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Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown

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    Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown

    Trust me, D-Kev, thinking that Mike Bradley is a good player is truly original.


      Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown

      So here is our YEAR TWO roster:


      Kerry Collins (9) 89
      Joey Harrington (2) 87
      Matthew Stafford (R) 67


      James Stewart (9) 84
      Artose Pinner (1) 66
      Curtis Keaton (4) 62


      Cory Schlesinger (9) 86
      Reuben Droughns (4) 65


      Charles Rogers (1) 94
      Dennis Northcutt (4) 80
      Az-Zahir Hakim (6) 79
      Ron Dixon (4) 77
      Jarrett Dillard (R) 69


      Mikhael Ricks (6) 75
      Josh Norman (2) 62
      John Owens (2) 54


      Jeff Backus (3) 87
      Victor Rogers (2) 62


      Wally Williams (11) 80
      Kraig Urbik (R) 63


      Dominic Raiola (3) 83
      Troy Andrew (3) 56


      Leon Searcy (12) 78
      Eric Beverly (6) 66


      Stockar McDougle (4) 81
      Michael Thompson (4) 58


      Michael Strahan (11) 98
      Robert Porcher (12) 90
      Cory Redding (1) 65


      Kalimba Edwards (2) 83


      Luther Elliss (9) 90
      Shaun Rogers (3) 89
      Darnell Keys (R) 65


      Boss Bailey (1) 80
      Darren Hambrick (6) 62


      Earl Holmes (8) 90
      Wali Rainer (5) 78


      Barrett Green (4) 76
      Scott McKillop (R) 72


      Dre' Bly (5) 84
      Juran Bolden (8) 77
      Terry Fair (6) 75
      Chris Cash (2) 75
      Eric Kelly (3) 65


      Ronnie Bradford (11) 81
      Terrence Holt (1) 69


      Donovan Darius (6) 91
      Marcus Young (R) 65


      Jason Hanson (12) 89
      Sam Swank (R) 81


      John Jett (11) 85


        Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown

        YEAR 2 has been simmed and the LIONS have scrapped to a 10-6 record and the #6 seed in the playoffs!


          Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown


          We started highly promising rookie MATTHEW STAFFORD at QB and he didn't disappoint, throwing for 3706 yards, 22 TDs and 20 INTs.

          JAMES STEWART had a poor year, rushing for 977 yards and 4 TDs.

          REUBEN DROUGHNS started at FB and ran for 218 yards.

          CHARLES ROGERS caught 96 balls for 1388 yards and 7 TDs. Rookie JARRETT DILLARD caught 69 balls foir 887 yards and 7 TDs.

          Young JOSH NORMAN started at TE and caught 48 balls for 327 yards and 3 TDs.


            Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown

            PRO BOWLERS:


            Good on our rookie K SAM SWANK for making the PRO BOWL!


              Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown

              PLAYOFF STARTERS:

              YEAR 2 PLAYOFF STARTERS:

              QB KERRY COLLINS (89) - Big-armed, slow-footed veteran gets the start for the playoffs
              HB JAMES STEWART (84) - Veteran grinder has power but not a lot of speed
              FB CORY SCHLESINGER (86) - Ancient battler starts in the playoffs before retiring
              WR1 CHARLES ROGERS (94) - The sky is the limit for this fabulously gifted youngster
              WR2 DENNIS NORTHCUTT (80) - Nimble, speedy, smurf-like
              WR3 AZ-ZAHIR HAKIM (79) - The diminutive speedster will line up in the slot
              TE MIKHAEL RICKS (75) - Adequate receiver, not much of a blocker
              LT JEFF BACKUS (87) - Not dominating, but technically accomplished
              LG WALLY WILLIAMS (80) - Solid veteran starts on the left this year
              C DOMINIC RAIOLA (83) - Skilled without being overpowering
              RG LEON SEARCY (78) - Ancient smashmouth mauler
              RT STOCKAR McDOUGLE (81) - Very strong, lot of potential, but still pretty green

              LE MICHAEL STRAHAN (98) - Incredible pass-rushing talent, plays the run well too
              RE ROBERT PORCHER (90) - Great strength and an accomplished pass-rusher
              DT LUTHER ELLISS (90) - Solid, strong, run-stopper
              DT SHAUN ROGERS (89) - Good agility and leaping skills
              LOLB BOSS BAILEY (80) - Very raw but very fast with superlative acceleration
              MLB EARL HOLMES (90) - Not the fastest, but a big hitter
              ROLB BARRETT GREEN (76) - Solid but not great speed
              CB1 DRE' BLY (84) - Accomplished cover guy
              CB2 TERRY FAIR (75) - The fastest of our CBs starts opposite BLY
              CB3 JURAN BOLDEN (77) - Physical nickelback without top-notch speed
              FS RONNIE BRADFORD (81) - Has good speed, smart
              SS DONOVAN DARIUS (91) - Distinguished veteran adds touch of class to the secondary

              K JASON HANSON (89) - Respected veteran K
              P JOHN JETT (85) - Doesn't have the biggest leg


                Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown

                YEAR 2 TEAM OVERVIEW:

                Although the future clearly belongs to bazooka-armed young MATTHEW STAFFORD, we will go with the veteran KERRY COLLINS for the playoff run, he offers us the best chance to win now.

                This is a team that has some smashmouth in it with JAMES STEWART grinding out the tough yards, elderly CORY SCHLESINGER starting at FB for the playoffs before retiring (REUBEN DROUGHNS is the future), and ancient roadgraders WALLY WILLIAMS and LEON SEARCY at G.

                It also has some real speed at WR with ROGERs, NORTHCUTT and HAKIM, so it'll be interesting to see how these two styles combine.

                The D should be pretty good, STRAHAN adds a huge dimension, and BOSS BAILEY is really emerging. Although the right side of the secondary (FS RONNIE BRADFORD and CB TERRY FAIR) are not highly-rated, they are feisty.

                JASON HANSON starts one last run at K, young SAM SWANK will take over next year.


                  Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown

                  That's it for now, join me next time for the playoffs as our #6 seed DETROIT LIONS will try to battle to make the SUPER BOWL!


                    Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown

                    jason voorhees wrote:
                    Trust me, D-Kev, thinking that Mike Bradley is a good player is truly original.
                    Bah.. me and his dad.. We should take this discussion elsewhere..
                    I should show you posts I made on other message boards during the Gold Cup ('07)and U-20 where I was bashing young Bradley- and I was insulted by how he 'earned' his first senior cap (remember he was training with the team- then Bruce put him into a friendly before other players who earned the right to be there, etc.). I never liked Bradley and always preferred Szetela for the U-17, U-20 and others for the senior team. But a 17 goal season clouded my vision and my judgment- is it too late to go back?
                    All along Heerenveen is just the Run and Gun of the Dutch league- Bradley was just David Klingler for a season.


                      Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown

                      Today's "how time flies" moment: reading that the aforementioned Larry Centers is one of this year's Hall Of Fame nominees.


                        Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown

                        So, folks, this wondrous odyssey is underway again after a brief respite!


                          Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown

                          The Year 2 playoffs will commence with the #6 seed 10-6 LIONS at the 11-5 PHILADELPHIA EAGLES!


                            Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown

                            10-6 LIONS at 11-5 EAGLES

                            LIONS win 42-34

                            7-0 Northcutt 31 yard TD reception
                            14-0 Stewart 3 yard TD run
                            14-7 Pinkston 1 yard TD reception
                            14-14 Wicks 25 yard TD reception
                            21-14 Ricks 4 yard TD reception
                            21-21 Pinkston 45 yard TD reception
                            28-21 Rogers 11 yard TD reception
                            28-24 Akers 44 yard FG
                            28-31 McNabb 3 yard TD run
                            28-34 Akers 27 yard FG
                            35-34 Ricks 21 yard TD reception
                            42-34 Holmes 14 yard fumble return

                            A thrilling come from behind victory for the LIONS. The EAGLES were leading 31-28 with goal to go with time running out, and a TD would surely have put the game out of DETROIT's reach. But a TD was called back on a penalty, the LIONS D held, and a FG made the EAGLES lead six points. KERRY COLLINS took the LIONS straight down the field for the go-ahead score and EARL HOLMES iced it with a fumble recovery. A CHRIS CASH INT concluded the game.

                            Earlier, the LIONS had raced to a 14-0 lead. COLLINS got hurt on the first drive and HARRINGTON came in to throw a score, and the EAGLES then fumbled the ensuing kickoff and TERRENCE HOLT recovered it. When STEWART bowled over it was 14-0 and the LIONS were in wonderland.

                            But McNABB was able to bring the EAGLES back and put them in a position to win it. He finished 15-17 for 195 yards, 3 TDs and an INT. He also had 51 yards rushing on 8 carries and a score.

                            COLLINS finished 16 of 26 for 291 yards, 3 TDs and 3 INTs. At one point he threw consecutive INTs but kept battling!

                            NORTHCUTT had 4 catches for 110 yards and a score, ROGERS had 4 catches for 94 yards and a TD, and RICKS had 4 catches for 55 yards and two scores.


                              Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown

                              Next up for the battling #6 seed 10-6 LIONS, the 12-4 GREEN BAY PACKERS at snowy LAMBEAU FIELD!


                                Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown

                                10-6 LIONS at 12-4 PACKERS

                                LIONS win 38-35

                                0-7 Driver 76 yard TD reception
                                7-7 Ricks 4 yard TD reception
                                7-14 Green 4 yard TD reception
                                14-14 Northcutt 13 yard TD reception
                                17-14 Hanson 48 yard FG
                                24-14 Stewart 3 yard TD run
                                24-21 Green 1 yard TD run
                                31-21 Stewart 19 yard TD run
                                38-28 Walker 9 yard TD reception
                                31-35 Luchey 3 yard TD reception
                                38-35 Rogers 74 yard TD reception

                                A stellar, glorious victory for the suddenly surging LIONS. Early on they had trouble with GREEN BAY's high-octane attack but hung in there and a brutal surging 19 yard score from rejuvenated workhorse JAMES STEWART saw them take a ten point lead.

                                The PACK however came right back with two quick scores and the affair was not settled until CHARLES ROGERS burst free and sped 74 yards for the game-winning score.

                                KERRY COLLINS was MVP for the contest finishing 20 of 34 for 315 yards and 3 TDs.

                                JAMES STEWART had 13 rushes for 73 yards and 2 TDs.

                                ROGERS had 4 catches for 103 yards and a score, while HAKIM added 3 for 77 and NORTHCUTT had 3 for 54.

                                BRETT FAVRE completed 28 of 45 for 477 yards, 4 TDs and a single INT, from RONNIE BRADFORD.

                                GREEN and ROGERS contributed sacks for the LIONS D.


                                  Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown

                                  So the LIONS will now travel to sunny TAMPA, FLORIDA, for the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME against the 12-4 TAMPA BAY BUCS, and the way DETROIT had been playing of late, they might even be favourites!


                                    Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown

                                    10-6 LIONS at 12-4 BUCS

                                    LIONS win 31-28

                                    0-7 Alstott 6 yard TD reception
                                    7-7 Stewart 1 yard TD run
                                    14-7 Hakim 11 yard TD reception
                                    21-7 Stewart 1 yard TD run
                                    21-14 Alstott 10 yard TD reception
                                    28-14 Dixon 36 yard TD reception
                                    28-21 Mills 5 yard TD reception
                                    28-28 Pittman 21 yard TD reception
                                    31-28 Hanson 50 yard FG

                                    More enormous drama as the BUCS came flying back from two scores down to tie it in the closing seconds, but KERRY COLLINS wasn't done! With 20 seconds left in the ballgame, he got the LIONS into position for a long FG and HANSON nailed the 50 yarder to get DETROIT to the SUPER BOWL!

                                    The LIONS beat the two-time reigning SUPER BOWL champs to get to the big game!

                                    COLLINS concluded the contest MVP, completing 21 of 30 for 358 yards, 2 TDs and an INT.

                                    ROGERS had 7 catches for 156 yards, while RICKS had 4 for 44 yards, HAKIM had 3 for 54 yards and a score, and DIXON had 3 for 72 yards and a score.

                                    RONNIE BRADFORD had an incredible outing at his FS slot, he finished with 10 tackles, and seemed to make countless fingertip tackles to save potential TDs. ELLISS and ROGERS added sacks.

                                    BRAD JOHNSON was 32 of 40 for 349 yards and 4 TDs.

                                    JAMES STEWART made a fabulous play early in the game, brutally ploughing into SIMEON RICE and knocking him out of the contest.


                                      Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown

                                      Tomorrow we will do the SUPER BOWL versus the 11-5 NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS, it should be quite a game!


                                        Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown

                                        SB: 10-6 LIONS vs 11-5 PATRIOTS

                                        PATRIOTS win 20-18

                                        0-7 Johnson 61 yard TD reception
                                        3-7 Hanson 32 yard FG
                                        3-10 Vinatieri 24 yard FG
                                        6-10 Hanson 44 yard FG
                                        6-17 Johnson 16 yard TD reception
                                        12-17 Stewart 8 yard TD run
                                        (2 point conversion run failed)
                                        12-20 Vinatieri 50 yard FG
                                        18-20 Northcutt 35 yard TD reception
                                        (2 point conversion run failed)

                                        Pure agony for the LIONS as they lose in the cruellest of circumstances. Despite being behind the whole game with BRADY hitting speedster BETHEL JOHNSON twice for scores, JAMES STEWART brought the LIONS within 5 on his fourth down TD run, although the subsequent two point conversion run failed.

                                        An onside kick then failed and VINATIERI nailed a 50 yarder make the gap eight, but COLLINS hit NORTHCUTT for the TD and a two point conversion would have tied it! But STEWART was again stopped, leaving the LIONS down by two. With time running out, the LIONS attempted another onside kick... and miraculously got it! HAKIM recovered it! But they couldn't get the 20 yards or so they needed and COLLINS was sacked on fourth down to end the contest!

                                        A desperately cruel end in a desperately cruel game, in another example of horror RONNIE BRADFORD made a superb interception in the fourth quarter that could have swung the game, but was hit and fumbled it!

                                        COLLINS hit 18 of 31 for 246 yards, a TD and an INT. STEWART hammered 12 times for 41 yards and a score. NORTHCUTT had 5 grabs for 91 yards and a score.

                                        BRADY was 14 of 24 for 259 yards, 2 TDs and 2 INTs (FAIR and BRADFORD). JOHNSON was MVP for his 4 catches for 121 yards and 2 TDs.


                                          Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown

                                          So after an incredible three game run as the #6 seed to the SUPER BOWL we have to start all over again with the OFF-SEASON!


                                            Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown


                                            Cory Schlesinger

                                            The elderly bruiser hangs up his cleats, REUBEN DROUGHNS will take over.


                                              Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown


                                              Stockar McDougle (16/7)
                                              Robert Porcher (25/7)
                                              Dominic Raiola (12.5/7)
                                              Shaun Rogers (26/7)


                                                Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown

                                                NOT RE-SIGNED:

                                                Troy Andrew
                                                Ron Dixon
                                                Wali Rainer
                                                Eric Beverly
                                                Jason Hanson
                                                Barrett Green
                                                Wally Williams
                                                John Owens
                                                Cory Redding
                                                Victor Rogers
                                                Curtis Keaton
                                                Michael Thompson
                                                Eric Kelly
                                                Darren Hambrick


                                                  Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown


                                                  1st Percy Hurvin (4/5)
                                                  2nd Kevin Huber (5/7)
                                                  3rd Vontae Davis (2/4)
                                                  4th Dallas Reynolds (2.5/7)

                                                  HURVIN is a speed 99 WR ranked 67 overall.

                                                  HUBER is a P ranked 85 overall, kicking power 98, amazing.

                                                  DAVIS is a FS ranked only 66 and speed 89, but great agility and acceleration.

                                                  REYNOLDS is a RG ranked only 62 but with strength 98.


                                                    Rebirth of the SILVER STRETCH in Motown

                                                    FREE AGENTS:

                                                    Charles Woodson (35/7)
                                                    Stephen Davis (32/7)
                                                    Spencer Folau (1.4/1)
                                                    Frank Wycheck (6.5/7)

                                                    WOODSON is a brilliant shutdown CB, ranked 95, aged 28.

                                                    DAVIS is 31, getting on a bit, and ranked 85. He doesn't really fit our offense but JAMES STEWART is in decline.

                                                    FOLAU is 32 and ranked 78, he will hold the fort at LG for a year.

                                                    WYCHECK is aged 33 and ranked 81, he is a good blocker and solid receiver, if not exactly fast.