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    Originally posted by delicatemoth View Post
    I've relieved the zombie problem in the Official Ladies' League by taking over my old squad. That'll make all the difference.
    That's good news, welcome back Delicatemoth.

    Found, fanned and friendly invite sent.
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      Sits, I'm just signing SdR Jr up to fill the remaining spot in MLX, he's also applied for the vacancy in THL if that's ok with you?

      Update: The new MLX season is now up and running.
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        I've set tactics for the Toucans' friendly, MLX Cup match and game 1 of the regular season. So I think they're all set to go back onto the market if that's ok.


          Zalec Zmaj designated division is impressively absolutely alliterative.


            Originally posted by Kevin S View Post
            I've set tactics for the Toucans' friendly, MLX Cup match and game 1 of the regular season. So I think they're all set to go back onto the market if that's ok.
            *sniff* And just like that, he was gone again


              Originally posted by SouthdownRebel View Post
              Sits, I'm just signing SdR Jr up to fill the remaining spot in MLX, he's also applied for the vacancy in THL if that's ok with you?

              Update: The new MLX season is now up and running.
              Marvellous. He’s in.


                Originally posted by Etienne View Post
                Zalec Zmaj designated division is amazingly absolutely alliterative.
                Improved that for you Etienne

                Originally posted by Sits View Post
                Marvellous. He’s in.
                Thanks Sits.


                  I needed the "impressively" to match the


                    Originally posted by Etienne View Post
                    I needed the "impressively" to match the
                    Well, I should have known better than to think you had missed a trick


                      Can I just congratulate Sits on such a spectacularly consistent start to the OTF season. Managing to draw every game 0-0 except for the one bizarre "cuckoo's egg" of a 3-3 draw against Zeugma, is genuinely impressive. I salute your indefatigability sir.


                        Originally posted by Antepli Ejderha View Post
                        In their YouTube broadcast the Xpert Eleven crew, Pelin and somebody else, said they'd be getting rid of the zombies but that's still to happen.

                        In both my official leagues I'm alone bar the zombies.
                        Oof, there's a stinging post in the Xpert Daily from last week, snuck in under an innocuous title.



                          Originally posted by ad hoc View Post
                          Can I just congratulate Sits on such a spectacularly consistent start to the OTF season. Managing to draw every game 0-0 except for the one bizarre "cuckoo's egg" of a 3-3 draw against Zeugma, is genuinely impressive. I salute your indefatigability sir.
                          Thanks ad hoc. I'm actually trying to break it but what feeble cutting edge got us over the line last season has been further blunted by losing a 13 skill midfielder to retirement and replacing him with a 17yo. To be fair it was my choice to cash in on a 22/10 striker and replace him with another 17yo.

                          I was resigned to a season of consolidation but I was hoping for a little more.


                            Bollocks you are, I reckon you're clearly trying for 0-0s every single game on purpose now Sits. No-one on earth could do that five times out of six (while drawing the other 3-3) by accident


                              Originally posted by Kevin S View Post
                              I've set tactics for the Toucans' friendly, MLX Cup match and game 1 of the regular season. So I think they're all set to go back onto the market if that's ok.
                              Sorry that your return was only fleeting Kevchenko.

                              I might have persuaded an OTFer to take over them, let's keep our fingers crossed.


                                It's going to be a long, torrid season for Gloucester Old Spots as they attempt the Heineken top flight for the first time.


                                  X11 Ladies League matchday 12report. The end of the season is nigh!

                                  Division 2b
                                  Viking South Utsira	1 - 1	Wælcyrie
                                  Fudida 93'			Jensby 11'
                                  Division 4h
                                  Drakaina		6 - 0	Angels of Harlem
                                  Winter 15', 27', 39'
                                  Barry 49', 87'
                                  Vulturescu 63'
                                  Division 4i
                                  Coxy Ladies Wulpen	1 - 1	Liverpool FCL
                                  Madjarevic 65'			Kalimos 80'
                                  Division 4k
                                  Arsenalgas 		4 - 0	Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC
                                  Walters 35'
                                  Thompson 65', 77'
                                  Keffel 83'
                                  Division 5:16
                                  LNWR Locomotive		1 - 2	Gazzas Gals
                                  Heart 12'			Nilen (pen) 41'
                                  				Bath 84'
                                  Division 6:4
                                  Lökene Gård 		2 - 4	Erbil
                                  Hardt 14'			Hinton 12'
                                  Qvick (pen) 72'			Solaun 45', 84'
                                  				Brundin 75'
                                  				Brundin (missed pen) 7'
                                  Division 6:39
                                  Sockford Emollient	4 - 0	Fire Babes
                                  True 8'
                                  Haraldsen 12'
                                  Antonellini 35'
                                  Mullins 71'
                                  Division 6:41
                                  Monkey Tennis 		1 - 2	Invisible Ladies
                                  Rogerson 41'			Ackling 11', 63'
                                  Division 6:42
                                  Marselle		4 - 1	Witches of Chiswick
                                  Noordanus 10'			Uchida 87'
                                  Kuivikko 76'
                                  Cotrim 79', 82'
                                  Solent Sirens		4 - 1	Zenit Odenplan Ladies
                                  Cruchaga 4'			Petra Ulander (O.G.) 13'
                                  Djorovic (pen) 8'
                                  Månsson (O.G.) 32'
                                  de Beauvoir 37'
                                  Division 6:56
                                  Ricipetti F.C 		4 - 3	Menywod Maeshafn
                                  Nilo 31'			Westerberg 31', 86'
                                  Sá 59'				Raffaelli (O.G.) 72'
                                  Aceituno 63'
                                  Cachia 83'
                                  Division 6:57
                                  Dublin City Womens FC	1 - 1	Harley Quinns
                                  Gadd (O.G.) 13'			Gurrachagga 57'
                                  Division 6:62
                                  Sekler Femina FC 	1 - 1	Csiki Girls
                                  Axier 57'			Solas 37'
                                  				Smet (sent off) 50'
                                  Division 7:27
                                  girls de charneca	4 - 0	Faputti Ladies
                                  Áláfinesse 10'
                                  Campos 21'
                                  Heatley 34'
                                  Raquel Pedroso 42'
                                  Historical versus mythical battle was joined when Viking South Utsira took on Wælcyrie.
                                  The first blow was landed by the Warrior Maidens, taking the lead on 13 minutes. That was swiftly followed by an 8-day injury for Heidi Hovland forcing The Blood Eagles into an early change. What fardels Velvet Android must bear.
                                  The match got bogged down from this point. However Viking continued to grunt and sweat under the weary conditions and finally, deep into stoppage time, were rewarded for their slog when Manuças Fudida headed in a corner to claim a point.
                                  How valuable was that? Well, with Division 2b leaders Mighty Aphrodite also being held to a draw, it kept The Blood Eagles within talons range. If they win the top-of-the-table encounter next week, VA’s side will go into the final day top of the table. So pretty useful, yeah?

                                  Another pretty handy thing, when involved in a relegation scrap, is a game against a zombie. That was precisely what faced Drakaina when they took on Angels of Harlem.
                                  Harlem have proved occasionally difficult customers, gaining three draws along the way, so The Dragons fans were not going to relax until their team was comfortably ahead. Say three clear by half-time. Which is exactly what Grace Winter provided as she struck on 15, 27 and 39 minutes.
                                  Winter stepped off the gas after the break, but her teammates didn’t, Susanna Barry notching a fourth from a set-piece routine on 49 minutes, Florica Vulturescu heading a fifth on 63 and Barry completing the scoring with three to play.
                                  The value of the win? Well, it lifted Etienne’s side to fourth in Division 4h, and crucially five points clear of the drop zone. One win or two drops from The Dragons remaining games will guarantee their safety. And even that won’t be necessary if sixth-placed Cataluna Cats don’t win both their remaining games.

                                  Coxy Ladies Wulpen and opponents Liverpool FCL were not sure if they were looking up or down prior to their meeting at The Curlews’ Nest.
                                  The two teams were locked together on 17 points in mid-table in Division 4i, equidistant between second and sixth. A win for either would keep alive the flickering chance of promotion. It was The Waders who struck first, Ursula Madjarevic crashing home from range on 65 minutes. However this was against the run-of-play, Liverpool’s equaliser on 80 minutes wasn’t, and in the end Wulpen boss Janik was grateful for a final whistle that blew with his team still clinging on to a point.
                                  Where does that leave Coxy Ladies? Well, no long involved in the promotion picture, and possibly about to be dragged into the relegation scrap. They are now just four points clear, and with some of the sides below them having very winnable matches next up whilst The Waders are away to the side in second, a further narrowing of the gap ahead of the final game is very possible.

                                  Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC and their fans can’t wait for this desperately disappointing season to be over. However they have a few more licks to take before that, the latest coming at Arsenalgas.
                                  SeanoftheShed’s troops looking dispirited from the outset, were two down by the interval and the trend continued in the second half. The defeat confirmed The Sea Spirits will finish bottom of the table.
                                  Not a lot else to say, really. Division 4k is one to forget.

                                  Will Kanjeng be meeting LNWR Locomotive next season? That is also looking unlikely as The Steamers struggles continued in what was admittedly a tough match against promotion chasing Gazzas Gals.
                                  Defeat came despite Phrigit Heart giving Viktor Boskovic’s side an early lead when she headed home Adozinda Vergueiro’s 12th minute corner. However a goal late in the first half from the penalty spot drew the visitors level, a trick they repeated (from open play this time) at a similar point of the second.
                                  Defeat left The Steamers seventh in Division 5:16, four points from safety and with a difficult away game against a promotion chasing side to come next.

                                  No such fuss for Erbil, whose rampage towards promotion took them to Lökene Gård.
                                  Actually Jdsx’s side made slightly heavy weather of this one. Things might have gone smoother if Sandra Brundin hadn’t missed a 12th minute penalty, though the immediate reaction was that wouldn’t matter unduly when Caroline Hinton put Erbil ahead anyway after 12 minutes. However Lökene Gård equalised just two minutes later, which set the tone for an afternoon when they would prove annoyingly difficult to shake.
                                  Alanza Solaun made it 2-1 on the stroke of half-time, a scoreline that somewhat reflected the pattern of the game, but the hosts just stuck in there. They even shrugged off the injury-enforced loss of their ‘keeper for a defender on 68 minutes, which, rather than being a cue for Erbil to run away with things was swiftly followed by a penalty and equaliser for Lökene Gård.
                                  That rather embarrassed Brundin, who made amends for her earlier miss three minutes later when she proved it is easier to be a stand-in goalie from 35 yards than a proper one from 12. Solaun added a fourth on 84 minutes to finally to matters to bed.
                                  The two goals Erbil conceded were just the second and third they have shipped in the league this season, whilst the four netted at the other end took their own haul to 57. These are not only good enough for the leadership of Division 6:4, they also add up a goal difference that makes Erbil virtual champions as they now boast a six point and +26 GD advantage on second. The GD is also +10 better than any of the other 100% record holders in Division 6.

                                  Another top ten team in the Division 6 table of tables are Sockford Emollient. The Framleyshire side looked to continue their stroll to the title against struggling Fire Babes.
                                  Goals after 8 and 12 minutes meant there was little for The Gatorsharks to get het up about, Lise True opening the scoring and Hege Haraldsen doubling the advantage with a strike directly from a free-kick. Donya Antonellini extended the lead to three before the interval, and the days scoring was complete on 71 minutes when Kayley Mullins headed a fourth for Foxy265’s side.
                                  The win leaves Sockford on the brink of the Division 6:39 title. They are four points clear of second, and know a win in either of their last two games will set the champagne corks popping.


                                    Not a lot was riding on Invisible Ladies trip to managerless Monkey Tennis.
                                    That provided See-Throughs boss Pebblethefish with a chance to get his most promising youngsters a full 90 minutes. He presumably did so in the firm belief that a win would come, something that was borne out. Just.
                                    Bea Ackling gave Invisible the lead 11 minutes when she turned home a free-kick, but following this the opening half was even steven, and it was not particualrly against the run-of-play when the hosts equalised on 41 minutes. The See-Throughs stepped it up slightly after the break, and on balance would claim their deserved Ackling’s second of the match just after the hour.
                                    That proved to be the winner. The See-Throughs were already pretty well established as the third-placed team in Division 6:41, but now they don’t need to bother putting down a towel as their ownership of the spot is universally acknowledged.

                                    Witches of Chiswick had little riding themselves on their trip to promotion-chasers Marselle as The Bewitched’s hopes of joining the battle to go up had realistically already gone.
                                    Chiswick tried their best to slow their hosts down, a decent first-half rearguard action restricting Marselle to just the one shot. Unfortunately, it was scored. The battling performance continued after the break despite the loss of Johanna Herrlin to a 13-day injury on 57 minutes. Herrlin was replaced by Ruri Uchida, more on whom later.
                                    It remained 1-0 with 75 minutes on the clock, but not for much longer as the Witches suffered a nightmare six minutes spell during which they conceded three times. That wasn’t the end of the scoring though as Uchida netted a consolation for Wiblflibl’s side on 87 minutes, the first league goal of the defender’s career. Deep in stoppage time it looked briefly like a second salve had been applied, only for it to turn into salt instead as referee Manuel Ficu disallowed Terumi Ota’s effort.
                                    Marselle’s win put the pressure on Solent Sirens ahead of their game with Zenit Odenplan Ladies.
                                    Anything less than a win would have seen Andrew7610’s side displaced from the Division 6:42 play-off spot ahead of a crunch match this coming Tuesday. Three goals scored by Sirens players inside the opening 13 minutes was a good start therefore, with the slight proviso that the third of these, from Petra Ulander, was a slice into her own net.
                                    That reduced Solent’s early lead, given to them by an Angela Cruchaga header on 4 minutes and a Ana Djorovic penalty on 8. However any suggestions that Ulander’s bad luck might prompt a turnaround was squashed by a dominate performance from Solent, and an own goal gifted back by Zenit on 32, Moa Månsson the guilty party. Prior to half-time Simone de Beauvoir added a fourth with her speciality, a direct free-kick. And that was that for this game.
                                    The two 4-1 wins meant Solent and Marselle have held station in the table, one point separating them (in the Sirens favour) ahead of next week’s biggie by the south coast. They will both be playing for the play-off as leaders Twin Peaks Owls look highly unlikely to stumble and fail to claim the single point that is all they practically need for the title. The Bewitched, meanwhile, will finish fourth for certain.

                                    Poor form and with it results have a way of amplifying on X11, with out-of-the-blue one defeat compounded by another. That was Menywod Maeshafn’s problem when their top-of-the-table defeat to Orangeries last week was followed by a trip to dangerous third-placed side Ricipetti F.C.
                                    The match was an extremely open affair, with both sides going for the win. Three chances apiece were created in the opening half with Maeshafn were the first to convert an opportunity, Ada Westerberg heading home on 31 minutes. However just two minutes later the hosts were level.
                                    1-1 remained the score at half-time, and also approaching the hour despite the rate of opportunities marginally increasing. That was always going to bring goals, and on 59 minutes it was Ricipetti who went ahead, followed four minutes later by another.
                                    An own goal from the hosts Louise Raffaelli gave IsThacherDeadYet’s side hope. That appeared to be extinguished when Ricipetti made it 4-2 on 83 minutes, only for the Welsh to show they hadn’t become leaders accidentally as Westerberg set-up a grandstand finish by pulling another back on 87 minutes.
                                    There was to be no dramatic equaliser for the Welsh side, though. And with defeat came the loss of top spot in Division 6:56 as Orangeries moved a point ahead. Ricipetti are four points back in fourth, but they could do both themselves and Maeshafn a favour this coming Tuesday if they were to bat the new leaders. As for Maeshafn, they need to get back to winning ways and get the confidence back following.

                                    Momentum was very much in Dublin City Womens FC’s favour ahead of their clash with Harley Quinns.
                                    A win would have lifted Mortal Joe’s side above their opponents and into the Division 6:57 play-off place, and they were on course for it when Quinns’ Sonja Gadd put through her own net on 13 minutes.
                                    Dublin tried to throttle the life out of their visitors after this, holding a substantial edge in possession. However they paid for not turning that into chances and goals as a single goal advantage didn’t prove enough, Quinns equalising on 57 minutes and the match finishing all-square.
                                    Two points dropped, on balance. Points that saw Dublin lose a spot to sit fourth in the table, but still only two points adrift of the play-offs. However, if they want to keep their hopes alive, they really have to win at champions-elect Charlton Ladies this week.

                                    Csiki Girls went into their match at Sekler Femina FC knowing a victory would guarantee the Division 6:62 title and with it promotion.
                                    Ad hoc set his side up to play a counter-attacking 5-3-2 formation. This worked well in the first half as the Csiki’s let the hosts have the ball to little effect, and then picked them off with rapid thrust, one of which ended with Solange Solas heading the opener on 37 minutes.
                                    Csiki Girls were on course at half-time then, but were blown from that five minutes into the second-half after a brainfart from skipper Floriane Smet, who unaccountably earned herself a straight red card. That changed the complexion of the game, and rather than sitting deep and springing, the Csiki’s found themselves pinned in and hanging on. They did so reasonably, conceding just once on 57 minutes but still digging something out of the game.
                                    The players returned to the dressing room believing that the title chase would go on to next week, only to discover that SC Agroi had also been unexpectedly held to a draw. That meant the celebrations could begin. In fact Agroi’s result meant that Csiki Girls would have been champions even if they had lost, but no-one mention that to Smet or her teammates whose extra efforts spared some of her blushes.

                                    girls de charneca held a 9 point and +39 goal difference advantage with three games to go over fourth-placed Faputti Ladies prior to the teams meeting at the Insan Haklari Stadyumu. That meant Antepli Ejderha’s side were already promoted in practical terms, but they needed any kind of positive result to make that also true in mathematical ones.
                                    Was that likely to be a problem? Err, no. A draw would have been enough but charneca were on the road to victory as early as the 10th minute after Merdaleiro Áláfinesse scored directly from a free-kick.
                                    Penelope Campos made it two on 21 from close range, Ashley Heatley adding a third from much further out after 34. The party atmosphere was briefly interrupted two minutes later when young forward Campos went down with a 10-day injury, until Ana Raquel Pedroso with another screamer from range just before the interval.
                                    The second-half was 45 minutes of celebration (i.e. no more goals!) as the hosts moved twelve points clear of fourth and so are certain to play in the tier above next season. AE’s side need three (practically) or four (mathematically) more points to secure the Division 7:27 title.


                                      A great round up Janik. Did you know that Delicatemoth is also back in the Xpert Ladies?


                                        Seconded, bravo Janik, and yes, it's great to see DM back where she belongs. And applause for this Bardic reference, especially:
                                        Originally posted by Janik View Post
                                        What fardels Velvet Android must bear.
                                        Let it be known, though, for the record, I have never been brave enough to fardel a bear.


                                          If anyone is interested I got interviewed in the Romanian language version of the Xpert Daily regarding my presence in the Human League (as it is in the top three private leagues according to ability).

                                          (As Google translate is not terribly helpful, I can post the actual interview here - it was conducted in English as my Romanian is nowhere near as good as Radu's English)
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                                            Very interested! I've got the (badly) translated version which I'll work through later after I've set Tactics. But very surprised and happy about that rating.


                                              Here's the original (I assume it's fairly obvious which bits are the interviewer and which me):

                                              1. For starters, please tell us a little bit about yourself - how did you end up living in Romania, how do you like our country, who is the user behind the Adhoc nickname, when did you start enjoying X11 and how are you still interested in it ?

                                              **I came here some years ago to be with my wife (she wasn't my wife then, but is now :-)). I like the country very much (not so much the politicians, but the rest of it) it's a beautiful place (especially here in Transylvania) and I like the energy and the life that there is. There feels like the sense of possibility in Romania. I started playing X11 a long time ago, when a group of friends on a message board set up a league (maybe 15 years ago). Then I got bored and stopped for a few years, but then started up again - first with the same group of friends and then in the public leagues and eventually i got sucked into VIP membership :-) I do still enjoy it. I know I am not as obsessive about it as some people (I know people who keep spreadsheets of every piece of data they can get, I just set the team and get on with it)

                                              2. You are part of The Human League for a year and a half. How would you describe it and what made you want to be part of this league ?

                                              **Actually the Human League was set up in part by the same group of friends that I first joined with (in a different league), but rather than being a closed league, this one is open to all. In fact the name "The Human League" was my invention. The idea of the league was to have a league of women's teams that was not full of sexism like the official X11 Ladies League. I think it does that, and I still enjoy being part of it.

                                              3. What do you think are the main attrributes a manager needs to be part of a very successful league such as THL ?

                                              **Hmmm. I'm not sure if I am a successful manager! I think being active and working on the team, training, paying attention, etc . I am not someone who gets involved in the various conversations on the Scribble or other places, and I think - really - that it would be better if I did. I just have limited time, I think. I also would like to spend time doing press releases but I very rarely do

                                              4. What do you like most about Xperteleven ? Tactical part, team development, socialising ?

                                              **I think team development probably first, but the setting tactics as well. Because I joined X11 as part of a group of friends on a message board, to which I still belong, I get my X11 socialising in another place - I enjoy that, but I don;t engage in it on the X11 site itself

                                              5. Do you follow Xpert Daily - English and/or Romanian edition ? How do you feel about it and what would you like to read more in the newspaper ?

                                              **Honestly I dont read it. It;s another of those aspects of the game that is something I have never done. I should. Maybe if you publish this interview I will!

                                              Thanks for the questions, I hope my answers make sense

                                              Andy (ad hoc)


                                                Good stuff ad hoc. And much better than English - Romanian - English.

                                                This evening's draw for Berkshire Swine will be against Vita Mortis. Actually I'd be delighted with a draw.


                                                  Nice one ad hoc


                                                    Thanks for posting ad hoc, interesting read