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    So, two Adam gigs at the Roundhouse this week. The first night was very good, the second night was much better; Adam seemed more fired-up, which meant the whole band were.

    He started with new opening music, a signal that he'd mixed things up a little. Then opened with Plastic Surgery.

    Then Dog Eat Dog, the regular starting point. Then Vive Le Rock, It Doesn’t Matter, Ants Invasion, Killer in The Home, Whip in My Valise, Antmusic, Beat My Guest, Lady/Fall In, Zerox, Stand and Deliver, Prince Charming, Desperate (But not Serious). Puss n Boots. Friend or Foe. Room at the Top. Cartrouble. Strip. Kings. Christian Dior. Goody Two Shoes and Red Scab in the encore, before Physical, which was quite climatic - a real barrage of noise and light (which meant I had to duck for cover and just listen).

    I like the increasingly heavy versions of the poppier songs, like Prince Charming.

    There you go. I got into the after party and chatted to the band, but Adam didn't show up, he's very work-focused at the moment, and that works for him.

    He looks brilliant, I know I keep saying that, but he keeps looking brilliant.


      We had my daughter out to see The Good Lovelies the other night for their Christmas show. It was stellar, as always.

      She looked around and said "Have I been here before?" and I said "Yes, for Adam Ant." <long pause> "Ohhhh yeah."

      The quote of that night was "What kind of show have you brought me to?"


        My Dundas friend has been to see him 36 times, but not at that gig.


          Best gigs this year:

          Beak; Oxford, London.
          Flatworms; London.
          Omni; Oxford.
          Kaelan Mikla; That bloody Cure one at Hyde Park.
          Interpol; Rough Trade East
          Crack Cloud, Drahla and Mush; Lexington