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    Everyone's a critic.


      Missed the bus home to begin my 5 day break, which should have meant an hour's wait in the sun, but as luck would have it a white van pulled up to offer me a lift.

      It was a former colleague, Z, which was a surprise as he would normally drive something a bit sportier.

      "What's in the back of the van?"
      "Why you driving it then?"
      "I don't get pulled over driving this thing. Police think I'm a hard working builder. I get some respect on the road."

      Which made me chuckle, but I guess makes sense - a young, well groomed, slightly flash looking British-Pakistani male in a decent motor is going to turn more heads among the more prejudicial West Yorkshire filth than as an anonymous white van man. Although I had to ask him quite a few times what he's doing for a living now before I got the rather vague answer "helping my Dad", so perhaps he's got good reason not to get pulled over.
      Anyway he took me the whole way home as apparently I was good to him when I was his boss, which was nice. He was a nightmare to manage, to be fair.


        I'm beginning to wonder if I'm doing this distancing thing all wrong.
        It's a friend of my daughter's birthday, and we were asked to do a drive by the house, honking and waving to with her a happy birthday. So off we went. During the actual drive past I could not help but notice that, in the front yard, was said friend's family, and representatives of at least 2 other families that don't live next door, and also out front next door and basically intermingling were the actual neighbours plus representatives of at least one more family.
        I have a friend who's planning on going on vacation to Spain and Italy in July.


          I am coming to realise that the Upper West Side is one of the few areas of this country in which virtually everyone who is here "gets it".


            your reports and your diary are excellent jwdd. thanks again.