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Belated Cricket Career Underway

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    Belated Cricket Career Underway

    Well, last night I played in the 2nd game in a row and scored 23 to add to my previous score of 2.

    Was much happier with the 23 obviously, nice to spend a little bit more time out there and as we have a maximum of 25 before retiring it was slightly dissapointing not to survive to that mark.

    I am astonishingly unfit though, in a 40 run partnership in about 20 minutes I was really struggling for breath following some of the singles, and I was gutted when my parnter hit a 3!

    So anyway, all good fun and delighted to have held my own.

    Last week was a dissapointment because I got hit on the pad, ball ricoched onto my bat and then back onto the stumps, not a nice way to go in your first innings in 10 years.

    I think I'll have to miss next week due to night shifts and squad rotation, but I'll be sure to update you all when there's more... I bet you can't wait.

    Belated Cricket Career Underway

    You see, this is why yer "blacksmith" type player doesn't deal in anything other than boundaries or comfortable singles. No scurrying betwixt the wickets for him.