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Come To Milton Keynes: Snooker 2020-21

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    Originally posted by longeared View Post
    Selby bent the game to his will in last night's session, just outplaying Murphy tactically, leaving him really tricky escapes or half chances that a frazzled Murphy missed and Selby would then ruthlessly clear up. It's the sort of snooker that probably doesn't appeal so much to the broader audience who would prefer to see Ronnie or Judd flamboyantly making big breaks. I thought it was absolutely terrific and would far rather watch that than the one way traffic of last year's final.
    I don't think it's only casual fans who'd 'prefer' to see that, but variety is the spice of life and it was a good final. Not great, because in spite of Murphy's late rally he never actually got close enough to make it squeaky bum time, but good. I will say, though, that in years when one of the faster players reaches the final I go to extra lengths to track down full-length versions of at least the last couple of sessions and normally the whole thing, rather than the short-form ones I watch the rest of the tournament on. No chance I was going to do that for this one, though; I'd still have been watching it in snatches of spare time into next week. (Or rather, I suspect I would have; only seeing the shots and nothing in between means I don't actually have an idea of when a player is playing slowly, I just know which ones tend to do so. I wasn't aware of the fuss around Selby's semi-final until I read about it the next day.)