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    X11 Ladies Season 52, Matchday 1 report. Here we go again...

    Division 1a
    Eternal Wars 		0 - 2	Viking South Utsira
    				B.Kvalvik 62'
    				E.Klovning 78'
    Division 4i
    Drakaina		0 - 0	Busby Babes
    Division 4p
    Csiki Girls		3 - 0	Chi City Chicks
    Neaves 41'
    McInns 55', 86'
    Division 5:16
    Erbil			2 - 1	Spion Kop Ladies
    Brundin 50'			Luff 23'
    Isgren (pen) 63'
    Division 5:17
    LNWR Locomotive		3 - 0	Stoke City Ladies XI
    Heart 7'
    Severinsson 42', 72'
    Division 5:18
    kirkburton Juniors 	1 - 1	Coxy Ladies Wulpen
    Simon 62'			Vandenbergh 45'
    Division 5:19
    ŽFK Partizan Beograd 	0 - 0	Ullapool Northern Star
    Division 5:21
    Twin Peaks Owls 	1 - 1	Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC
    Granli 92'			Pailloux 87'
    Division 5:27
    1o Dezembro 		0 - 0	Zeugma Dostluk Spor
    Division 5:29
    Menywod Maeshafn	2 - 1	Malta
    Westerberg (pen) 57', 62'	Mangiani 4'
    Empire Of The Sun	3 - 0	Dublin City WFC
    Michaelis 61', 71'
    Joh 74'
    Division 6:40
    Sockford Emollient	3 - 0	Kiss FC
    Batistuta 60'
    Mullins 88'
    Ericson 92'
    Division 6:41
    Bobek 			1 - 1	Invisible Ladies
    Vidic 57'			Paul 24'
    Division 6:42
    Solent Sirens		0 - 2	Rotnäset BK
    				Gnestad 72'
    				Labant 89'
    Witches of Chiswick	6 - 0	Riverbankers FC
    Matzuoka 17'
    Mercier 27', 45'
    Shiraishi  42'
    Ota 52', 58'
    The first game of the new season took Viking South Utsira to one of their Division 1a promotion rivals last season, Eternal Wars.
    However it was a rather changed opponent The Blood Eagles faced, and not for the better. A managerial opening in the top flight had induced a merry-go-round which saw the old boss at the DevilGod stadium, Mathias_00, up sticks. His replacement clearly knows which side of that everlasting battle he is on, based on the appalling kits he immediately switched his new team to.
    With the visitors now clearly under the control of a scumbag, victory for Viking felt more essential than ever. After a cautious first half, Velvet Android’s team picked things up after the break and struck twice through Bergljot Kvalvik on 62 minutes and Emilie Klovning on 78.
    Suck on that one, pillock.

    A late season loss of form coinciding with young players coming through who needed games saw Drakaina miss out on promotion last term, remaining in Division 4i instead.
    They opened the new campaign against a promoted side, Busby Babes, whose dodgy name for a Women’s team we will let pass give its historical basis. The match proved a tightly contested affair. The Dragons shaded it, but not enough for Etienne’s girls to find a breakthrough. The good news was the clean sheet at the other end, despite the loss of defender Roseanne Beattie to injury (8 days) after little over half-an-hours play.

    OTF other fifth tier representatives this season will be Csiki Girls, whose back-to-back titles in Divisions 6:62 and 5:31 had lifted them to this level.
    The Csiki’s first test was a big one, as they took on a Chi City Chicks side that had been two tiers higher last term. That said, momentum was clearly with Ad Hoc’s team and they certainly exuded belief in a first half that was missing was a finishing touch until Robin Neaves applied one in the 41st minute. That was a debut league goal for 23/10 forward Neaves, who has been brought in to fill the gap left by the unexpected departure of Ellie Clevan (Neaves is one skill bar higher).
    1-0 was under-representative of how on top The Csiki’s had been in the first half, so there could be few complaints when Saoirse McInns added a second on 55 minutes. McInns would go on to make it properly reflective at 3-0 with her second of the day late on as the A kertem outfit made a thoroughly impressive debut in Division 4p.

    Erbil, looking to go one or two better after narrowly missing out last season, began their Division 5:16 campaign against a Liverpool facsimile, Spion Kop Ladies.
    The Kopites took the lead fairly early on, and then appeared content to try and hold on to that advantage for the rest of the game. This invited Jdsx’s side on to them, and though Erbil struggled to create chances before half-time they got things going in the minutes immediately after the break, Sandra Brundin equalising on 50 minutes.
    Erbil kept the intensity up following their leveller, and were given a big chance to turn things around completely when referee Bribe pointed to the spot on 63 minutes. Saga Isgren took responsibility and buried her kick. It would prove the winner as Erbil started on a high.

    The first game following promotion is normally one of excitement and a little trepidation about what the new standard of foe will be like. That wasn’t so for LNWR Locomotive as the fixture computer arranged for them to start against the side they had edged into runners-up position in Division 6:33 last term but who had subsequently gone up themselves in the via the play-offs, Stoke City Ladies XI.
    All very familiar stuff for The Steamers then, who went into the game with their title-clinching 1-0 win at the Britannia Stadium. in the last game of last season firmly in mind. It wasn’t long before Locomotive were back at the same score, Phrigit Heart firing in a thirty-yarder just 7 minutes into the game. Viktor Boskovic’s charges did not let up from there, and in fact added two more. Both came from the boot of Tekla Severinsson, a breakaway on 42 minutes and a close-range finish on 72.
    Severinsson’s second meant that LNWR had registered the most goals and the biggest win on the first day of Division 5:17.

    Coxy Ladies Wulpen took on an old foe, but also one they had been two tiers above last term, when they visited kirkburton Juniors in their first Division 5:18 game.
    The Waders looked the stronger side in the first half, and went ahead in the last seconds of it when Laetitia Vandenbergh got her head to a corner. However they didn’t build on this, and came under concerted pressure from the hosts after the break which resulted in an equaliser on 62 minutes. Janik’s team ended up hanging on, as two minor injuries gave them a rather more fresh-faced looked than was ever intended.

    The latest episode in the feel-good story of Ullapool Northern Star saw them make the long journey to ŽFK Partizan Beograd to play their first sixth tier match in nearly 20 seasons (when the club was a very different beast) and their first under current boss Delicatemoth.
    Her team suffered a setback early on when young superstar Mary-Leslie Mair went down with a 13 day injury after just 20 minutes had gone. Despite this Ullapool continued to press, and in theory had a more talented strikeforce in Sonia Menashi and Astrid Sehlstedt. However they were to drawn a blank despite distinctly winning the chances count, 4-1.
    At the other end, Star ‘keeper Helen Hess kept a clean sheet despite having to play the last quarter-hour with a minor injury suffered after all three subs had been used. It meant Ullapool started life in Division5:19 with a decent away point.

    Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC had the unusual (for them) experience of playing in the same Division as last season, 5:21, the Indonesians having been promoted or relegated in the preceding 6 campaigns.
    Their first opponents after this confusing lack of movement were Twin Peaks Owls, who, like The Sea Spirits, were beaten in the play-offs last term. However the match did not have the look of an encounter between two peers as Kanjeng dominated from start to finish. The first half brought 56% of the ball and three chances to zip, and the second slightly less possession but more opportunities.
    What was missing was an goal, though, as SeanoftheShed’s charges couldn’t seem to blow the Owls door down. Time was running out when the ball was laid to Adèle Pailloux 25 yards out, and she absolutely laced it into the bottom corner. Relief and a deserved win finally secured... or not as deep into stoppage time the hosts manufactured their first chance of the game, and converted it to for the absolutely theft of a point.
    N.B. I never watched Twin Peaks, so have no references to offer despite being sure that a crime like this will have lots of relevant parallels in the TV show. I’m not sure how to work in the one thing I do know, that David Duchovny plays a trans woman in it. You never get that sort of admission in a David Squires cartoon, do you? He must have some blanks in his pop cultural knowledge... somewhere.

    Alongside Csiki Girls, the other OTF side riding a wave of success is Zeugma Dostluk Spor, who have won Divisions 7:27 and 6:53 in their last two seasons. That lifted them into Division 5:27, the first time back at this level for a number of years, and a debut game 1o Dezembro.
    The match was shaded by the home side on possession and chances, but only marginally. The standout feature for both sides were their defence, particularly Zeugma’s backline, lead by skipper Ophelia Blatherwick (Yorkshire posh), who successfully rushed and took the sting out of the shots so that young ‘keeper Candan Yener (18/4) was able to keep a clean sheet on her debut.
    The battling performance by Antepli Ejderha’s side gives hope of a decent a season, though there were also signs that the challenge has gone up a couple of notches with promotion.


      A mid-table finish for Menywod Maeshafn last season and a sideways move placed them in Division 5:29 this term, with a first game against Malta, who were relegated from the tier above last term.
      The Maltese boss was cautious ahead of the game, noting the strength of IsThactherDeadYet’s team, but would have been encouraged when his side took a fourth minute lead. Maeshafn were on top despite this, but were struggling to find a way past Malta’s strong ‘keeper. And then, on 52 minutes, the Welsh got a break when the ‘keeper picked up a niggle and was subbed. But subbed with no ‘keeper on the bench, leaving a midfielder between the sticks.
      Maeshafn made the most of the situation, or more accurately Ada Westerberg, striking twice in the next ten minutes to turn the game on its head. The first came from the spot, and could hardly be laid at the stand-in ‘keepers door, the second would also have beaten most stoppers being a close-range shot. Those goals were enough for victory.
      Joining Maeshafn in 5:29 following their promotion are Dublin City WFC. They opened their campaign at Empire Of The Sun, who are another Maltese side (who knew Wales and Ireland were geographical close to the Mediterranean??).
      The return to the sixth tier completed the rebuilding job Mortal Joe has done for Dublin since taking over and re-locating the club. Dublin had actually passed through this level before under the current boss four seasons back, but that was as the club were free-falling after several neglectful managers in a row. Now they are back after a title, but they weren’t the only ones with momentum as that was also true of their opponents in this one.
      For an hour this game was close, in fact goalless but also level in most other terms as well. That all changed with the opening goal however, and unfortunately for Dublin it went against them. Doubly sadly this appear to prompt a collapse as two more were shipped. This is something to be addressed sooner rather than later.

      Sockford Emollient are back in the seventh tier following their latest one-season sojourn at the level above. The Gatorsharks were champions last time they competed at this level and will be looking to repeat that. Kiss FC were the first side standing in their way.
      Sockford were not able to convert possessional superiority into many chances in the opening 45 minutes, but as is so often the case on X11 (and in real life?) this appeared to tire out their opponents as the opportunities came after the break, Alexia Batistuta making the breakthrough on the hour mark.
      It took until 88 minutes for a game-killing second to arrive, but when Kayley Mullins obliged Kiss’ shoulders slumped and Lotta Ericson was able to add a third as Foxy265’s side got off to a solid start in their pursuit of the Division 6:40 title.

      Last season was a little disappointing for Invisible Ladies, who found themselves under-the-radar in mid-table after a number of seasons knocking on the promotion door. Pebblethefish will be looking for more than that from his charges in Division 6:41 this term, with an opening game at Bobek, who will also be expecting to seriously challenge.
      The hosts dominated possession in the opening 45 minutes, but that suited The See-Throughs down to the ground as they were happy to play on the counter attack. A successful choice as it turns out, one that created three chances and an opening goal on 24 minutes when Chelsea Paul smacked one in from range.
      Bobek do have the look of a golden team coming into its prime though, and they continued to probe after this set-back, levelling with a 57th minute free kick. The good news for Invisible was this was the only shot that got past the impressive Nadine Hanley, leading to what may prove an extremely good away point.

      And finally we come to Division 6:42, which will have three OTF sides this term. That means a rotation for the side rounding off these reports this season.
      One of the teams involved is Solent Sirens, who welcomed Rotnäset BK to Mayfield Park for their first game back at this level. This lead to some hard work for the spectators, with the sash kits of the two clashing horribly. The colour combination of Solent’s grey/green and with white sleaves against Rotnäset’s pale blue with maroon and a dark blue mid-sash badge wasn’t great but the major problem was that Solent’s sash runs from the left shoulder and Rotnäset’s from the right. The number of migraine reported was vastly up on the usual.
      This seemed to extend to the players in a chanceless first half. After the break one side began to cope with the cross-eyed inducing effectives (anti-nausea pills in the halftime tea?), which was Rotnäset. They scored twice in the last twenty minutes to inflict an opening defeat on Andrew7610’s Sirens side.
      The other two sides met in the first OTF derby of the season as Witches of Chiswick hosted the named and fit again for polite society Riverbankers FC.
      The rebuilding at The Bankside Ground has been going rather slower than this correspondent expected with The Bankers manager SouthdownRebel having brought in just one player for cash so far. That arrival was 26/12 midfielder Begüm Tunc, who cost a smidge over 5m, but as yet she has barely anyone worth playing with in midfield or attack with the next best player being 29/7 Ava Jefferson and 4 skill bars barring her. The defensive unit is decent and balanced, but with nothing in front of them they may find themselves under constant pressure.
      That was certainly the case here, with The Bewitched taking charge once Tomiko Matzuoka’s powerful 17th minute header has loosened the shackles. Matzuoka tried to add a second five minutes later but her driven shot was blocked by Bankers ‘keeper Anastasia Myznikova and scrambled away. However the Chiswick fans wouldn’t have long to wait to see their side double their advantage, Natalie Mercier heading the second on 27 minutes, Johanna Herrlin supplying the cross as she had also done for the opener.
      Mari Kurisawa had the next attempt on 34 minutes, but her volley narrowly missed, whilst Matzuoka’s attempt to catch Myznikova out with a toe-poke seconds later failed and just provided an easy save for the Riverbankers stopper. She also easily handled Uja Shiraishi powerful shot from range on 38 minutes, but could do nothing when Shiraishi dived to head home a Mercier corner with 42 on the watch.
      Mercier added a fourth on the stroke of half-time as she lobbed her header over Myznikova from Terumi Ota’s centre, and soon after the break the two swapped roles, Mercier centring for Ota to make it five with a flick header on 52 minutes. Ota struck again six minutes after this, in a rare goal for this game scored with the foot as she took Chieko Ichihara and finished calmly despite the angle being tight.
      The game was well decided by now, and meandered to its conclusion with the only question being whether The Bewitched could hand boss Wiblflibl a seven-goal haul. They through they had managed it when Kurisawa flicked a header home from Khal Eesi’s 88th minute cross, but Kurisawa was clearly offside. So six it remained.


        Originally posted by SouthdownRebel View Post
        Well, just when I thought Tobermory were done for. And we've got 3x18 in DV as well, which must be the best I've ever had (I don't keep a spreadsheet unlike some around here).
        Nice one SDR.

        I don't keep an X11 spreadsheet, for the record. Or for any other purpose.


          I do keep one for all the MLX fixtures, to be fair - it makes organising the post-season jamboree a lot easier. And thanks, Janik, for the as always excellent write-up.


            Another season, another jump onto the X11 Ladies Cup bandwagon. Who will be along for the ride for the longest this time, VSU or VSU?

            FC BRAVINHAS		0 - 2	Solent Sirens
            				Norling 58'
            				Abbiati (pen) 73'
            Solent Sirens		1 - 0	FC BRAVINHAS
            Marlene Stieglecker 68'
            Solent win 3-0 on aggregate
            BeverlyHills Barbies	0 - 4	Csiki Girls
            				McInns 8'
            				Smet 10', 40'
            				Sheerin 64'
            Csiki Girls		1 - 1	BeverlyHills Barbies
            Woozley 71'		Achmimfa 12'
            Csiki Girls win 5-1 on aggregate
            Dublin City WFC	 	2 - 0	F.C Dinamo Ladies
            Kåmark 61', 72'
            F.C Dinamo Ladies	0 - 2	Dublin City WFC
            				Kåmark 31', 39'
            Dublin win 4-0 on aggregate
            Fetele			0 - 5	Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC
            				Dalmiya 7', 69'
            				Ikmal 14'
            				Prins 35'
            				Willockx 43'
            Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC	1 - 0	Fetele
            Prins 58'
            Kanjeng win 6-0 on aggregate
            Heimdahl FC		3 - 1	Sockford Emollient
            Furimoto 10'			Batistuta 12'
            McFadden 82'
            Eldh 88'
            Sockford Emollient	3 - 0	Heimdahl FC
            Parks 2'
            Antonellini 31', 80'
            Sockford win 4-3 on aggregate
            AIK Lyckeby	 	1 - 1	Ullapool Northern Star
            Bondi 25'			Menashi 67'
            Ullapool Northern Star	1 - 2	AIK Lyckeby
            Sehlstedt 63'			Bondi (pen) 77'
            			A.E.T.	Marko 94'
            Lyckeby win 3-2 on aggregate
            Menywod Maeshafn	1 - 0	Banantjejerna
            Westerberg 83'
            Banantjejerna		0 - 0	Menywod Maeshafn
            Maeshafn win 1-0 on aggregate
            Pink			0 - 2	LNWR Locomotive
            				Vilhena 39'
            				Hofvander (pen) 57'
            LNWR Locomotive		1 - 3	Pink
            Nixon 2'			Harford (pen) 16'
            				Munter 70'
            				Greenacre 74'
            3-3 on aggregate. Pink win on away goals.
            Power Ladies	 	4 - 2	Invisible Ladies
            Zalooka 2', 67'			Paul 31'
            Herring 28', 84'		Nádasdy 35'
            Invisible Ladies	2 - 3	Power Ladies
            Nádasdy 32', 53'		Machu 17'
            				Zalooka 44'
            				Herring 69'
            Power Ladies win 7-4 on aggregate
            Pretty ladies		3 - 4	Coxy Ladies Wulpen
            Bodmar 8', 28', 64'		Bjerre Nielsen 22'
            				Vandenbergh 55', 69'
            				van Sttenberghe 67'
            Coxy Ladies Wulpen	2 - 1	Pretty ladies
            Wostijn 6'			Hadley 83'
            Mahony 32'
            Wulpen win 6-4 on aggregate
            Riverbankers WFC	0 - 2	Chernabogs Valkyries
            				Samúelsdottir 40', 78'
            Chernabogs Valkyries	0 - 0	Riverbankers WFC
            Chernabogs win 2-0 on aggregate
            Scary Jointers FC 	0 - 2	Erbil
            				Hinton 86', 88'
            Wijkström (sent off) 67'
            Erbil			3 - 1	Scary Jointers FC
            Besen 54'				Liljegren 78'
            Sharpe 86'
            Isgren (pen) 91'
            Erbil win 5-1 on aggregate
            Thunderkatz		2 - 5	Drakaina
            Civile 53'			Heggarty 39', 74'
            Eloranta 64'			Beattie 43'
            				Atum 61'
            				Barry 81'
            Drakaina		4 - 0	Thunderkatz
            Merckx 23'
            Vulturescu 28', 81'		Lovac (sent off) 77'
            Heggarty 91'
            Drakaina win 9-2 on aggregate
            Witches of Chiswick	0 - 2	Pitas FC
            				Hollyfield 17', 74'
            Pitas FC		1 - 0	Witches of Chiswick
            Metzier 7'
            Meller (sent off) 38'
            Pitas win 3-0 on aggregate
            Zeugma Dostluk Spor 	1 - 1	Tellusdam
            Fetele 24'			Csáki 90'
            Tellusdam		1 - 0	Zeugma Dostluk Spor
            Mäyrä 36'
            Tellusdam win 2-1 on aggregate
            R1 Byes:
            Viking South Utsira
            Solent Sirens opened their season with a trip to Portugal to take on a FC BRAVINHAS side that operate a step higher up the pyramid.
            It was Cup seedings and not league status that appeared the more reliable measure as a tight opening leg tipped The Sirens way. Not even the early loss of key midfielder Jin-Ae Hyeong, who picked up an 18-day injury after just 22 minutes (a horrible start to the season) could derail Andrew7610’s side, as Solent held BRAVINHAS chanceless and then finished both opportunities they created. The first of these fell to young midfielder Malena Norling on 58 minutes, the second coming from a more recognised goalscorer as Geovana Abbiati stroked home a penalty.
            Angela Cruchaga had a late third chalked off, but even so 2-0 is a great advantage to take back to Mayfield Park for the return leg. This proved a one-sided cruise for The Sirens, who held the bulk of possession and again denied BRAVINHAS any chances, whilst creating rather more of their own than in the opener. Oddly, despite the greater abundance of opportunities there was only one more goal to add, Marlene Stieglecker catching the goalie napping midway through the second period with a surprise shot from 35 yards.
            Solent’s ‘reward’ is a tough R2 match against the competitions 11th seeds, Division 2d outfit Catalanes F.C.. The first leg is on the English coast.

            Csiki Girls were looking to make their new more exalted status following promotion count as they travelled to a BeverlyHills Barbies outfit that now operates two tiers lower down the pyramid than ad hoc’s side.
            The Csiki’s tore into their hosts at a high pace from the outset and were rewarded with two goals in the opening 10 minutes via Saoirse McInns and Floriane Smet. Smet added a third towards the end of the first half and there was a fourth after the break when Afton Sheerin nodded home with 64 on the clock. Aside from the controversial sacking of Ellie Clevan, everything in the Csiki’s garden is looking rosy at the moment.
            With the tie in the bag for all practical purposes, the return was a chance to give some back-up players a run to build up their DV. This contributed to a less emphatic performance, BeverlyHills netting with the only shot of the first half to take a half-time lead. The Csiki’s came out a little more fired up after the break and created two openings, one of which was a 71st minute free-kick in shooting range that Trudy Woozley converted.
            The only negative on The Csiki’s day was an injury picked up around the hour mark by Georgia Birch, one of the youngsters included for experience. However it was only of the 7-day variety, so she should be available for the second round matches with Red Dead Heads, who are currently in Division 5:20. The first leg is at the Dead Head Arena.

            Another tie that appeared seeded the wrong way up was Dublin City WFC’s clash with F.C Dinamo Ladies, who may be the higher ranked in the cup but play a tier lower than Mortal Joe’s side in Division 6.
            Dinamo certainly appeared to understand they couldn’t match Dublin in Footballing terms as the Romanians opted for a Mourinhoesque carousel fouling approach that eventually netted them an astonishing seven yellow cards but saw none turn into red. That is the most without a red that this report has ever seen for one team.
            This cynicism threw Dublin off their stride for a good long while, but it eventually got its rightful comeuppance in the 61st minute when a free-kick was given away in shooting range and Veronica Kåmark delivered. Kåmark added a second from open play 11 minutes later, before exacting a bit of less legitimate revenge with a snidey hack of her own that got her a yellow. The Phoenix Park crowd felt she was entirely justified in doing that!
            That win put Dublin in a good place ahead of the return, as any away goal was going to make Dinamo’s task well night impossible. All heads turned towards Kåmark, who thought she had obliged in the 30th minute only to have ref Donald Scott intervene. No matter said Victoria, as she fired home a shot from a corner just seconds later. This one counted. Eight minutes later she was at it again, firing in a direct free-kick. Kåmark 4-0 Dinamo.
            Whilst Kåmark was taking (mostly) legitimate chunks out of Dinamo, the hosts continued their overtly physical approach. This resulted in a 7-day injury to Dublin defender Bambi Landucci between Kåmark’s two second leg goals, and part of her motivation for running towards the Dinamo bench in celebration after her second.
            Next up for Dublin will be FC Nee-Nee, who operate in Division 3d these days. The first leg is in Ireland.

            Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC were warm favourites against a young Fetele side that finished in the lower reaches of the bottom tier last term.
            The Sea Spirits were confident of living up to their billing, and were already well on their way inside the first quarter-hour as both Diksha Dalmiya and Rahma Ikmal struck. Cindy Prins nodded in a third on 35 minutes and when Jennifer Willockx made it four with a blast from range just before half-time, SeanoftheShed’s side’s place in R2 was already moreorless confirmed.
            The opening leg would bring one more goal for Kanjeng, Dalmiya netting her second of the day from range after 69 minutes. There was just one to add in the pretty academic return match, Prins getting her second of the tie with a breakaway near the hour mark, in a match that was played at close to strolling pace.
            Kanjeng’s opponents in Round 2 are Sport Autobús of Division 4i. The Sea Goddesses will be on their travels for the first leg.


              Another reversal of League positions meant that Sockford Emollient were on the road in Sweden for the opening leg of their tie with Division 5 side Heimdahl FC.
              The seedings didn’t look that off-beam in an opening half that The Gatorsharks definitely edged, with 58% possession and two shots to one. They also showed resilience, equalising on 12 minutes through Alexia Batistuta just two minutes after falling behind.
              The second period had a similar balance of possession, tipped in Sockford’s favour, but Heimdahl began to show their abilities were on the counter as they created openings despite lesser possession. That eventually resulted in a second goal for the hosts on 82 minutes, and then rather harshly on The Gatorsharks a third after 88 minutes. However the away goal and the general performance will give the Framleyshire outfit confidence that this tie is far from over.
              An early goal to settle Gatorshark nerves about scoring twice, and induce them in Heimdahl who would suddenly be one goal from elimination was the call ahead of the return at John Spencer Street. Monica Parks answered that in just the second minute, turning home a worked free-kick routine. That set the tone for the match, with Emollient well on top and pushing for more.
              They levelled on aggregate just past the half-hour when Parks laid in Donya Antonellini, which also put Foxy265’s side ahead on away goals. One more would give security though, and Antonellini provided it as she prodded home an 80th minute corner.
              Progress beyond Round 2 will take some doing as next up for The Gatorsharks are Fjollträsk BK of Division 3b. The first leg is in Framleyshire.

              A trip across the North Sea opened Ullapool Northern Star as they headed to Sweden to take on Division 6 side AIK Lyckeby.
              The hosts opened the scoring on 25 minutes in what was a pretty even first half, with Lyckeby having greater possession but Northern Star making more of the openings. The same pattern continued after the break, with Delicatemoth’s side getting their deserved reward when Sonia Menashi equalised midway through the second period. And that was that for scoring in the opening leg, leaving things delicately poised for the return at Minchview.
              Northern Star started the return in the difficult position is leading by the narrowest of margins, away goals. Did they push for more and leave themselves open at the back, or play for a 0-0 that would send them through but ran the high risk that any goal conceded could prove fatal? The decision appeared to mostly be “go for it”, and this looked like being rewarded when Astrid Sehlstedt crashed one in from distance on 63 minutes. There was definitely value to this goal, as, though it didn’t prove the winner, it did mean Ullapool retained the hope of extra-time following an equaliser for Lyckeby from the spot.
              The extra period was decided pretty early on when the visitors scored again, putting away goals in their favour and leaving Star needing two. For the record the winner was scored by Marko and set up by van Basten (Signe and Beatrix respectively).

              An-all sixth tier tie saw Menywod Maeshafn host Banantjejerna in the opening leg.
              As one would expect from Divisional rivals, this was an intensely contested game with very, very little to choose between the sides. That isn’t to say it was stale and chanceless as both created openings, but as the game ticked into the final ten minutes the scoreline remained blank. That changed with 83 minutes on referee Laura Norder’s watch as a through ball split the Banantjejerna defence and Ada Westerberg raced clear to score the winner.
              That gave an extremely handy advantage to take into the return leg, as not only are they in front but they also have no away goals conceded so know that one strike in the second match will leave their opponents needing three. IsThatcherDeadYet sent his side out in pursuit of this, but with at least half-an-eye on keeping the back gate lock as Maeshafn set up in a 5-4-1 formation. This worked excellently, dominating possession, creating chances and not letting Banantjejerna have a significant sight of new goalkeeping signing Laure Bertheau’s net (signed, presumably, from the deuxieme DPJ and hoping she will see less dismembered torsos in her new job).
              About the only thing missing was a winner on the night, but that is being picky as one wasn’t actually needed to take Maeshafn thought to their second round confrontation with Albion of Division 4k.

              Having got promoted last term, LNWR Locomotive sat a step above Cup R1 opponents Pink (suspicious name slightly censored), who operate in Division 6.
              The Steamers struggled at times to make their superior status show as the match was played out in pretty even fashion. Apart, that is, for one absolutely crucial aspect; finishing. That was where Viktor Boskovic’s players showed their extra class, Corália Vilhena firing an opener on 39 minutes, an advantage Ragna Hofvander doubled from the spot after 57.
              The final whistle showed the following tallies – 3 shots, 2 goals for LNWR, 3 shots, no goals for Pink. And therein lay the groundwork for the return to Mollington Street. Locomotive built on that rapidly, Charlotte Nixon firing them in front on the night just two minutes into the second leg.
              From there it should have been freewheeling downhill to Round 2, but the brakes were put on when Pink pulled one back from the spot after 16 minutes, and then the emergency cord was pulled as the visitors struck twice inside five minutes in the second-half. Locomotive found they couldn’t get steam back up, and a tie that had looked in their back pocket had somehow got away.

              It wasn’t the easiest of Cup draws for Invisible Ladies as they took on a Power Ladies side from a tier above themselves. However despite the league positions, it was Power Ladies who were at home in the opening leg.
              The hosts tried to pull ranked, and looked like managing this early on when they added a second goal on 28 minutes to a 2nd minute strike. However The See-Throughs were causing serious problems on the break as the Power defence tied itself in knots, and this produced a good comeback with quickfire goals from Chelsea Paul (31) and Beáta Nádasdy (35).
              With two away goals in their pockets, Pebblethefish’s side tried to keep things tight after the break. This didn’t quite work as Power Ladies struck midway through the half and then again late on to make the final score 4-2. However those first half away goals mean there will be hope for The San Seethrough crowd.
              The second leg got underway with Invisible pushing players forward, but consequently leaving gaps at the back. They got caught out by this on 17 minutes, only for Nádasdy to leave as she waltzed clean through on 32 minutes. Cue relief from the crowd and cries to attack, as it’s still good with the away goals.
              Power Ladies scored again just prior to the interval, but once again Beáta Nádasdy levelled. 2-2 with over half-an-hour to play, and it was still on though away goals were now level. The killer blow came eventually though, Power Ladies going 3-2 in front on the night, 7-4 ahead on aggregate and having more away goals when they scored in the 69th minute. This time there was no way back for The See-Throughs.

              Coxy Ladies Wulpen boss Janik had gone public with his expectation that his side would deal fairly comfortably with Division 6 opponents Pretty ladies. However The Waders boss had counted without Pretty ladies striker Melinda Bodmar...
              Bodmar opened the scoring on 8 minutes and restored the advantage on 28 after veteran Nanna Bjerre Nielsen had drawn Wulpen level after 22. Coxy Ladies levelled for a second time on 55 minutes through Laetitia Vandenbergh’s breakaway effort, but if they hoped to kick on from this they were soon disabused by Bodmar who fired her side in front for a third time on 64 minutes.
              This time it only took three minutes for Wulpen to equalise, Eva van Sttenberghe slotting home, and having learned from their mistakes they didn’t relax after this but rapidly added a fourth before Bodmar could have another chance, Vandenbergh racing clear again on 69 minutes.
              Three minutes later Bodmar would pick up a minor knock, which lead a few minutes after that to her substitution, much to the relief of the Belgian travelling contingent who saw their team get home with less scares on Bodmar’s absence. And despite the wacky nature of the game, The Waders position in the tie looks good as they would now need to lose by two goals at home or by some extreme odd-goal-in-nine scenario to go out.
              A good position got stronger in the return leg when Aurelie Wostijn opened the scoring after six minutes and Moreen Mahony doubled the advantage on 32. That left The Waders 6-3 up on aggregate and with a significant away goals advantage.
              The second period at the Curlews’ Next saw further Wulpen pressure, but the chances going begging. That might have raised some alarms if the situation had been more fraught, but as it was the only Pretty ladies goal came on 83 minutes, and as they needed four at that point it was blatantly only a consolation.
              Next up for Coxy Ladies is an encounter with FC Rosengård of Division 4c, the first leg in Scandinavia.


                The debut outing for freshly minted Riverbankers WFC saw them have a challenging game against Division 4 side Chernabogs Valkyries.
                The Banksiders strength currently is in their defensive line, so it was that that manager SouthdownRebel relied on as he set up his team to frustrate. They mostly managed it, but only mostly as the Valkyries were limited to just four chances but unfortunately converted two of them, late in each half. It leaves an even trickier second leg in stall for the Sussex girls.
                Once again Riverbankers looked to their backline to be competitive. The Valkyries dominated in midfield, holding over 60% possession throughout the match, but try as they might they couldn’t find space to shoot at Anastasia Myznikova’s goal. In fact the only effort on net in the second leg came from the visitors, who, whilst they went out, ought to be very happy with their performances over the two legs.

                The first competitive action of the new season for Erbil saw them take on Scary Jointers FC of Division 6.
                Erbil created some good counter-attacking chances in the opening half without finding the back of the Jointers net. The pattern continued after the break as Jdsx’s side had chances, but somehow couldn’t find the killer touch. To make matters more annoying for the Erbil fans, this continued even after Scary Jointers had been reduced to 10 men midway through the second half after Ursula Wijkström committed a needless, straight-red-card worthy challenge.
                The match was within five minutes of a remarkable result, one at strong variance of the match it would have purported to represent, but then up popped Caroline Hinton to nod the visitors into an 86th minute lead. Buoyed by this, Hinton struck again two minutes later from a free-kick move and Erbil finally had the decisive away victory their play had merited.
                The return at the Erbil Arena just required a focused performance from the hosts, which is what it got. They were on top in a first half of few chances and remained that ways as the opportunities and goals began to flow after the break. Tülin Besen got the opener from distance on 54 minutes, and for a while it looked like this would be enough for the game to drift to its conclusion. But then Scary Jointers had the ball in the Erbil net twice, the first disallowed but not the second and this spurred the home team back into action.
                Erbil went ahead on the night again on 86 minutes when midfielder Rosaline Sharpe marked her 100th appearance for the club with a rare goal. Sharpe was a distinctly value signing when she joined as a 18/4 player, but now at 26/12 is a much more significant player (and has a rather higher market value one suspects). That put the tie completely to be, but there was still time for one more, skipper Saga Isgren stroking home a stoppage time penalty.
                Round 2 pits Erbil up against Pendleton En Lycra (erm...), who are from the same level as they play in Division 5:13.

                Established fifth tier outfit Drakaina taking on Thunderkatz of the seventh sounds like a mismatch, doesn’t it? And it would turn out that way soon enough.
                The first leg at the Thunderkatz Arena was a very open affair with lots of chances at either end, but with the hosts ‘keeper always having to do rather more work than Naida Katsouranis in the Dragons net. The seven first half shots Etienne’s side managed translated into two goals late in the period, Gael Heggarty striking on 39 minutes and Roseanne Beattie on 43.
                Young stopper Katsouranis could be proud of her first half clean sheet, having seen off four efforts, but she was finally beaten on 53 minutes. Silvia Atum restored the two goal advantage a few minutes later only for a second shot to find the back of the Drakaina net on 64.
                At that point an unlikely draw was possible, but that was something Heggarty’s second of the day on 74 minutes snuffed out, and on 81 the match was made safe when Susanna Barry turned in a fifth from the free-kick.
                The pattern of the tie was now set, and the second leg would prove a cakewalk for The Dragons, who held >70% possession in both halves at Delphi. Goals came from Amalia Merckx on 23 minutes, Florica Vulturescu on 28 and 81 and a third of the tie for Heggarty in stoppage time. Thunderkatz also saw Emina Lovac sent off for two yellow cards.
                9-2 overall on aggregate, which is the kind of kicking Thunderkatz sexist manager KingReptile deserved. Well done to The Dragons, who will now play a more wholesome match against Kenty DFF of Division 5:13 in Round 2. The first leg is away for Drakaina.

                The roles were reversed for Witches of Chiswick as they reached two Divisions up the ladder to take on Pitas FC of Division 4.
                The Bewitched were forced back from the start at Field Lane and fell behind as early as the 17th minute, with the main ambition soon becoming keeping the score close enough that the second leg had something realistic to play for. Wiblflibl’s charges can claim they mostly managed that, and did so despite a 9-day injury that defender Naoko Lee picked up in the 61st minute. The ‘mostly’ in that previous sentence is because Pitas did manage one more with 74 on the clock.
                Pitas struck again earlier in the second leg to give Chiswick a mountain to climb. The hosts could probably have gone on to score more goals, but bizarrely they seemed more interested in kicking Witches. That resulted first in a 13-day injury for Chiswick defender Khal Eesi (and a yellow card for Luisa Figo) and then on 38 minutes a straight red for the hosts Nathalie Meller. 10 against 11 was fairly even, so there was no further score in the tie.

                Our final stop is Turkey and Zeugma Dostluk Spor, who hosted Tellusdam of Division 6, i.e. one step lower than Zeugma, in the opening leg.
                The hosts shaded the open half due to chances being more important than underused possession, and goals knocking both into a cocked hat, or indeed knocking into the back of the net which is where Asabe Fetele’s 24th minute header ended up. However Tellusdam proved particularly irksome foes for Antepli Ejderha’s side as they just wouldn’t fold and allow a second or a third. In fact their resilience went a stage further than that, creating chances of their own and getting a frankly deserved equaliser on the stroke of full-time.
                That meant Zeugma had to score in the return leg or by eliminated. They certainly tried to do so, going with an atypically aggressive 4-4-2 formation, and had the chances for it. But somehow none of the opportunities would go in. Somewhere along the line, on 38 minutes in fact, Tellusdam showed how it was done from a rare chance of their own. This only changed the game marginally as Zeugma still just needed one goal to save themselves, but it wouldn’t be forthcoming.

                Round 2 draw - first listed teams home in opening leg
                Dublin City WFC			vs	FC Nee-Nee (3d)
                Embla FF (4d)			vs	Viking South Utsira
                Kenty DFF (5:13)		vs	Drakaina
                Menywod Maeshafn		vs	Albion (4k)
                Pendleton En Lycra (5:13)	vs	Erbil
                Red Dead Heads (5:20)		vs	Csiki Girls
                FC Rosengård (4c)		vs	Coxy Ladies Wulpen
                Sockford Emollient		vs	Fjollträsk BK (3d)
                Solent Sirens			vs	Catalanes F.C. (2d)
                Sport Autobús (4i)		vs	Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC
                The one tie so far unmentioned (because they has a bye through R1) pits last year’s Quarter-Finalists and no.6 seed for the entire event, Viking South Utsira up against Embla FF of Division 4d. The first leg is away from the North Sea wilds.


                  Originally posted by Janik View Post
                  Another season, another jump onto the X11 Ladies Cup bandwagon. Who will be along for the ride for the longest this time, VSU or VSU?
                  Jesus, mate, no pressure then.

                  Outstanding work though. Glad you appreciated our win over the new "scumbag" Eternal Wars manager. On a personal level, it was also pleasing for being achieved by a somewhat new-look VSU XI, devoid of all three of our 37/38-year-olds Lurdes Quental, Manuças Fudida and Moa Jönsson. I figured I have to give the younger members of the squad their head at some point, and let the other established players shoulder the heavy lifting, without the ultra-veterans getting in the way. I may bring the latter group into play deeper into the campaign if I can get the youngsters' DVs up far enough early on, but average-age issues mean they're increasingly hard to incorporate anyway, so they're likely to be only bit-part players from here on alas.

                  who knew Wales and Ireland were geographically close to the Mediterranean??
                  You should try being here this last week, it's felt like it.
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                    Originally posted by Sits View Post
                    I don't think I've ever had one of these before. Did somebody here nominate it, or would it be TonyBrazil who is listed as "Reporter"?
                    Nice one Sits – the excellent headline must have worked wonders in catching attention!

                    Speaking from experience, having had a brief spell on the Xpert Daily team, I don't know who nominated it but it will have been someone other than Tony, who is one of the team members. PRs that receive a nomination appear in a 'staff' area of the forums for those members' consideration, and if one of them chooses to publish it – upload the story to the XD, edit if necessary, and add the headline and picture, etc. – then that is who is listed as the "reporter".


                      Originally posted by Janik View Post
                      The debut outing for freshly minted Riverbankers WFC saw them have a challenging game against Division 4 side Chernabogs Valkyries.
                      The Banksiders strength currently is in their defensive line, so it was that that manager SouthdownRebel relied on as he set up his team to frustrate. They mostly managed it, but only mostly as the Valkyries were limited to just four chances but unfortunately converted two of them, late in each half. It leaves an even trickier second leg in stall for the Sussex girls.
                      Once again Riverbankers looked to their backline to be competitive. The Valkyries dominated in midfield, holding over 60% possession throughout the match, but try as they might they couldn’t find space to shoot at Anastasia Myznikova’s goal. In fact the only effort on net in the second leg came from the visitors, who, whilst they went out, ought to be very happy with their performances over the two legs.
                      We had the moral victory and the kit victory, however. Our opponents were sporting the same offensive "shirt" that VSU had to endure recently. Very disappointing.


                        Two double jumps for Tobermory, which is handy. Ben Rinnes will retire, which is less so, but Glen Farclas soldiers on as he nears 40.

                        Tam Navulin ended his stellar career on 349 appearances, with Roy Al Brackla on 284. Both head into the coaching ranks.

                        VA will be pleased to hear that Roy Al Lochnagar will be the next name to pop out of the academy.


                          Well, admin's not hanging about - new season created in the XZ. No Tobermory derby, unfortunately.


                            Tiree are the strongest and most valuable squad. Favourites? VA will doubtless say that they have no money, but as Sans Culottes are the 4th richest team and we have just over 2m, they are far from alone!

                            Zalec Zmaj though? Eh?


                              Will ZZ be Top, Etienne? Best of, er, Albanian?

                              Meanwhile I’ve succumbed to my addiction and am back on ten teams again. I’ll regret it when I’m suddenly flat out at work again but I now have a second team of wild boar. Requested some German nomenclature guidance from wor Joe.


                                Zmaj are Slovenian, Sits.


                                  I Sit corrected. It was a wild guess TBH.


                                    Originally posted by nmrfox View Post
                                    One game to go in the Brythonnic 3rd Division West. The table shows Coventry City (boo, hiss) as champions, but behind them -

                                    2. SDS Page 32 points GD +12
                                    3. Battersea 32 points GD +10
                                    4. Nyth Wobbegong 31 points GD +12

                                    Final round of games sees Battersea host SDS Page whilst Nyth travel to Rossoneri. The latter are just one point and one place above the relegation zone but with a better goal difference than the only team who can send them down, SdR's Tremadog Twitchers. So, in true BBC discussing Englands path to the WC final chances, Battersea and SDS will play out a draw, Nyth will win at Rossoneri to claim the second promotion spot, and the Twitchers will fly high at an already gone down Dicks and remain in Div 3 for next season. It's going to be a bumpy one Alan...
                                    Battersea edged out SDS Page 1-0 to clinch the only available promoton spot and end any hopes of Nyth. Still, Wobbegong picked up a point at a defensive Rossoneri in a goalless match, which coupled with Tremadogs blowing away The Dicks 4-0, meant safety for the Twitchers. Nice one SdR.


                                      Cheers, Foxy. Add last-day escapes for Hornville, AA-S and Toberymory of late and there seems to be a speciality developing among my teams. Not sure I'm too happy with it to be honest.


                                        Originally posted by SouthdownRebel View Post
                                        We had the moral victory and the kit victory, however. Our opponents were sporting the same offensive "shirt" that VSU had to endure recently. Very disappointing.
                                        Speaking of which, I haven't forgotten your kit request for the Riverbankers, SdR. I just haven't had time lately to do any designing... which no doubt accounts for VA Sports recent troubles as mentioned in that random event I quoted the other day. I have been mulling over a few ideas mentally though, so hopefully will get around to it soon.

                                        Originally posted by Etienne View Post
                                        Tiree are the strongest and most valuable squad. Favourites? VA will doubtless say that they have no money, but as Sans Culottes are the 4th richest team and we have just over 2m, they are far from alone!
                                        Hah, we are indeed struggling for econs as ever. That's rather reassuring though to learn that 'only' 2m econs (luxury!) gets you that high in the Richest Teams rankings in the top flight, suggesting indeed that we're not that far off the others necessarily. I really don't know how we'll do, to be brutally frank – I thought we looked in decent shape for a title challenge in our first season back in the top flight, but instead we were wildly inconsistent all season and only dragged ourselves to safety by winning our last four matches. Would like to think we can do better this coming term, but I've no real basis for assuming that.


                                          Thanks VA, no rush at all mate


                                            Out-chanced in all 4 knock out games, Zalec Zmaj Greece their way to the MLX title. Winning it twice remains something that only OTFers have done.


                                              Congrats, Etienne. You certainly found a way to win in those play-offs.


                                                Well done Etienne.


                                                  Fantastic! Well done the Zmaj.


                                                    Originally posted by Etienne View Post
                                                    Out-chanced in all 4 knock out games, Zalec Zmaj Greece their way to the MLX title. Winning it twice remains something that only OTFers have done.
                                                    Nicely done, Etienne!