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Springsteen Born to Run (press for the book)

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    Yeah. That clip is part of the doc. The guy in yellow was busking on the other side of the street and asked him to sing a song.


      It's certainly a good thing that Springsteen changed the title to Thunder Road. Though I rather like the ur-version of it, titled Wings For Wheels.

      Regarding the point about the studio recordings tending to sound flat, I reflected on that a while back when I was on a Springsteen bootleg trip. Only two of his albums from the 1970s/80s era don't sound flat in comparison: Darkness On The Edge Of Town and The River. Both albums have any tracks which I'd automatically replace with their live versions. Of course, it's a kick to hear the first verse of Hungry Heart sung by the audience, or the harmonica kick in after a long intro to The River. But Darkness has an almost intimate mood which stands uncomfortably alongside Rosalita and assorted Freeze-Outs. And the first two sides of The River have as much energy as a live show, and more texture.

      Whereas I never play the Born To Run album when there are superior live versions of almost all the tracks.



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          I had not heard that bootleg G-Man posted. The version of Thunder Road on there doesn't really work for me; the dynamic range of the song is lost. But it's interesting to hear what it was.

          From the list that MsD posted, I quite like the Bats for Lashes cover. I expected more from Johnny Cash's cover but I don't think his voice was where it needed to be when he recorded the song. Lorde's cover doesn't really work for me either, but Springsteen's cover of Lorde is pretty good:


            I watched the Netflix special last night from Springsteen's run on Broadway. I entered the lotto to buy tickets to see this show but the whole thing was a mess. There were maybe 2 or 3 texts that came to me that my lotto number came in but there was no way to see which shows still had seats so the process seemed to be one where people needed to scroll through each show date, select the number of tickets, and then be told there were none left. Maybe I missed something. Anyway, the Netflix broadcast is interesting. I liked the storytelling but the versions of the songs didn't really float my boat. Most sounded like Springsteen songs filtered through Bob Dylan's first two albums. While I appreciate that he wanted to do something different than the more depressing sounding versions performed during the Ghost of Tom Joad acoustic tour(s), most of the songs didn't work for me. Anyway, for Springsteen fans who didn't get to see the show when it ran on Broadway, it's nice to have this option.


              We've still not watched it, but yeah, it was a nightmare of blind luck and tenacity to get tickets. That said, I'd sooner the Verified Fan thing than scalpers cleaning up. It was very good live.