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Tony Blair is a c**t part 45

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    But if you go by the movies they are also patrons of Car Washes

    PS Tony Blair is still a cunt, and I bet he's never washed his car in his life


      Originally posted by Nefertiti2 View Post
      Tony Blair the Cunt in conversation with the author of the Vagina Monologues. How appropriate!

      Love Chakrabortty.
      I know this is a tap in is of course unfair on vaginas to compare them to Blair.


        So, finally been notified of the venue for tomorrow...


          Are you sworn to secrecy?


            If I told you I'd probably have to vote Tory...


              Oooooo - is that a clue?

              The Carlton Club?

              IoD HQ?


                Ramzan Kadyrov's London pad, if the company Blair normally keeps is anything to go by.


                  It was at the Barbican.

                  A fascinating evening. not least of all for the rapturous welcome he received from a pretty much sold out hall.

                  It's the first time I've been in the same room as Blair. He is a compelling and persuasive speaker.

                  When asked who he will vote for on 23/05 he said Labour. He said it's "just about" a remain party. however, if people couldn't bring themselves to vote for Labour they should vote for any of the remain parties. He was clearly exercised by Farage and his new party. He stressed over and and over again how important it was to vote. MPs will look at the ledger of pro/anti Brexit votes in total and that will doubtless drive future voting in Parliament.

                  I was glad I went. He came across as being deeply committed to social equality. He responded to questions about his money by saying that he had had to get funding so that he could fund his foundation. He has (he said) given away by way of charitable donations more than he has ever earned.

                  There was no mention of Iraq and whether or not he is a war criminal. But then the topic of conversation was The New Populism.

                  An intriguing night and I'm still processing it tbh.