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    March for Change

    Flying a "Boris Blimp" over London

    Very environmentally friendly, a balloon filled with Helium.

    Tosspot arsehole hypocrite wankers that you are.

    I went to the Left Bloc rally and joined some of the march.

    Some very good speeches: Owen Jones, Clive Lewis. Anneliese Dodds. Amelia Womack from the Greens a couple of very impressive climate change activists.. Particuarly interested by John Mahoney from the PCS. who raised the possibility of what would happen if there was an attempt to prorogue Parliament. He suggested that MP's have talked about a sit in, and that should be a moment for mass activism and strikes.

    On the march- it was still very quiet given that we're in the middle of a No Deal Coup.

    I had an altercation with someone wearing a Jeremy Corbyn mask. I asked him what he thought the point was given that Boris Johnson is about to be Prime Minister and that any attempt to stop Brexit would involve the Labour Party.

    And Guy.- go for a walk or something. You'll get apoplexy.
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