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Owen Jones is on Question Time tonight

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    Originally posted by Reginald Christ View Post
    I've always liked Jones but he gets a bit of a kicking here. What does OTF think?
    Owen Jones is the perfect spokesperson for Corbynism because, like Corbyn himself, he talks a good game and then utterly fails to back it up in any meaningful sense.

    His politics are not about organising anything, but rather being an organiser - a specialist in social change, all the while undermining or disciplining anything that exists outside his zone of influence or threatens his own status.

    The Palestine example is a good one because he talks about apartheid and ethnic and cultural cleansing, then fails to support Palestinian resistance to occupation - including BDS which is both effective and non-violent.

    Similarly, his "organising" largely extends to being involved with demos where he can appear on the platform. These frequently involve dubious and discredited organisations like the SWP. Jones has occasionally publicly taken a stance against the SWP but then totally abandoned that position at a point it becomes inconvenient.

    Mason is the sort of social democrat who makes me think the KPD were onto something when they called the sozis "social fascists". He's an anti-immigration, pro-police, pro-imperialism "leftist" and imo is extremely dangerous.