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California Top-5

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    California Top-5

    5. California Girls (Beach Boys)
    4. California Soul (Marlena Shaw)
    3. California Uber Alles (Dead Kennedys)
    2. California Dreamin' (The Mamas & the Papas)
    1. California Stars (Wilco)

    California Top-5

    1) Warm California Sun — The Rivieras
    2) California — Joni Mitchell
    3) Jack & Neal/California Here I Come — Tom Waits
    4) California Rhythm — R. Stevie Moore
    5) California Man — The Move


      California Top-5

      1. California - Joni
      2. Kalifornia - Kashmir
      3. California Love - Dre and that
      4. California Dreaming - Feliciano
      5. Going back to Cali - Biggy


        California Top-5

        California Blue - Roy Orbison


          California Top-5

          California Sun (The Ramones)

          Hotel California (The Eagles)

          It Never Rains in Southern California (Albert Hammond) Notably the first "California/warn ya" couplet as far as I can tell.

          It Never Rains (In Southern California) (Tony! Toni! Toné!) Different song apparently.

          Malibu Beach Nightmare - Hanoi Rocks

          What? Do they have to have California in the title.


            California Top-5

            Marlena Shaw (or many others) - California Soul
            Carole King - Back To California
            Phantom Planet - California
            Willie Hutch - California My Way
            Kathleen Edwards - Goodnight, California

            I won't list California Dreaming because it's about winter in NYC. But if I need to, I'll pick Baby Hueys version.


              California Top-5

              I Remember California - REM
              California - Jeff Klein
              California - Low
              California Girls - Magnetic Fields


              Do You Know The Way To San Jose - Dionne Warwick
              I Love LA - Randy Newman
              Come Back From San Francisco - Magnetic Fields
              San Francisco Bay Blues - Jesse Fuller
              San Francisco - Kristin Hersh


                California Top-5

                A Long December - Counting Crows (invites you to California)
                Los Angelinos - Billy Joel
                California - Phantom Planet (namechecks interstates I've driven on)
                Say Goodbye to Hollywood - Billy Joel
                Californication - Red Hot Chilli Peppers


                  California Top-5

                  Bored of Education wrote: Hotel California (The Eagles)
                  Detention for you.


                    California Top-5

                    Not remotely a top five, but add these

                    -Going to California - Led Zep
                    -California (Hustle & Flow) - Social Distortion
                    -California Sun - Dictators (cover version done around the same time as Ramones)
                    -California and the Slipping of the Sun - Gorillaz
                    -California Queen - Wolfmother


                      California Top-5

                      Cal Alamein wrote: -California Sun - Dictators (cover version done around the same time as Ramones)
                      Ah, thanks for that. I saw them last month and I thought they were doing a recent cover of it.


                        California Top-5

                        Never knew the Ramones version was a cover. But then I'm massively out of my depth in the OTF music forums.


                          California Top-5

                          I love Grey in LA by Loudon Wainwright. It's on the Knocked Up soundtrack.


                            California Top-5

                            There were a number of versions of California Sun prior to the Dictators/Ramones. The biggest hit was by The Rivieras, but The Crickets (post-Buddy Holly) recorded a version before that, and the original was by Joe Jones in 1961.


                              California Top-5

                              Avoiding those already mentioned, I hope (curse you, Etienne, for beating me to 'Come Back From San Francisco'!) and providing a Clive-y flava too ...

                              Village People - 'San Francisco (You've Got Me)'

                              Mazzy Star - 'California'

                              Sellorekt - 'L.A. Dreams / Coast'

                              Max Richter - 'Lullaby From The West Coast Sleepers'

                              Cabaret Voltaire - 'Low Cool'


                                California Top-5

                                What about a line about California? My favorite (or tied for favorite with "Rocks Off") Stones song: Winter.

                                "I wish I was out in California" has been my mental state for the past few years. Never leave Los Angeles....Not even X's Los Angeles.


                                  California Top-5

                                  California - Manfred Manns Earthband


                                    California Top-5

                                    Strangely forgotten on this thread (including by myself):

                                    2Pac feat Dr.Dre - California Love

                                    (EDIT: Posty Webber mentioned it, but attributed it to Dre, not 2Pac)


                                      California Top-5

                                      California Nights - Best Coast


                                        California Top-5

                                        California-Belinda Carlisle.


                                          California Top-5

                                          "Hollywood Nights" - Bob Seger
                                          "California Here I Come" - Al Jolson
                                          "Streets Of Bakersfield" - Dwight Yoakum, Buck Owens, others
                                          "If You're Going To San Francisco" - Scott McKenzie
                                          "Beach Baby" - First Class.

                                          Great call with Marlena Shaw.


                                            California Top-5

                                            Youth Brigade, "Sink with California"


                                            Screeching Weasel, "California Sucks"

                                            And finally, one of the bands that I used to hate but somehow grew on me after 20+ years:
                                            Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Californication"

                                            And kudos to Cal for the "Going to California" listing, which is probably my favorite Led Zeppelin song.


                                              California Top-5

                                              How did I forget this fine soul track from 1970?

                                              Dorothy Morrison - Black California


                                                California Top-5

                                                Californication is a full album as well as the title single, and a pretty darn good one in my book. Something of a watershed for the band, bringing Frusciante back in, and Anthony Kiedis giving it a proper, belting, singing vocal performance. The whole thing sounds like it has great purpose and, though it does have its outright funk-rap moments (especially Get On Top, I Like Dirt), they are reigned in, and the album is dominated by mainstream songwriting and tenderness with an unmistakably RHCP feel.

                                                1 Around the World
                                                2 Parallel Universe
                                                3 Scar Tissue
                                                4 Otherside
                                                5 Get on Top
                                                6 Californication
                                                7 Easily
                                                8 Porcelain
                                                9 Emit Remmus
                                                10 I Like Dirt
                                                11 This Velvet Glove
                                                12 Savior
                                                13 Purple Stain
                                                14 Right on Time
                                                15 Road Trippin’


                                                  California Top-5

                                                  Oh, meant to add their later single, Dani California, to the list for the thread.