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Friday 5 August 2016: the 50th Anniversary

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    Friday 5 August 2016: the 50th Anniversary

    ...of Northern Ireland's second-greatest international win ever. An extensive program of media events to include:

    - Dallas, Corry and McNair in conversation with Jimmy Nesbitt and Carl Frampton about THAT non-substitution in injury time

    - acoustic gig by Wedding Present gypsy-folk side project. We met one of them in Lyon. He got locked out of the motel so spent the entire night busking at a motorway junction nearby

    - Krautrock interlude as Konniplanko returns to what he does best

    - leading lame-arsed shock-jock Stephen Nolan struggles into a three sizes small replica kit, all live from atop a bandwagon

    - obligatory gushing about some other team's fans kicking footballs through people's open windows, chance to have a selfie with the Legion d'Honneur

    - shandy-shandy tent, on course bookie, gormless face-painting , fire-starting and much, much more

    Make it stop, somebody. Please...