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    Originally posted by Nocturnal Submission View Post
    Wow, that's fantastic.

    That's the way to spread your name and build your fanbase though.
    They've said on documentaries that they couldn't get much airplay, so they just played live. One woman, [Donna Halper...looked it up], in Cleveland started playing the shit out of them, and that's what finally broke them in the U.S.


      First - Depeche Mode (1993). Birmingham NEC.
      Last - Idles (March 2019). Ceremony Brooklyn. 100 max capacity - it was awesome.


        Originally posted by caja-dglh View Post
        First - Depeche Mode (1993). Birmingham NEC.
        Last - Idles (March 2019). Ceremony Brooklyn. 100 max capacity - it was awesome.
        That's not easily done.


          Welp. Normally I spend the first few months of the year writing the last year. This is a new, interesting alternative.


            First. The Stranglers at Leicester De Mont in 77 or 78.
            Last. Half Man Half Biscuit at Fibbers in York a couple of weeks ago.

            Tracks. 5 minutes and Swerving the Checkatrade.


              See if you can guess who first gig was...

              Obviously The Cure, The Prayer Tour Wembley Arena Saturday July 22nd 1989.

              Most recent gig Jeff Lynne's Electric Light Orchestra, The O2, October 2018.

              Songs: A Strange Day, Livin' Thing.


                10cc-Newcastle City Hall June 1977
                PiL-Hardwick Hall Aug 2018

                Songs-Good Morning Judge Albatross


                  OK, because I don't know how long the Hawkwind track(s) would be, I'm topping off Vol. 2 of the OTF Firsts and Lasts. Disc 2 is shorter by one track so I'm adding a bonus track from the group I saw play live the gig before the last gig I went to.

                  Vol 2, Disc 1 - the Firsts
                  The Isley Brothers – Twist and Shout
                  The Who – I Can See for Miles
                  Aerosmith – Rats in the Cellar
                  Iron Maiden – Holy Smoke
                  The Damned – New Rose
                  Echo & the Bunnymen – Read it in Books
                  Paul McCartney – Temporary Secretary
                  Marillion – Market Square Heroes
                  Hawkwind - Assault and Battery / The Golden Void
                  Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out
                  The Stranglers – 5 Minutes
                  The Cure – A Strange Day
                  10cc – Good Morning Judge

                  Vol 2, Disc 2 - the Lasts
                  Cassandra Wilson – You Gotta Move
                  The Fall – New Puritan
                  UK Subs – I Live in a Car
                  U2 - One
                  The Joy Formidable - Whirring
                  Ian Prowse – Raid the Palace
                  Public Service Broadcasting – Spitfire
                  Teenage Fanclub – Gene Clark
                  FFS – So Desu Ne
                  Half Man, Half Biscuit, - Swerving the Checkatrade
                  Jeff Lynne’s Electric Light Orchestra – Livin’ Thing
                  Public Image Limited - Albatross
                  Bonus track: Dr Teeth & the Electric Mayhem - Can You Picture That?

                  Anyone who hasn't selected tracks yet is welcome to contribute to volume 3


                    Originally posted by Duncan Gardner View Post
                    First: probably some mediocre punks at the 'Speakeasy' in Belfast University, 1978. I like to think it was a proto-U2, with Bonehead and Hedge finishing each song well before the rhythm section

                    Last: Jon's mate's covers band at the Old Bank, Stourbridge

                    You won't be surprised to know I don't fully remember all of that gig.

                    Anyway, my first was The Ramones at Liverpool University 1987.

                    My last was The Young 'Uns at the Southbank Centre last Saturday.

                    32 years apart but I went to both of these gigs with the same friend.