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What's your work dress code?

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  • San Bernardhinault
    Board shorts and a t-shirt for most days in my home office. I sometimes dress up by wearing jeans when it's cold. On very special occasions, like video conferences, I might wear a polo.

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  • Bordeaux Education
    started a topic What's your work dress code?

    What's your work dress code?

    In the latter years of being a teacher, I have been forced into the dreaded 'smart-casual' clothes. I had previously liked smart or casual but didn't really like the sort of clumsy chimera between the two. When I started, I regularly wore - and was well known for wearing - a suit but it soon became obvious it was impractical especially as when I was in the early years classes and regularly sat on play-doh, got painted on or got grabbed by sticky dirty hands. I migrated to the smart-casual shirts and jumpers that my mother and mother-in-law bought be as present from Marks and Spencer's which I previously couldn't work out an occasion for. I even was able to wear the items that were odd mixes between cardigans and hoodies that I mentally attached to lone weekday afternoon pub drinkers. I now appear to be completely consumed in autumnal colours all year around as I can get away with hardwearing easy-to-wash jeans in those colours and I have ended up with desert boots being the best footwear.

    Anyway, what does everyone wear nowadays? Anyone still have to wear suits and ties? Bowler hats? Anyone wear specific unique clothing for their job?