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From H to H in 15 secs

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    From H to H in 15 secs

    H in the thread title stands for Heaven and Hell. which one is which? well, it depends on your point of view.

    action takes place in Zadar in Croatia the venue for World Handball (another H!) Championship.

    last round of matches in the second tournament phase. Danmark has got 6 points, Germany 5 pts, Poland and Norway 4 points each, while Serbia and Macedonia are already out of contest. two teams from this group make it to the final four.

    First Danmark (champions of Europe) play Germany (reigning World champions) and a draw in the game would eliminate us (Poland) and of course the battle is very even and the score like 1,5 mins before the end is a draw. than finally Danmark has got advantage and wins it by two goals. big relief in polish camp. web services say Germans are out but that's not true as one result that would save them would be a draw between Poland and Norway.

    so off we go Poland v Vikings from Norway. both parties aiming for a win that would earn them place in tournament's last four.

    the game is v.nervous, initally Poland goes ahead than Norway takes the lead. a draw at half-time but in the second half Norway gains 2-3 goals advantage. me screaming and sending Norwegians back to their fiords don't work somehow. it seems over for us 3 mins from time cause we need to win, a draw would make Germans happy.

    than Poland finally equlises 30 seconds from time. but Norway has got the ball. anyone who watches handball from time time (not many) knows that it`s not v.easy to `steal` the ball. our coach, ex-pro Bogdan Wenta calls for time-out and says to frienzed players: easy, we got lots of time, they will introduce an additional player and withdraw the keeper, cause they have to win to advance. a draw promotes Germany.

    and guess what? that's exactly what happened! Norwegians lose the ball seomehow, our player who is involved only in defensive plays grabs the ball and throws it into opposition net.
    bastard state tv removed all clips for youtube but here it is

    wild excitement! we grab each other and scream like mad. kids are awake but who cares this one time. we plan a trip to Zagreb in a drunk haze. brilliant! not going obviosly after sobering up a bit.

    now all the way to the final. Croats - the hosts on the way but after such thriller nothing can stop us now.

    Germans were 5 seconds from Heaven, Norway sth similar and now play for 9th place.

    sport, eh? must say that handball is a very underestimated sport, v.physical and tough. sometimes even brutal but what a joy to watch. must say that haven`t ever experienced such emotions watching football.


    From H to H in 15 secs

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