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    I have to admit, I really like it:

    Ooh, there's a rival thread. On which I said I like this poster.

    Maybe this thread can serve to discuss past posters? So, my top 3:

    In at number 3: France 1938

    Number 2: Spain 1982

    Number 1: West Germany 1974


      Crikey, your taste in world cup posters doesn't tally with my own to put it mildly. I regard 1974 as the start of the slide, with only mexico 86 standing out amidst the dross. I love the inspiration behind the 82 one, but I just can't help seeing it as ugly as hell.

      My top three (can't be bothered to do screenshots on my phone)

      3. A real close one here between Chile 62, a fantastic concept imperfectly executed, and Switzerland 54's despairing goalkeeper, a perfect image for the most goal crazy world cup ever, a title which let's face it, it will hold in perpetuity.

      I'll give it to Chile on a toin coss

      2. Mexico 70. Boom. You want football? Here's a picture of a fucking football.

      1. Uruguay 30. The original and best. That bendy keeper. Interesting contrast with Switzerland 54, wonder if that was deliberate by the latter artist?


        Mexico 70 is great. That typeface is excellent, too.


          World Cup posters: an illustrated history

          My favourite is Brazil 1950.


            Someone should manufacture a real pair of socks like that