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    Totems is kind of a dumb name anyway. Totem is derived from an Ojibwe word and they didn’t live anywhere near Seattle. And it would basically be calling the team the Fightin’ Symbols.


      Originally posted by ursus arctos View Post
      Totems or Thunderbirds could work with the support of the local tribes.

      I confess that I don't know to what extent (if any) they have been involved with the current WHL team.

      I think these are quite sharp (the shoulder crest is that of the Metropolitans, though re-coloured)

      I assume that Marvel would shut down Ironmen very quickly.
      Thunderbirds are already a team (Seattle's WHL side) so I'd expect that to be a no go. I know you have the NY and Kitchener Rangers but still.

      Surprised to see the Avs doing so well. I suppose having 3 genuinely elite players in Landeskog, MacKinnon and now Rantanen is great but I was never overly convinced with their depth, defence or goaltending. They were my team in the Channel 5 days, although I picked up an interest in the Habs to annoy my hockey friends (2 Leafs and 1 Blackhawks fan).

      Some upheaval in the EIHL in the past couple of weeks. A few players moving on, either to other leagues or being released. Cardiff seem to have hit some form troubles and Sheffield aren't the team they'd hope to be this year despite changing coach. Strangely enough Paul Thompson is doing pretty well over in Schwenniger following his Steelers sacking - his Wild Wings team beat my Adler Mannheim in the local Neckar derby. My own team (Clan) aren't consistent enough but anything is better than last year's disaster under John Tripp.

      From a UK hockey perspective, young Kirk has bagged a few more points in Peterboro and is looking like he's settling in after an extended cold streak. Not sure if we'll be able to call him up for the worlds next year, although I don't see the Petes being genuine post season candidates. We've got a fair few older players and have lost a couple to retirement. It'll be interesting to see who Pete Russell calls up to his final squad. Perlini has been quiet for Nottingham this year but was a major player for us in Group A last time out. Bowns isnt in great club form right now but is assured the starting role. O'Connor is back in Sheffield so will have plenty of ice time between now and next year in Slovakia. Big worry is whether or not Dowd can recover from his injury and regain some form because we're not blessed with offence. Russell will perhaps be looking to bring Craig Peacock back into the GB side as he's now his club coach with us. Shields is still around but Dave Clarke is gone and I don't see Brendan Brooks being a part of the squad as a 40 year old who has been cut from his 2nd EIHL side of the season. Balance that up with Mike Hammond who will undoubtedly be expected to provide offence.

      Next game I'll go to in person will be Adler Mannheim v Augsburg Panthers next Friday night, with a Bundesliga game on the Saturday and another trip to the SAP for Mannheim v Ingolstadt on Sunday.


        As noted in this weekends matchgoing thread over in football, I was lucky enough to be at Red Bull München v Adler Mannheim today, and if your next top of the table clash with Augsburg is as good as this one (with the same outcome, obv) then you’ll have a great time next weekend BSF.


          Article on Liam Kirk in the NYT

          (Not sure that the woman in the crown in amongst Peterborough's famous former players looks like she'd be that great. Also "tea from Sheffield"?)


            It's a really good article. One of the things that slightly annoyed me with the Kirk coverage that I saw was their constant referral to him being the first UK born and trained player to be drafted. Clearly they meant first English but very few ever acknowledged Tony Hand and Colin Shields having been drafted by Edminton and Philly respectively. Its probably less of an adjustment from a lifestyle point of view for Kirk than it was for Hand and I'd love to see Liam develop and really grab the opportunity he has.

            DEL duties for me over the past weekend. 2 home games in the SAP in Mannheim. Friday night was a top of the table clash between Die Adler and the Augsburg Panthers. We were behind in the game right up until well into the 3rd period when we levelled the game 3-3. We took the lead and capitalised on an Augsburg empty net to finish 5-3 but it was a really tight game between 2 very capable sides who were deservedly sitting top of the league. Sunday was the opposite - a 7-2 thrashing of Ingolstadt, although the Ingolstadt Panthers did cause a wee bit of panic with 2 goals in the space of 53 seconds before we regained our grip on the game.

            Absolutely love going over to Germany for DEL games. Everything about the DEL is fantastic. It has the best elements of high level hockey and European sports fandom. The hockey is fast and technical. There may be less physicality because on the bigger ice pad a guy will not commit to a check he isnt certain to win, leaving space behind him for an opponent to skate into. Lots of play along the boards which can become niggly. Checking certainly isnt outlawed and you tend to see a fair number of slashing and cross checking penalties but surprisingly few boarding ones. The fans are exceptional and the noise that section 401 generates in the SAP would stand up against any football stehplatz in the whole of the Bundesliga.

            Already anticipating my next visit which, unless Mr Camelot does his thing or I have the chance to go to a game 7 play-off decider, will sadly be next season.


              Holiday spirit from the management of the Dallas Stars

              No, this kind of napalm attack on a team's stars isn't at all typical of the NHL.


                Am attending a NHL game tomorrow night for the first time - Canadiens v Wild. What should a novice be looking out for in the game and matchday experience? Gretzky is about the only (ice) hockey star I would be able to namecheck to give an indication of my prior knowledge.


                  Get there early so you can take in the Habs' pre-game pageantry, which is the best in the league. Watching warmups can also help get you used to seeing the puck, since a lot of it has to do with how players shape themselves when they pass, receive passes, shoot, etc.

                  The arena tour is good, but you would need to do that in the morning or afternoon.


                    Thanks Ursud, That was a lot of fun. Was in the gods but didn’t have any trouble following the puck. Pre-game sequence of the historic teams projected on to the ice gave me goosebumps. Shame that the only goal was a terrible defensive error.

                    The goalmouth scrambles were exciting and the Habs goalie made a number of excellent saves including a triple save that ranks up there with the best sequence of play from an individual that I have seen in the flesh in any sport. May be routine to him though! I found it difficult to distinguish and tactical nuances or formation changes.

                    They kept the casual fan entertained during the stoppages - the only time that the stadium energy dropped was in the second period when there was free flowing hockey with little clock stoppages. I get the sense that you won’t truly understand the sport without having played it previously or growing up with it.


                      Really glad you enjoyed it. I was worried when I saw the score.

                      You may well be right about tactics, but it is hard for me to tell after more than 50 years of watching and a couple of playing. It now occurs to me that the frequent changes of personnel during play are likely confusing to a novice.

                      And yes, Carey Price is one of the best goalies in the world.
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