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It's the small things that matter

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    It's the small things that matter

    Germany: I wonder what was going on behind closed doors in the German camp during the World cup. We will probably find out in 5-10 years, if there was anything going on. We've heard about the complaints regarding hotel but I sense something beyond that. We were used to there always being squabbles within the squad every single World cup up until the 2006, when it came to Germany. But somehow they managed to transform that into surgical steamrolling once the game was up.

    This time around I wonder if there was the same unity as in 2006, especially after the loss against Mexico. Not that there were outright arguments but fractions keeping to themselves. This with teammates not coming to Özil's support after he released the document might mean something. If it's true that only a certain couple of players have shown support openly.

    Brazil: I wonder if the changing of captain each game had any part in Brazil bombing? They didn't impress in one single game, really. Some individual numbers and a few shorter spells of magic, a player here a player there deserving of Man of the Match, but in summary nothing that will be remembered. Am I the only one though who felt there was no one leading them in any of the games?

    They started with Marcelo, Silva, Miranda, Silva, Miranda as captain, in that order. Some might consider it cute and how swell that they were allowed to take turns, but didn't they sometimes look like headless chickens without someone to... well... captain them. My memory is perhaps failing me but after all the complaining to the ref Brazilian players were keen on in every game, I can't remember a single time their captain stepped up to the ref for a proper talk, the way you see captains often approach while pointing at their captains band. Maybe they were confused, didn't remember they were the captain that game and once it hit them "shit, I am wearing the armband today!", it was too late and the ball was on its way again between players.

    Uruguay: Imagine if Cavani wouldn't have been injured. A different game I believe, No, I'm still not impressed with France.

    England: What if they would have been drawn in any of the other groups? Croatia would never have been given the opportunity to bring a nation back to earth, that's one. But also, as it played out now in an easy group suddenly it was almost, to close, back on square one where England are one of the favourites to win the whole damn thing.
    Remember that? When every year England was pronounced as one of the very favourites, every single tournament?

    It's better this way. Not choking in a semi-tough group, out against the finalists. Something new and fresh and exciting is happening. It should be allowed to take time.
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