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A great piece about boxing and race

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    A great piece about boxing and race

    Exactly what it says on the tin.

    A great piece about boxing and race

    Great 'thought-piece', Toro, and thanks for pointing it out.

    I have some issues with the writer, and his reasoning. The baseball thing for one. Have black men taken over the game of baseball? (sorry, 'dominated'? I dont care, but I disagree. You can make a case for anything in baseball, but 'domination' is entirely the wrong word.)

    I cant speak for the Chinese comment by the author, because I dont know whether the good people of China, wake up and have a 3 on 3 at their local court.

    I played basketball for my school team. I was 5' 4 and am/was 'persil' white, but I knew my limitations (and ok, I was shite, but the team were successful). Perhaps that is what the author was aiming at? (Ignore that bit, its personal, rather than worthwhile)

    I am not sure whether Mr Hopkins is being quoted, or his words have been collated from other quotes, but whichever, I dont think he comes across very well. His viewpoint is entirely valid, in the sense of he is a World Champion, but I suspect there are better ways to express yourself (and he probably did, and the world is a mess of misquotation).

    Interesting thread though.