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    Lovebug Starski RIP

    Lovebug Starski, one of the core people to whom we owe hip hop (including possibly the term itself), has died at 57.

    Apparently he was the first to DJ and rap at the same time; Grandmaster Flash has said that in the mid-late 1970s, nobody did that. Either you rhymed or you deejayed. Starski often used the words "hip hop" in his raps, and he is cited as one of two possible sources for coining the term for the nascent genre.

    And it was on hearing Starski at a party that Sylvia Robinson reportedly got the idea to release rap records on her Sugar Hill label.

    So it's a bit sad that in Britain and Europe, Lovebug Starski is likely to be remembered not for his pioneering role in hip hop, but for a novelty hit. Or that his biggest hit was as a sample, for MARRS' "Pump Up The Volume".

    Not here. I received a mixtape from a mate that had MC5, the Stooges, Run DMC and, indeed, Lovebug Starski. It was the first time I heard any of them and it literally changed my life. Only 57, a shame. I heard he fell on very bad times but never found out whether that was true or not.