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    Ayres death has been confirmed, not in so many words, as suicide ;

    "Danny absolutely lived for speedway. That was the only place he was truly free, free from any troubles and cares in his mind."

    I hope the sport will take this chance to promote awareness of mental health issues.


      I was thinking about speedway whilst on my daily walk and I was wondering of this is one of the sports that come come back behind closed doors. The TV channels have nothing to show, so maybe speedway could be shown instead.


        Motorsport UK have just published their guidelines for the potential resumption of motor racing, with lots of guidance around social distancing and reduced numbers in the pits - strikes me that the same approach could be taken in speedway. Some of the guidance around marshalling is a bit eye opening, essentially if someone crashes in front of you, try and get them to give you the thumbs up but on no account open the car or go near them until you've donned your PPE. That bit might not be great if you're a speedway rider, although I suppose the ambulance will be a lot closer than at a 3 mile race circuit.


          Poland's Ekstraliga is planning to restart behind closed doors on June 12th. All foreign riders' contracts are conditional on them a) quarantining for two weeks on their entry in the country prior to practice sessions which start before the end of this month and b) not riding in any other countries' leagues this season (most top riders race in two or three countries across the week).

          They're also on reduced wages but Poland still pays more than the other major leagues in Britain, Sweden and Denmark. In the unlikely event we do get any racing in Britain this season the teams will be denuded of a lot of major names (though that may be no bad thing given the costs involved). I can't see it happening at all though.
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