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    Originally posted by treibeis View Post
    I can't drive, but if I could, I'd like to do that.
    The Lady I Screeched To A Halt In Front Of The Registry Office With has a ring to it.


      Originally posted by Benjm View Post
      I watched the doc this afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it. There's a good sprinkling of funny moments - men who have spent the last quarter century working in showbusiness in LA and Las Vegas somewhat flakey shocker - but it is also quite emotional in parts. They aren't entirely without emotional intelligence but can't stop their issues from flaring up, which applies to a lot of siblings. You'd have to come to it with strong pre-existing loathing not to warm to them even a little by the end. Matt does come across as harder work than Luke, as mentioned above.
      Yeah, that's fair.


        Originally posted by The Awesome Berbaslug!!! View Post
        Cheers, mate. Had the DVD of that but it was weirdly audio-tracked so never watched it all the way through. Will hunt it out but just seen a Fleetwood Mac one which I have always thought would be the ultimate in rockumentaries.

        Just watched the documentary and the "Life on the Road/Spinal Tap" comparisons ring absolutely true. Matt especially is the master of Brent bon mots and I must collect together the best. It's just giving people with egos lots of space to fill on camera, isn't it? Most of us (who have the egos of performers) would be the same. Obviously, with an LA/Vegas perspective and long periods of being detached from reality, they are going to be a bit more woo-woo than the rest us though. Luke obviously has a huge inferiority complex about his brother and was touchingly honest about his fears. They both suffer from fairly fragile egos which is a touch odd considering they do seem to have had a fair amount of success in the US. As was pointed out by my wife, they are extremely indulgent and generous with their time to their fans as well.

        As with all these things, lots seem very familiar to anyone in a band, it's just a question of much smaller scale on our part. For instance, I have had that sort of set-list discussion but it is talking about 45 minutes, not 90 and without the word "banter". It's been well-edited and put together (albeit obviously) and most of the enjoyment is in that it doesn't takes its subjects too seriously (even if they often do). Fair play to them if they get a lot more publicity of this.
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          PM for Snake.


            Dear Mr Plissken: Thank you for guiding me towards such a wonderful crystal filled journey.


            PS I suspect that the singist, has more issues than the inability to speak, without singing.And, should not be scorned. More, loved, with occasional teasing. The drummist is obviously slightly more ... balanced.*

            PPS 8 minutes in, and I have been pissing myself.

            *See PPS. I fucking loved Bros. Not even past tense.


              12 minutes in, and I already know that this is not going to end well for anyone. Me, the viewer, included.

              Oh, and if anyone doubts the singist, 11 years on the strip in the same casino, on the same stage, with on average, 750000 viewers every year.

              At $60 per ticket (average).

              "When Will I Be Famous?" indeed.
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                And to think that Ken is the richest guy from that band!


                  14 minutes in, and rent a crowd at the airport.

                  (His name is CRAIG.)


                    18 minutes in, and it's like a ... you can hear next door, and they can't hear you. I don't like to see/hear vulnerability, ever. Especially in someone else.

                    You can't crowbar my eyes off this thing.

                    Oh, wait... do they actually play live? without Ken? CRAIG!




                      Oh, yeah, rewind a slight minute: I smoked a doobie.

                      I was sat outside on the verandah trying my hardest not to scream "KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" at the top of my voice.

                      Luke seems more grounded, and Matt earns a guaranteed $20 million per annum.

                      Bye Ken.


                        Yeah, Matt's arrival is a bit "rent-a-crowd" too.

                        And I do not apologise for this, there is not a good looking person in the crowd, AND, not a single gay guy. (Yeah, in those days, no self-respecting gay guy had anything to do with them. I once danced on my own in front of a huge filled bar to "...Famous?" and I got absolutely no marriage proposals at all that night. I felt so OLD. I was 21. )

                        Applause is like a banquet. Thanks for the cheese sandwich.


                          I paused at 21:31.

                          There's Ken.

                          (In those days, he may well have been the only white Scottish guy with teeth. Of his own.)


                            27:07 And moving swiftly on, Ken got awfully black, and really good at the bass.


                              30:25 Drummist knows. He's just talked his way through a major drum frisson, and then said, can't do that. That's impossible... with a straight face.



                                Matt's wife, AND manager, as they are talking about the setlist, throws in "I love to hate you".

                                Which, is Erasure.



                                  I'm pretty sure I am going to run out of grass before I see the end of this. HOWEVER.

                                  Matt's a bit of a twat, but he lives in Vegas, not unexpected, and Luke seems ok. There's an awful lot left of this... Are they going to play their hit/half?

                                  (Actually thought of 5. I bet you can't, and the double a (snigger) side is not included.)



                                    I can literally see that evening. Upstairs in the Laurel Tree in Camden (when it was gay). Me, partner then, DJ, and barman. I ask the DJ if he could play Bros, he can, and does. I fucking dance. DM shoes (only, never boots), not-ripped-enough jeans, and a leather jacket, because I did not know who I was. But to this day I love both leather and Grolsch. Preferably seperately. Too old for ... well, spelling, apparently.

                                    I can still smell the Kouros.

                                    I Owe Everyone, Everything.

                                    oh, yeah, the white widow is alive and well, and living in Laughlin/Droitwich.


                                      It’s Luke whose wife is his manager, as I’m sure you meant. They’ve been together for decades and I wonder if this is a factor in his being less needy than Matt, although I’m not one to suggest everyone needs a partner (it can fuck you up as much as anything). Still, Luke’s other half is not his twin, whereas Matt seems to crave that closeness.

                                      The girl Matt met at the bus stop stayed friends with him, and she ending up being murdered by a boyfriend some 8 years later. Matt went to the funeral. They had quite a lot of loss, early on, rather than post-40 when you start to expect it.

                                      I’m glad that there’s ended up being a lot of affection for them on social media, not just ridicule. The bit about the dart (“our favourite toy”) cracks me up each time I think about it, and the conkers thing, but they’re quite sweet men who’ve shown us their vulnerability.


                                        I feel like I should watch those documentary now.

                                        I struggle to believe Matt Goss sells out a Vegas venue regularly at £60 a ticket.


                                          Go on then - given the amount of overkill this doc is getting on the social media (and subsequent revisionism the Goss twins are being gifted), I might have to take a cursory glance as well.

                                          Originally posted by The Awesome Berbaslug!!! View Post
                                          Is it as good as the ramones movie from about a decade ago? I went to see it not knowing anything about the ramones, and it was way funnier than spinal tap.
                                          Yes, but how does it compare with that Anvil documentary?


                                            Last night, someone described it as a cross between "Spinal Tap", "Life on the Road" (both comparisons I had heard before) and the Anvil documentary - which I really must watch.


                                              It is a bit striking that the fact Bros were actually a trio is not acknowledged *at all*.


                                                Originally posted by Patrick Thistle View Post
                                                I feel like I should watch those documentary now.

                                                I struggle to believe Matt Goss sells out a Vegas venue regularly at £60 a ticket.
                                                Prices start at $50 + tax.


                                                  Matt now looks like Michael Stipe.

                                                  (Yes, there was a pause in transmission. I find it all quite sad.)

                                                  Luke, looks like Derren Brown.
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                                                    That was really brilliant.

                                                    (Unfortunately, James Corden was the first name in the credits.)

                                                    Good luck to them both, all, whatever.

                                                    Did they actually play a whole gig, or was it one of the nights where 10 different bands play one song each? Why was I not informed? Fucking long-standing Brosette, here.