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    Home Alone

    Well, maybe in the park alone.

    The discussion on the Childhood adventure thread made look into the legal age that you can leave a child alone.

    As I tend to leave Bored Jr at 9, in the skate park for either 10minutes if I have to pop home or for half-hour if I go across the road to the Hop Pole, I thought I had better check if I was breaking any actual laws.

    As 11 year olds are allowed to go to school on their own, I was certain I was safe ground.

    I didn't realise however, that there are virtually no laws governing how old you can leave a child on their own in the park or at home even overnight. There are only recomendations and it is completely down to the discretion of the parent.

    Along with there being no laws governing when children have to stop cycling on pavements and, as I mention elsewhere, any idiot over 18 being allowed to buy fireworks, it amazes me that this country, in some ways so nannying, allows huge amounts of freedom elsewhere.

    My own feeling, by the way, is that children shouldn't cross the road on their own until 10, are OK in the park for 10 minutes if you are going further than over the road and up to an hour if you are over the road (in a cafe not just a pub) as long as you can see them if they need you.

    Home Alone

    Oh,and I don't know whether I would leave a child home alone until they are at secondary school age probably