly fair.