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Your Favourite Player of Each Tournament You Have Seen

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    Your Favourite Player of Each Tournament You Have Seen

    1978 Bettega

    1982 Socrates

    1986 Maradona

    1990 Baresi

    1994 Letchkov

    1998 Thuram

    2002 Rivaldo

    2006 Grosso

    2010 Iniesta

    2014 Lahm

    2018 Mbappe so far

    1994 - Bebeto

    1998 - Owen

    2002 - Ronaldo

    2006 - Lahm

    2010 - Iniesta

    2014 - Ochoa

    2018 - Godin (so far)


      1990 - Milla

      1994 - Brolin

      1998 - Chilavert

      2002 - Klose

      2006 - Ribery

      2010 - Ozil

      2014 - James Rodriguez

      2018 - Neymar (so far)


        1990 - Matthaus
        1994 - Hagi
        1998 - Zidane
        2002 - Ronaldinho
        2006 - Pirlo
        2010 - Sneijder
        2014 - Navas
        2018 - Modric (so far)


          Arry Kane 2018 all the rest is a blur


            1970 - Roberto Rivel(l)ino
            1974 - Johan Cruijff
            1978 - Hans Krankl
            1982 - Socrates
            1986 - Michel Platini
            1990 - Roberto Baggio
            1994 - Jürgen Klinsmann (well, retrospectively anyway)
            1998 - Laurent Blanc
            2002 - Ronaldinho
            2006 - Franck Ribery
            2010 - Diego Forlan
            2014 - Lionel Messi
            2018 - Edinson Cavani, Harry Kane, Kylian Mbappé all in the frame thus far...


              Anybody who hadn't said "Matthäus" for 1990 doesn't know shit. He fucking ruled 1990.


                82- only remember the Narey toe poke

                86- Socrates/Diego

                90- Baggio

                94- Romario

                98- Bergkamp

                02- Ronaldo

                06- Zidane

                10- iniesta

                14- Messi at a push, boring tournament

                18- M’Bappe ftw
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                  90 Rijkaard
                  94 Baresi
                  98 Thuram
                  02 Hamann
                  06 Pirlo
                  10 Iniesta
                  14 Mascherano
                  18 Modric


                    1982 - Eder
                    1986 - Maradona
                    1990 - Milla
                    1994 - Brolin
                    1998 - Jarni
                    2002 - Roy Keane, because the tournament was shite and so was he and, etc....
                    2006 - Lahm
                    2010 - I honestly don't remember a single one worth mention
                    2014 - Dzeko
                    2018 - Strinic/Claesson


                      The question was favourite, right? Not best?


                        Originally posted by treibeis View Post
                        Anybody who hadn't said "Matthäus" for 1990 doesn't know shit. He fucking ruled 1990.
                        Yes but thread is "favourite" not best.


                          Matthäus was evil.


                            Originally posted by treibeis View Post
                            Anybody who hadn't said "Matthäus" for 1990 doesn't know shit. He fucking ruled 1990.
                            Calm down or we'll confiscate your Kool-Aid.

                            This is a thread for 'favourite' players.


                              1974 Muller
                              1978 Krol
                              1982 Hamilton/Tardelli
                              1986 Maradona
                              1990 Mc Carthy/Schiallici
                              1994 McGrath/ Stoichov
                              1998 Zidane
                              2002 Robbie Keane/ Cafu
                              2006 Nesta
                              2010 Iniesta
                              2014 Thomas Muller
                              2018 Modric so far


                                1994 Letchkov - we were visiting my German uncle, who greeted us at the door laughing at the Dutch having been eliminated by Brazil the night before. Up steps this bald hero. Was a fun evening
                                1998 Bergkamp - that goal
                                2002 İlhan Mansız - really brought something extra as a supersub
                                2006 Cornell Glen - his introduction into the game confused Lars Lagerbäck to such a degree that T&T pulled off the draw
                                2010 Tshabalala - hammers home that the World Cup has arrived in Africa
                                2014 Kuyt - played wherever on the field he was required, and played well. Had the Netherlands qualified for the final, we would have played with eleven Dirk Kuyts
                                2018 Cavani - is doing quite well so far
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                                  Great stuff, bix and Wouter D, some left field but enlightening choices that I really like.


                                    Originally posted by treibeis View Post
                                    Anybody who hadn't said "Matthäus" for 1990 doesn't know shit. He fucking ruled 1990.

                                    Hands down.

                                    My favorite World Cup player of all-time.


                                      Agreed. Toto was only 25, but had the face of someone who had lived, maaan. And he was taking his big chance after a great season for Messina and a decent year at Juve - I'm trying to think of an equivalent player England could have picked, and outside of Steve Bull, who they did pick, I'd say someone like Micky Quinn was at a similar level.

                                      Roger Milla in second place.


                                        (Disclaimer: all choices as seen at the time, revisionism probable but not intended):

                                        1974 - Van Hanegem. Because the other kids said Cruyff, or a Scot. VH didn't run, and nor could I.

                                        1978 - Tresor. A black Frenchman, cool! If I clap at the telly that'll be just like fighting the NF on the street, except I can have my tea and stay out of trouble. Also, I'm pretty sure I like girls, but he's smooth ...

                                        1982 - Wynton Rufer.

                                        1986 - Pick a Dane, any Dane. After they lost: Brown vs Barnes of education.

                                        1990 - Obviously Gazza.

                                        1994 - Probably Brolin, but I saw less of this tournament than usual. McAteer, for about 20 minutes.

                                        1998 - Probably Thuram (see 1998. But it's girls, definitely girls. Honest).

                                        2002 - Any ice-skating Korean.

                                        2006 - Lahm. The Costa Rica opener was pure fun. Yes, German fun.

                                        2010 - Soft spot for Ooijer, the Dutch defender who got the last minute call up v Brazil. Just for the "Why am I here?" expression on his face. Also Muller (more of that fun).

                                        2014 - Assorted goalkeepers: Ochoa. Ospina, Nacas, even Krul.


                                          Originally posted by Jah Womble View Post
                                          Calm down or we'll confiscate your Kool-Aid.

                                          This is a thread for 'favourite' players.
                                          Yes, all right. But Matthäus was still my favourite in 1990. He was as big a twat then as he is now, undoubtedly, but he was just majestic.

                                          And I'm a Capri-Sun man. Kool-Aid is for people who don't know what's what. (Does Kool-Aid still exist?)


                                            Originally posted by bix80
                                            90 - N'Kono - For the joy of hearing Brazilian comentators lovingly shout N'koooooooono every time he made a save.
                                            You got a great fucking point here. I might need to change mine now. Him and Zaki Badou are probably my... no... they ARE my two favourite keepers of all time.


                                              Originally posted by treibeis View Post
                                              but he was just majestic.
                                              Totally agree - I was at San Siro in 1990 and watched him and Germany totally dismantle Yugoslavia.

                                              But the drama of Schillaci coming up time and time again to bang in goals was too cool.

                                              And Kool-Aid still exists.


                                                90: Gary Lineker. Scored goals, shat on the pitch.

                                                94: Andy Townsend. An ex-Norwich player helped 11 year old me connect to the World Cup sans England.

                                                98: Michael Owen. I was a teenager, so was he. But he was scoring World Cup goals for England. I think I even looked a bit like him at the time.

                                                02: Ahn Jung-Hwan. This seemingly random Korean in a middling Serie A side was already a bit of a cult hero for me before the tournament began. I was willing on his every touch. Then he scored against Italy and the rest is history.

                                                06: Andrea Pirlo. He (and Zidane , to be fair) operated on a different level to everyone else.

                                                10: Tricky one, this. Probably Forlan.

                                                14: Agree about the goalkeepers in this one. Tim Howard for me. Or maybe Leroy Fer, who was the first Norwich player to score at the World Cup. Trouble is, we knew he was going to be sold...

                                                18: So far, J-Lingz. I've really warmed to the guy.


                                                  70 Jairzinho
                                                  74 Szarmach
                                                  78 Cubillas
                                                  82 Whiteside
                                                  86 Jennings

                                                  90 Milla
                                                  94 Hagi
                                                  98 Suker
                                                  02 Roque Jr
                                                  06 Klose
                                                  10 Gyan
                                                  14 Kroos

                                                  18 Shaqiri
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