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    Originally posted by Various Artist View Post
    I've had a few forwards with it, and it's come in very handy during periods where I haven't had a decent freekicker in a team -- which, given I rely almost entirely on the whims of my various youth academies to supply my squads, isn't completely rare. Rædfearne Island for instance had striker and captain Dromond Arcancester as our FK-taker for the last however long until his retirement this week... which has left us in real FK limbo for a while to come, I've suddenly realised. His final stats read 302 appearances, 164 points from 101 goals + 63 assists, many of the latter of which would've been from taking FKs aided by his LP skill.
    Also, I found it quite doable to find goalkeepers with the LP skill, while goalkeepers with the FK skill are crazy rare. So if you want to outsource this important task to the Chilavert in your team, maybe look for LP goalkeepers.


      Ooh, some good info there. I must say I find Burglar the most consistently underwhelming SQ.


        Yeah, what you all said.


          Originally posted by Wouter D View Post
          Well, what you illustrate here is the victory of my efficiency over your more extensive set of information. But we all do appreciate the richer form of information you contribute to any thread over here. Hi VA! How are you doing? It's very good to see you indeed!
          Heh, thanks mate. I'm OK – wishing I had, say, a Dutch passport tonight though. Came over to OTF to see what was up in the election thread, but heard the exit poll results just before so headed for this thread instead first to try to distract myself...


            Originally posted by Wouter D View Post

            Also, I found it quite doable to find goalkeepers with the LP skill, while goalkeepers with the FK skill are crazy rare. So if you want to outsource this important task to the Chilavert in your team, maybe look for LP goalkeepers.
            This is also an excellent point. Rædfearne Island may have lost the aforementioned Dromond Arcancester, but our present junior keeper is a 21/10 with this skill, Arawn Black, who's already about two-thirds of the way there and could become an absolute beast if I'm lucky. A 17/5 academy gift in February, he ranks alongside Vita Mortis' Wilbur Greenwood as perhaps my best ever goalkeeping prospect in X11.

            New 17/4 arrival Clemens Kvalvik at Viking North Utsire looks a great bet to be our new long-term goalie and has the LP skill, so could hopefully turn into one of these too. Three games under his belt already, with ratings of 5-5-6 so far, so a very encouraging start. Form on 17, DV on 15, two games left in the season. A great chance of us being sucked into the Div 1a relegation zone if and when I field him in those as he'll probably cost us points, but worth it I reckon.


              Hah, Tiree Automatic's academy has just this hour presented me with a 17/4 FK forward. We're having a crap season and I might as well take the hit in team strength and play him for the rest of the campaign, accepting relegation from the Xpert Zone as it comes.

              But we only have 16k in the bank and I can't afford to promote him.


                X11 Ladies Season 57 Matchday 2 report.

                Division 2b
                Gastelle                0 - 1   Chelsea Ladies FC
                                                Tone 70'
                FC Sprezzatura          1 - 2   Drakaina
                Tufvander 81'                   Källgren 53', 79'
                Division 3e
                The Norfolk Broads      0 - 2   Viking South Utsira
                                                M.Hovland 62'
                                                N.Austrheim 88'
                Division 4i
                Coxy Ladies Wulpen      1 - 3   Spicks Killiettes
                Kerckhoeven 57'                 Wiseman 18'
                                                Miller 33'
                                                Tonser 60'
                Division 5:16
                11 de abril FC          2 - 0   LNWR Locomotive
                Gómez 16', 61'
                Division 5:19
                Angelic Upstarts        4 - 0   Ullapool Northern Star
                Ejdermo 19'
                Sahlin 22'
                Penicheiro 43'
                Hallin 45'
                Division 5:21
                The Temptation Within   1 - 1   Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC
                Angeltveit 38'                  Ikmal 73'
                van der Loos (sent off) 90'
                Division 5:32
                FC Amber                0 - 1   Csiki Girls
                                                Ryan 19'
                Division 6:53
                Chuchas United          0 - 2   Zeugma Dostluk Spor
                                                Kurt 15', 40'
                Division 6:56
                Empire Of The Sun       1 - 2   Menywod Maeshafn
                Chereches 71'                   Kjellberg 47'
                                                Westerberg (pen) 74'
                Relegation last season was a sickener for Gastelle, who looked like pulling clear when Jdsx took over, only to be drawn back into trouble. This has caused a bit of a hangover. Would it clear in the second game against Chelsea Ladies FC?
                The visitors kit certainly wasn’t helping: Playboy themed (ugh) in pink (double ugh) [on this occasion the pinkness is the lesser offence]. Also a negative was losing midfielder and free-kick specialist Fernanda Perdao to injury just before the half-hour. She will be out for 18 days.
                It all conspired to keep Gastelle from scoring. Chelsea also looked unlikely to break through… until they unexpectedly did on 70 minutes. It was the game’s only goal.
                Drakaina opened their campaign following promotion with a win. That was a good start, but the week 2 trip to FC Sprezzatura was really going to test The Dragons credentials as Sprezzatura have finished third in this section for the past three season, and had also opened this campaign with victory. It would prove a test that Etienne’s side were ready for…
                The first half was cagey and goalless, with each side having just a single opportunity. However the game exploded after the break. Or rather Matilda Källgren did; on 53 minutes she took aim from 35 yards and thundered the ball into the top corner. The home players were trash-talking Källgren after this, saying it was a fluke and she couldn’t do it again. ‘Oh, really?’ was the response as another rocket arrowed home on 79 minutes.
                Done and dusted? Not quite. Two minutes later Sprezzatura pulled one back and two minutes after that the Greek side suffered an injury, Elena Gitsis picking up a 12-day knock. With just a kid on the bench this meant a 9-bar drop in the effectiveness of the Drakaina midfield, but despite that they held out for victory.
                It was enough to lift the Dragons to the summit of Division 2b. By contrast Gastelle are bottom. The two OTF sides meet next week…

                Viking South Utsira were looking to back up an opening win when they traversed the North Sea to visit The Norfolk Broads.
                The hosts had the ball in the Blood Eagles net on 8 minutes, but it was ruled out. The home fans would have shrugged this off at the time as their side looked lively, but it would prove important. Level at the break despite rarely advancing out of their defensive fortifications, Viking began making sorties into deep into Norfolk territory as the encounter developed.
                These would have effect, despite Bergljot Kvalvik’s 58th minute effort being disallowed. Utsira were not going to be put off by this deflected blow though and drew the first blood when Mette Hovland bludgeoned in a loose ball after corner. That came just four minutes after Kvalvik’s scrubbed off strike, and a similar time from the end Velvet Android’s side made the game safe, Nina Austrheim using her head to inflict the killer blow.
                The win sent The Blood Eagles top of the Division 3e table. They are one of two side with 100% records thus far.

                Coxy Ladies Wulpen and Spicks Killiettes renewed hostilities in (very) slightly new surrounds after doing battle for promotion last season in Division 4i.
                Both ultimately fell short, The Waders sliding from leadership to mid-table after a slump in form and the Killiettes losing in the play-off. This game proved to be a continuation of one of those trends – that of Wulpen not knitting it together. Janik’s side were 2-0 down by the 33rd minute and lucky not to be further behind as the visitors had had a goal disallowed.
                There was hope for the Curlews’ Nest fans when Noémie Kerckhoeven pulled one back against the run of play on 57 minutes, but it was quickly snuffed out again by a deserved third for Spicks. The only major incident in the last half-hour was an 11 day injury suffered by Coxy Ladies’ Laetitia Roosens.
                Wulpen sit fifth in the nascent Division 4i table.

                A play-off miss and an opening day draw meant LNWR Locomotive were looking for some overdue good news at 11 de abril FC.
                It wasn’t to be. Indeed it never looked likely as The Steamers struggled from the early going on. 11 de abril netted 16 minutes into each half (both by the same player!), with the only thing that boss Viktor Boskovic took from the day being two minor injuries to his players. Which is hardly a positive.
                Locomotive sit sixth in the early Division 5:16 standings, and will be looking to move up rapidly.

                What to say about Ullapool Northern Star’s trip to the Angelic Upstarts? Was it a bad day at the office, or did boss Delicatemoth not have a chance to set her side up?
                I suspect it was the latter. I certainly hope that was the case as the match played out in a manner that one would expect in such circumstances, the Upstarts were 4-0 up before half-time on a flurry of first-half chances, and it would be worrying for Ullapool if this had happened when they were prepared.
                The heavy loss leaves Northern Star sixth in the Division 5:19 table at this early point.

                Spiritual took on Immoderation as The Sea Goddesses, aka Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC battled The Temptation Within.
                It would prove to be an evenly balanced encounter. The hosts took the lead on 38 minutes but SeanoftheShed’s side stayed disciplined, getting plugging away at it and were rewarded for their diligence and devotion to the cause with an equaliser on 73 minutes by Rahma Ikmal.
                Meanwhile The Temptation Within were not suppressing their inner children at all, which resulted in a straight red card for Lene van der Loos in the 90th minute. They were not punished for their self-indulgence though as there was insufficient time for The Sea Spirits to force a winner.
                The first dropped points of the campaign leave Kanjeng second in the initial Division 5:21 standings.

                Both Csiki Girls and FC Amber opened the season with a win, so something had to give when the two met at Fort Bronco on matchday 2.
                The hosts had the better of the opening half, with 60% possession and two goal scoring opportunities created to the Csiki Girls one. However, Amber missed both their openings whilst the Csiki’s were more clinical. And that was notable given the identity of the 19th minute goalscorer – Tracey Ryan is an 18 year-old midfielder who has only recently graduated from the youth academy and had not scored in her previous handful of games!
                1-0 up at the break, ad hoc’s side had a better second-half in statistical terms with 54% possession and one chance to zero. The important number in that is the ‘zero’ as that meant Ryan’s goal was the winner.
                The victory lifted the Csiki’s up to second in the developing Division 5:32 standings.

                After a straightforward opening day against a managerless opponent, Zeugma Dostluk Spor knew they were in for a tougher afternoon at Chuchas United.
                Tough doesn’t equal impossible though, Antepli Ejderha’s side showing early on that they shouldn’t be counted out as Latife Kurt headed in a 15th minute corner to give her side the lead. She then repeated the trick, though this time the finish was with her boot, with 40 on the clock to send Zeugma into the interval two ahead.
                Kurt thought she had her hattrick and her team’s third on 74 minutes only for referee Tony Nolan to intervene. No matter, the brace was more than enough to seal victory against an opponent who only managed one goal attempt all day.
                And that win was enough to have Zeugma top of Division 6:53 currently. And clear – the Anatolians are the only side with a 100% record after two rounds of games.

                The second match of Menywod Maeshafn’s attempt to bounce straight back from relegation paired them with Empire Of The Sun one of the sides who were attempting the same, and indeed had accompanied Maeshafn down from 5:27 last term.
                The visitors to Sunny Valley had the better of the first half in terms of possession and all of the handful of chances going, but went for their half-time cuppa still all-square. This state of affairs didn’t last for long after the break though, Simone Kjellberg firing IsThatcherDeadYet’s side ahead on 47 minutes.
                Maeshafn were the better team before that goal, and after it. However they hadn’t managed a second by the 71st minute, which was when Empire were awarded a free-kick in shooting range which was converted for an equaliser totally against the run of play. Maeshafn were not done though and re-established their lead just three minutes further on. It came from the spot, veteran forward Ada Westerberg sliding home her first of the season and 119th overall for the Welsh club.
                Maeshafn sit second in Division 6:56 as a result of that… er, result. They are one of only two 100% sides left in this particular section.


                  X11 Ladies Season 57 Matchday 3 report.

                  Division 2b
                  Drakaina                3 - 1   Gastele
                  Heggarty 13'                    Diarra  43'
                  Sietaridis 15'
                  Källgren 63'
                  Division 3e
                  Viking South Utsira     1 - 1   BV Cloppenburg
                  T.Klovning 68'               
                  Division 4i
                  Dial L for Ladies       0 - 1   Coxy Ladies Wulpen
                                                  van Sttenberghe (pen) 54'
                  Division 5:16
                  LNWR Locomotive         1 - 1   Watergate Bay Surfers
                  Zakarian 87'                    Lecluyse 55'
                  Division 5:19
                  Ullapool Northern Star  2 - 0   Murcielago
                  Lovell 53'
                  Klovning 87'
                  Division 5:21
                  Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC  3 - 1   Bombastic Girls
                  Borot 36'                       Viitasola 77'
                  Dalmiya 44'
                  Sumanti 80'
                  Division 5:32
                  Golden Pride            1 - 2   Csiki Girls
                  Stirling 86'                    Neaves 24', 26'
                  Division 6:53
                  Zeugma Dostluk Spor     4 - 0   Ultra Violet LMW
                  Bell 9'
                  Cankut 32'
                  Özköylü 39'
                  Lúcia Lucas 65'
                  Division 6:56
                  Menywod Maeshafn        3 - 0   FR Timmer
                  Lydell 24'
                  Westerberg 56'
                  Boye 70'
                  The first OTF derby of the season pitted two teams whose starts to the campaign appear to have them travelling in opposite directions. Hosts Drakaina, freshly promoted, came into the match top of the table with two wins from two whilst Gastele, who dropped down to this Division at the end of last season, stood at its foot with a pair of defeats to their names.
                  The first fifteen minutes went with that form as The Dragons started off on fire. Gael Heggarty had already rattled the crossbar with a 4th minute header when a corner dropped to her and she coolly lifted the ball over a crowd of bodies to drop sweetly into the far corner. That was on 13 minutes and a second swiftly followed with another lofted ball, though Laria Sietaridis’ chipped finish only beat Gastele ‘keeper Roza Belova. But then, that is all it had to do.
                  Jdsx’s charges began to fight back in the 19th minute when a back heel flick from centre-forward Odette Diarra forced Anastasia Shkolnikova in the Dragons goal to tap over. Gastele and Diarra kept pushing though and were rewarded when the Gastele forward steered a corner goalwards and in on 43 minutes. They even had a chance to level before the break, that woman against Diarra with it but her precise header was turned around the post by Shkolnikova.
                  2-1 at the interval, and Gastele needed to score first. However, having first survived a scare on 53 minutes when a dangerous free-kick picked out Veta Luengo only for her effort to be taken care of by Shkolnikova, it was Etienne’s side who struck again and it was the third variant of dink that did it, Matilda Källgren sending a header over defender, ‘keepers and opposition forwards and perfectly picking out the top corner.
                  That goal, on 63 minutes, rather knocked the stuffing out of The Dragons. Diarra had a chance to reduce arrears on 65 minutes, but though she slipped it past Shkolnikova’s left hand the ball came back off the right post. After that the visitors showed nothing more, with the last two chances coming for the Greeks instead. However Roza Belova was in her toes to collect a deflection of Lilian Ash on 82 minutes and then had a relatively easy save a minute later when a free-kick was teed up for Källgren to half-volley.
                  The result in line with expectation meant no change in the Division 3d standings. Drakaina remain top and perfect, Gastele bottom and pointless.

                  Early Division 3e pace setters Viking South Utsira hosted winless BV Cloppenburg hoping to extend their victorious won.
                  The first half showed little promise for Velvet Android’s team as they struggled and failed to get a sight of goal, and also conceded an opener on 27 minutes to boot. Things improved after the interval, but even so The Blood Eagles first goal attempt of the day took until the 67th minute to materialise. It was worth the wait though, Tyra Klovning bulleting home cousin Mette’s 68th minute cross for the leveller.
                  The two points dropped were enough to cost Utsira top spot in 3e, slipping to two points behind new leaders Kongo BK in the standings. They do remain second however, despite the set-back.

                  Week 3 saw Coxy Ladies Wulpen play away for the first time as they visited Dial L for Ladies.
                  The Waders shaded a chanceless first half in possessional terms, but things moved up a notch after the break when Hugh Cango awarded the Flemings a 54th minute penalty. Eva van Sttenberghe took the responsibility and handled the pressure with assurance. After that Wulpen had a couple of chances to extend their advantage, which were not taken but to no matter – one was enough for victory.
                  It lifted Janik’s side back up to fourth in the Division 4i standings, just a point adrift of the leaders.

                  LNWR Locomotive continued their search for an opening win against early Division 5:16 pacesetters Watergate Bay Surfers.
                  The visitors dominated possession in the first half, but it was The Steamers who had the only chance of this period. As that was missed, the only really notable incident before the interval was a nasty injury to Locomotive defender Callie Deeney, who will be out for 11 days.
                  The game opened out a bit on the restart, and 10 minutes in the visitors took the lead. Viktor Boskovic’s charges kept plugging away however and got their rewards with three minutes of normal time remaining when Gayane Zakarian broke away and stroked home the leveller.
                  Despite the point snatched late on, The Steamers remain towards the bottom end of the 5:16 standings. They are currently seventh, but only a point from safety.

                  A win and a defeat start for Ullapool Northern Star made their match against Murcielago (played two, lost two) an important one for setting seasonal trends; would Delicatemoth’s side be challenging at the top end of the table, or looking over their shoulders?
                  The Highlanders utterly dominated first half possession, holding two-thirds of the ball, but from this didn’t create a chance. Murcielago did, and found the back of the net. Fortunately for Northern Star these were separate incidents and the ‘goal’ was disallowed.
                  Ullapool began to move the ball sharper after the break, and were rewarded when Lindsey Lovell finished from close range on 53 minutes. Key defender and free-kick taker Ninorta Kha was forced from the field in the 69th minute with a 13-day knock, but this didn’t disrupt Star’s flow, Utsiran abroad Renate Klovning adding a killer second on 87 minutes.
                  Ullapool move a couple of spots up the Division 5:19 table on the back of the win, climbing to fourth.

                  Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC, with an unbeaten start to the campaign, were favourites when they hosted Bombastic Girls, who were yet to win.
                  The first half conformed entirely to expectations, The Sea Spirits dominating affairs, holding two thirds of possession, creating a number of chances and going into the break two to the good after strikes from Tyan Borot (36 minutes) and Diksha Dalmiya (44).
                  SeanoftheShed’s side took their foot off the gas rather after the break, which resulted in the lead being halved on 77 minutes. The Sea Goddesses swiftly put a stop to that, Utami Sumanti restoring the two-goal cushion just three minutes later. 3-1 it finished.
                  With that, and a defeat elsewhere for the last 100% team in Division 5:21, Kanjeng went top of the table.

                  Csiki Girls travelled to Golden Pride with a perfect two from two record behind them, looking to make it three from three.
                  A strong first half performance from Ad hoc’s side had its peak around the middle with two goals in the three minute spell, both finished by Robin Neaves. First she converted a breakaway chance on 24 minutes, and then she headed home Trudy Woozley’s cross on 26. Hosts Golden Pride had a goal back disallowed in the 32nd minute and had to wait until 86 were on the clock to register. By when it was effectively too late. And anyway, the goal was their only legal shot of a game the Csiki’s really dominated.
                  Victory was enough to take them to the summit of Division 5:32 as the only other 100% side were held to a draw.

                  Zeugma Dostluk Spor – two wins from two, seven goals scored and none conceded. Ultra Violet LMW – two defeats, two scored, six conceded. Straightforward?
                  When Ultra Violet had the ball in the Zeugma net on six minutes the thought was maybe not. But Ian Hartman disallowed it, and three minutes later it was 1-0 to the hosts after Stacey Bell crashed home from 40 yards.
                  Two more before the interval from Nazan Cankut (32 minutes) and Suzan Özköylü (39) ensured the victory, Ana Lúcia Lucas adding a fourth for Antepli Ejderha’s side after the break. They ended the match with 10 players after Veronika Kulakova picked up a 10-day injury. But as that happened with only three minutes plus stoppages, it had no bearing on the result.
                  Which kept Zeugma top of Division 6:53 of course, as they had began the day as the only 100% team in the section and remained so. They are two points clear of the side in second.

                  Menywod Maeshafn were also perfect after two games and looking to make it three against FR Timmer.
                  IsThatcherDeadYet’s side suffered an early set-back when Cho-Hee Eum was crudely fouled and had to leave the field with a 7-day knock after just 4 minutes play. Her assailant was only booked. This made little difference to the course of the game though as the Welsh side dominated. Ellinor Lydell headed them ahead on 24 minutes, Ada Westerberg doubled the advantage, also with her head, 11 minutes after the interval and Lisha Boye struck from range to put a bow on it in the 70th minute.
                  And yet again this was enough to lift the OTF side to the top of the tree, Zeugma taking advantage of the other 100% side losing their first game (6-3 at home!) to move three points clear at the Division 6:56 summit.


                    The official Ladies League Cup, Season 57, Round 2.

                    Doncaster Belles        1 - 0   Coxy Ladies Wulpen
                    Erlander 49'
                    Coxy Ladies Wulpen      3 - 1   Doncaster Belles
                    Wostijn 19', 33'                Claussen 55'
                    Zapodeanu (O.G.) 33'
                    Wulpen win 3-2 on aggregate
                    Fossa Delle Leonesse    2 - 0   LNWR Locomotive
                    Potenza 46', 81'
                    LNWR Locomotive         1 - 2   Fossa Delle Leonesse
                    Teigland 67'                    Anselmetti 5'
                                                    Lillo 89'
                    Leonesse win 4-1 on aggregate
                    Leffe Blondes           1 - 2   Csiki Girls
                    Patrícia Ortigosa 46'           Neaves 9'
                                                    Igreja 55'
                                                    Israca (sent off) 75'
                    Csiki Girls             0 - 0   Leffe Blondes
                    Csiki Girls win 2-1 on aggregate
                    The Liver               1 - 0   Drakaina
                    Baddeley 76'
                    Drakaina                1 - 1   The Liver
                    Källgren 16'            A.E.T.  Winfield 107'
                    Gudlandur (sent off) 83'
                    The Liver win 2-1 on aggregate
                    Long Lake Ladies        2 - 0   Gastele
                    Catlow 50', 77'
                    Gastele                2 - 0   Long Lake Ladies
                    Dickson 30', 86'       A.E.T.
                    2-2 on aggregate. Gastele win 4-2 on penalties
                    Magical Defender        0 - 3   Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC
                                                    Dalmiya 74'
                                                    Ikmal 77', 87'
                    Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC  1 - 0   Magical Defender
                    Dalmiya 33'
                    Kanjeng win 4-0 on aggregate
                    The Troachetes          0 - 3   Viking South Utsira
                                                    K.Hovland 14'
                                                    L.Hovland 75'
                                                    T.Kvalvik 88'
                    Viking South Utsira     1 - 0   The Troachetes
                    A.Hovland 46'
                    Viking win 4-0 on aggregate
                    Ullapool Northern Star  0 - 0   FC Comexotas
                    FC Comexotas            2 - 1   Ullapool Northern Star
                    Read 41'                        Almeida 63'
                    Basto 82'
                    Comexotas win 2-1 on aggregate
                    The second round draw paired Coxy Ladies Wulpen up with another club with a long and proud history in the Women’s game, Doncaster Belles.
                    This particular version of Donny currently operate in Division 5 and were on home turf at the Keepmoat in the opening leg. Visitors Wulpen had the better of the first half, but Janik’s side didn’t make the most of this and quickly paid for it as the Belles struck soon after half-time. That changed the game, and in the end The Waders were pretty relived to only lose 1-0 and therefore retain a realistic shot for the return leg.
                    The deficit was wiped out 19 minutes in the second game when Aurelie Wostijn fired home. Her strike was followed on 33 minutes by Ramona Zapodeanu turning into her own net, and Coxy Ladies had turned the game around.
                    The fragility of their situation was emphasised though when the Belles struck back on 55 minutes, which not only levelled the tie on aggregate but put Doncaster ahead on away goals. The Waders needed another, and once again Wostijn was the woman to provide, heading home on 69 minutes.
                    The Belles did have another chance late on, but when that went begging a very relieved Wulpen were through to the Round 3. There they will play Division 4d outfit Southwesthampton – The Waders will be at home in the second leg of the all-fifth tier tie.

                    LNWR Locomotive were on the road for their first leg, but the stop belonging to Fossa Delle Leonesse was of a higher grade (Division 4) than the usual offering at Mollington Street.
                    Could The Steamers prove the seeding committee right in their assumptions. Er, can I get back to you on that one? The match was one-way traffic, which is common enough on a railway but a problem here for Viktor Boskovic’s side as everything was converging on their terminus. The pressure resulted in just two goals, on 46 and 81 minutes which keeps the tie just about alive. It could very well have been worse, and that is the straw LNWR fans will cling to.
                    Even that was taken away from them 5 minutes into the return as Fossa Delle Leonesse struck. This was a double blow as not only did it extended the aggregate gap to three, it was also an away goal so it was effectively worth an extra half goal on top. Frankly, that killed the tie as a contest, Maja Teigland’s 67th minute effort for The Steamers little more than a consolation. It wasn’t even the last word, Leonesse striking again in the dying minutes.

                    Pop and beer were in opposition as the Csiki Girls also aimed to take down a lower seed from a higher Division (4 in this case) in Leffe Blondes.
                    There was also a contrast between the profane and sacred as the Csiki’s scandalised the Abbaye de Leffe crowd. And also left them in consternation with a very good first half display that had its deserved reward through Robin Neaves’ 9th minute opener.
                    The hosts levelled completely against the run of play with a free-kick seconds after the restart, but the Csiki’s were not going to be denied , going ahead again on 55 minutes when Carlota Igreja struck. Their determination to win was particularly evident in the last fifteen minutes as Liraz Israca’s sending off (straight red) was shrugged off as no big deal and the 2-1 away win was secured.
                    There was little incentive for Ad hoc’s side to attack in the second game but they did so anyway, though in a controlled fashion. In fact the entire performance was very well orchestrated as Leffe, who had to score twice to have any chance of progressing, were limited to just one unsuccessful sight of goal. The Csiki’s also failed to register from their four openings, but that hardly mattered when already ahead on aggregate.
                    Their reward for progressing is two games against Division 2d side Jålejentene. The high-fliers are the higher seeds, leaving the first leg to be played at A kertem.

                    Three tiers separated Drakaina from Division 5 outfit The Liver (those three steps in Drakaina’s favour, obviously).
                    Did it show? Ahh, umm, yes and no. The Dragons dominated the ball in the away opening leg, but were caught on the break quite regularly, meaning the hosts had more of the chances. The game had 1-0 written all over it, but to whom? In the end to The Liver, who struck in the 76th minute to leave Etienne’s side with work to do.
                    It looked like The Dragons sleeves were rolled up [er…] when Matilda Källgren opened the scoring 16 minutes into the return game. However if the Delphi crowd sat back in their seats with that on the expectation of ‘here we go’ they were to be disappointed as Drakaina struggled to kick on from this. They were not pegged back either, with the tie drifting towards extra-time.
                    Before it got there though a key development happened – The Dragons Maria Gudlandur was shown a second yellow card. Play tipped immediately towards the visitors, though Drakaina survived to the extra-half hour.
                    A minute before the end of the first period of extra-time it looked like they might get away with it when Ariadne Kavazis, but her effort was disallowed (Dick Tator is off the Greeks’ Christmas card list) and then two minutes after the restart the killer away goal that The Liver had been threatening arrived.
                    The visiting boss showed little graciousness in victory, getting a bit of a withering comment back from Etienne in person. Well played, sir!

                    The same three step gap separated Gastele from Long Lake Ladies of Division 5.
                    But again this was a tie where you wouldn’t have been able to tell which was the higher tier outfit from the opening leg performances. Gastele struggled to hold on to the ball, though Jdsx’s side did create as many chances as they gave up in the first half. That was also true after the break, but with one crucial caveat; whilst Gastele failed to convert their two second-half opportunities, Long Lake were way more ruthless, finishing off both their openings.
                    That left Gastele in trouble ahead of the return match. Digging out of it would take a careful balance of defence and attack, as anything conceded would be a killer on away goals. However goals were needed and a first arrived on the half-hour when Jessica Dickson headed home. That was good but time was beginning to run out on the hosts until Dickson popped up again on 86 minutes to finish off a free-kick routine.
                    A goalless extra-time period took the match on to penalties. Rosey Dickson (Jessica’s sister) scored Gastele’s opening effort as did Long Lake. However, the visitors, who were taking first, saw their second kick saved. Roza Belova and Blenda Alsegård scored Gastele’s second and third efforts to have them 3-2 up. And then Long Lake missed again. That left Odette Diarra with a kick to win it. She made no mistake.
                    Having survived that scare, Gastele now face Division 5:23 side Legend TK in Round 3. If this one needs a penalty shoot out, it won’t be in front of the Gastele fans as despite being three tiers higher they find themselves as the lower seeds.


                      Two Division 5 teams went at it as Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC took on Magical Defender.
                      The first leg took place at the Trika Stadium, and for nearly 75 minutes of this game The Sea Spirits were the better team, but had nothing to show for it. Just when it looked like Kanjeng would be frustrated, Diksha Dalmiya sprung the offside trap and slotted home. Having conceded an away goal the hosts were forced to abandon their inclinations and attack, particularly after Rahma Ikmal fired in a second from range just three minutes after the opener.
                      Pushing up just allowed The Sea Goddesses to catch Defender too far up field, which gave Ikmal the time and space to get what looks to be a killer third late on. Certainly SeanoftheShed’s charges are in a very strong position ahead of the return game (though, of course, they can’t win on away goals!).
                      That late burst meant that only a catastrophic collapse would prevent Kanjeng progressing. It was clear by half-an-hour into the second leg that this wasn’t happening, and indeed soon after that Dalmiya extended the aggregate lead to 4-0.
                      The rest of the tie was just going through the motions as The Sea Spirits cruised through to a R3 clash with another side who are not just from the same tier but the very same Division as they will take on fellow 5:21denizens Twin Peaks Owls. The two had better get used to each other – the Cup games are swiftly followed by their two league meetings! The first encounter, in the Cup 1st leg, will be at The Black Lodge.

                      Two Divisions separated Viking South Utsira from Division 5 opponents The Troachetes.
                      In this tie though the higher ranked OTF side clearly demonstrated why they were further up the steps of the pyramid with their first leg away performance. Velvet Android’s side got the key settler when Kristin Hovland struck in the 14th minute. That allowed her fellow Blood Eagles to play their Football, which was rewarded by them keeping a stranglehold on the game and eventually adding two more, Hovland’s cousin Lina Hovland firing in a second from distance on 75 minutes and Tove Kvalvik nodding a third from an 88th minute corner.
                      As with Kanjeng this made the second leg a case of not slipping on the obvious isolated banana skin [think that Far Side cartoon with a penguin]. And as with Kanjeng, The Blood Eagles were able to steer calmly around the pitfall. They dominated the opening half, without creating a chance but soon rectified that after the break through young forward Anneke Hovland’s strike. That came seconds into the second period and would prove to be the only goal of it as the visiting ‘keeper had a superb 45 minutes.
                      4-0 was way more than enough though. It sent VSU through to a Round 3 clash with Division 4g side Tangerine FC. The Blood Eagles are away in the opening leg.

                      The one unseeded side from amongst our cohort was Ullapool Northern Star, but despite being at home in the opening leg they still faced a side below them in the Structure when they took on Division 6 outfit FC Comexotas.
                      The opening leg was a cagey affair with barely any chances at either end. Ullapool got off one attempt all match (which didn’t go in), compared to two that also failed from visitors Comexotas. That left delicatemoth’s side in a decentish position for the return leg, level but with no away goal conceded.
                      Things had deteriorated a little by half-time of the second match after a 45 minutes that Comexotas had dominated in general play (61% possession and four-zip on chances) but with only got a single goal to show for it. A leveller would put Ullapool ahead on aggregate and they got a major (if snidey) break seconds after the restart when Lynn Weatherhead clattered the home side’s lockdown ‘keeper, who had to be stretchered off to be replaced by a youngster of less than half the skill, grade-6 rather than grade-16.
                      Northern Star lost a player themselves to injury a little over ten minutes later, Jill Elliott going down with a knock. However Elliot’s replacement, Hellen MacKintosh, is of identical skill. Not really the same. Soon after Elliot departed Ullapool drew level, Núbia Almeida’s effort from range somehow creeping in.
                      That had the Scots ahead on away goals, but given it was Star’s only attempt of the game a victory for them, however pleasant from a parochial perspective, would have felt like a bit of a travesty in these circumstances. And in the end it didn’t happen as Comexotas struck again and decisively with 82 on the clock.

                      Round 3 draw - first listed teams home in opening leg
                      Southwesthampton (4d)        vs   Coxy Ladies Wulpen
                      Csiki Girls                  vs   Jålejentene (2d)
                      Gastelle                     vs   Legend TK (5:23)
                      Twin Peaks Owls (5:21)       vs   Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC
                      Tangerine FC (4g)            vs   Viking South Utsira


                        X11 Ladies Season 57 Matchday 4 report. ‘twas the night before Christmas…

                        Division 2b
                        Drakaina                4 - 1   Stoke City FC
                        Petit 25', 63', 76'             Runvik 47'
                        Vulturescu 42'
                        November Revolution     0 - 1   Gastele
                                                        Dickson 78'
                        Division 3e
                        Viking South Utsira     1 - 1   Careerwomen United
                        B.Austrheim 92'                 Dutra 51'
                        Division 4i
                        Coxy Ladies Wulpen      3 - 0   Championettes
                        Beyen 43'
                        van Sttenberghe 57'
                        Wostijn 63'
                        Division 5:16
                        Wælcyrie Girls          2 - 0   LNWR Locomotive
                        Lykkegaard Carlsen 1'
                        Barsatie 12'
                        Division 5:19
                        The Sibley Squad        1 - 2   Ullapool Northern Star
                        Yang Bi 74'                     MacKintosh 63'
                                                        Menashi 83'
                        Division 5:21
                        Söderbönerna            0 - 2   Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC
                                                        Ikmal 62'
                                                        Luangpruksachat 84'
                        Division 5:32
                        Queens in Uniforms      2 - 1   Csiki Girls
                        Angelina 51'                    Munoz 56'
                        Jameson 84'
                        Division 6:53
                        Zeugma Dostluk Spor     3 - 2   Vendetta Team
                        Ortiz 2'                        Esporões 10'
                        Turchetti 40'                   Hailmi 50'
                        Özköylü 83'
                        Division 6:56
                        Menywod Maeshafn        4 - 0   The Valkyries
                        Beck 18', 79'
                        Lydell 60'
                        Kjellberg 93'
                        Division 2b leaders Drakaina were looking to serve up a cracker when they hosted a Stoke City FC side with just a point to their name from the opening three rounds of fixtures.
                        The Dragons were the better side in the first half, though arguably they were a little flattered to be two ahead at the interval. 1-0 may have been fairer on the overall balance of play, not that this was a concern at all to Sandrine Petit or Florica Vulturescu as they struck on the 25th and 42nd minutes respectively.
                        Stoke pulled a goal back two minutes after the break, only for Petit to take the game completely away from the visitors as she completed her hattrick with further efforts in the 63rd and 76th minute.
                        Gastele also had a 100% record in this section. Unfortunately it was of the wrong type! Jdsx’s charges desperately needed to break their slump when they visited November Revolution, who sat fifth but only had three more points to their names.
                        The match was an evenly balanced affair. Revolution had slightly more of the ball, Gastele had a bigger slice of the chances pie [hmmmm, pie!]. Which of these would prove decisive? The latter as it turned out, Rosey Dickson heading the only goal of the game on 78 minutes to finally get Gastele’s campaign truly underway.
                        Drakaina obviously stay top of the 2b tree after their win, which meant Etienne’s side have now won four out of four in the league. The Dragons are three points clear of second and five ahead of third. Gastele, meanwhile, climbed from the foot of the 4i table with their first points, moving up to seventh. They are still two points from safety, but things look rosier [Ha!].

                        Unbeaten Viking South Utsira were looking to continue their good start when they hosted Careerwomen United.
                        The Blood Eagles were on the back foot in the first half, but survived it without conceding. That changed soon after the break, but it did so in the immediate aftermath of an enforced substitution following a horrid 19-day injury suffered by young forward Anastasija Kvalvik.
                        Did confusion caused by a re-arrangement play a part in conceding? Quite possibly, given that Viking’s net was bulging again 60 seconds after their next sub (this one planned). Fortunately for Utsira boss Velvet Android, ref Warren Peace was not convinced of the legality of the strike and ruled it out.
                        After that the hosts came at their opponents, but were looking like running out of time until Birgit Austrheim popped up two minutes after the 90 to head in a last gasp equaliser. The point was enough to keep VSU second it the Division 3e standings, though they lost two points to leaders Kongo BK, who are now four clear. The gap behind The Blood Eagles is two points.

                        Coxy Ladies Wulpen staff and fans were hopeful of success ahead of their side hosting struggling [b]Championettes[b]
                        The Waders dominated the first half in statistical terms, holding nearly two-thirds possession and creating chances whilst not allowing any at the other end. However, it was still a relief when Charlotte Beyen converted that to something tangible with a 43rd minute strike.
                        Wulpen continued to dictate the play after the break and added two more, Eva van Sttenberghe heading home in the 57th minute and Aurelie Wostijn crashing home from range six minutes later. Janik’s side cruised to victory from that point.
                        Coxy Ladies move up to third in the table after the win, though they only trail the leaders on goal difference as all sides in Division 4i have lost at least once in the opening four games.

                        Winless LNWR Locomotive were only four points adrift of hosts Wælcyrie Girls (not sure the recent addition of ‘Girls’ was necessary there) ahead of their meeting, despite Wælcyrie sitting second in the table to The Steamers second bottom.
                        A win for Victor Boskovic’s side would therefore have leapt them right back into contention in Division 5:16. Except it didn’t happen. In fact, the Warrior Maidens effectively had the game wrapped up by the 12th minute as they lead 2-0 by then. Locomotive never looked remontely like recovering the situation, creating just one chance in the 90 minutes. About the only straw to clutch at was it got no worse!
                        Or not in this particular game. In terms of league position, defeat sent LNWR to the foot of the 5:16 standings. They are only two points from safety still, though.

                        Matchday 4 handed Ullapool Northern Star a challenging assignment with a trip to unbeaten second-in-the-table outfit The Sibley Squad.
                        Ullapool were far from overawed, though. Delicatemoth’s side had more of the ball in the first half, and though they didn’t create any chances in that period the boss assured her team the openings would come eventually. Mary-Leslie Mair’s disallowed strike on 52 minutes gave credence to that statement, Hellen MacKintosh’s long range thunderbolt on 63 proving the fulfilment. The goal was 22 year-old defender MacKintosh’s first senior strike, in what was her 42nd appearance for Northern Star.
                        Great though that was, it wasn’t enough to win the game on its own as Sibley Squad levelled on 74 minutes. However the Scots were not done quite yet and claimed the winner their general play merited with another screamer from distance on 83 minutes, this one hit by more regular contributor Sonia Menashi.
                        Not only did victory see Star swap places with their opponents, it also leapfrog dm’s side over two others as Ullapool leapt from fourth to head the Division 5:19 standings.

                        Talking of heading the standings, Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC were already there ahead of their visit to Söderbönerna.
                        The Sea Spirits advantage on second was just goal difference, albeit a good chunk of that. So they were sent out by boss SeanoftheShed in an attacking vein, with three up front. For 45 minutes of more it didn’t work positively, as no shots were registered. However it was also not negative either with Söderbönerna also not having any openings.
                        Both teams were having more joy after the break but it was The Sea Goddesses who would break through, Rahma Ikmal heading home the opener on 62 minutes. The win was the most important thing, but goal difference also mattered and the Indonesians got a boost when injury reduced Söderbönerna to ten. Thao-Ap Luangpruksachat quickly took advantage, heading home a second six minutes later to seal victory.
                        2-0 was also enough to keep Kanjeng ahead of their rivals in the Division 5:21 standings, though there are three teams breathing down their neck, behind by only goal difference, one point and two points respectively. It’s looking like a division of two halves already, with The Sea Spirits heading the right group.

                        Csiki Girls took their 100% record to a side only three points adrift of themselves in the shape of Queens in Uniforms.
                        An open first half, with lots of chances at both ends, somehow ended scoreless. The Csiki’s had edged the opportunities four to three, and kept that belief going as they swiftly responded to Queens’ 51st minute opener, Eleena Munoz firing the sides level five minutes further on.
                        At that point, however, ad hoc’s side seemed to run out of ideas. No further chances were created, which meant that the hosts long range effort in the 84th minute would prove to be the winner.
                        Defeat saw The Csiki’s slip from the summit of Division 5:32. But not far. They are now second, a point adrift of the new leaders.


                          Played three, won three, scored 11, conceded 0 was Zeugma Dostluk Spor ahead of the visit of Vendetta Team. The visitors, however, were the second top scorers in Division 6:53 behind Antepli Ejderha’s side. Hopes were high for a good contest.
                          The Insan Haklari Stadyumu crowd didn’t have long to wait for the excitement to get going, Irene Ortiz firing home the opener inside 2 minutes. That was some way for Ortiz to introduce herself to her new faithful, the veteran midfield having only been acquired four days prior to this fixture.
                          Zeugma’s lead proved short lived as Vendetta became the first team all season to score against them, equalising in the 10th minute. The pattern of goals exchanged was repeated around half-time, the Anatolians going ahead again through Volante Turchetti’s 40th minute header, Vendetta responding again the same distance into the second period.
                          Chances continued to rain in an extraordinarily open game; the combined total for the two teams at the final whistle would be 16 proper openings. With that amount of danger a winner for one side was always likely, and it was Zeugma who grabbed it when Suzan Özköylü fired in in the 83rd minute.
                          That made it four from four, which obviously kept Zeugma top of the Division 6:53 standings. They are two points clear of second and a further one ahead of third.

                          Any expectations of a tough day for Menywod Maeshafn against The Valkyries disappeared when it became clear the visitors manager was absent.
                          IsThatcherDeadYet’s side were in complete control but found Valkyries ‘keeper Pandora Judd in inspired form. The only effort to beat her in the first hour was Morgan Beck’s 18th minute header. This couldn’t last forever given the pressure the Welsh side were exerting, and the inevitable happened when Ellinor Lydell broke clear on the hour mark to slip in the second.
                          A 6-day injury to ‘keeper Brenda Standish was shrugged off as she hadn’t had a save to make and anyway veteran sub Laure Bertheau is the stronger of the two stoppers! A few minutes after this Beck struck again, Simone Kjellberg adding the icing on the cake in stoppage time.
                          Four from four for Maeshafn equals top of Division 6:56, three points clear of both second and third. One of whom they play next.


                            Irene Ortiz is a 16 skilled midfielder with a cone bought for just under a million econs. Very early in the Xpert Ladies for bargains but they are there.

                            One of my experienced midfielders is retiring at the end of the season and Ortiz is her replacement.


                              The Xpert Ladies transfer market has thrown up so more bargains for me. An experienced defender and striker. I'm hoping to win the league of course but I'm looking at staying up next season and want to bed in the players before then.


                                X11 Ladies Season 57 Matchday 5 report. Party time?

                                Division 2b
                                Gastele                 2 - 1   Stoke City FC
                                Diarra 28'                      Chester 50'
                                McRenton 84'
                                Girls Aloud             2 - 1   Drakaina
                                Ilham (pen) 10'                 Heggarty 91'
                                Price 57'
                                Division 3e
                                Misconduct United       3 - 0   Viking South Utsira
                                Hammarskjöld 25', 80'
                                Charpin 54', (missed pen) 48'
                                Division 4i
                                Busby Babes             2 - 1   Coxy Ladies Wulpen
                                Bångman 3', 56'                 Beyen 71'
                                Division 5:16
                                San Francisco 9ers      0 - 2   LNWR Locomotive
                                                                Zakarian 73'
                                                                Severinsson 78'
                                Division 5:19
                                Gregorys Girls          2 - 1   Ullapool Northern Star
                                Coleman 52'                     Bastock 26'
                                Greenlaw 84'
                                Division 5:21
                                Beta Andromedae         1 - 2   Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC
                                Harrington 48'                  Dalmiya 55'
                                                                Sumanti 92'
                                Division 5:32
                                Csiki Girls             2 - 1   P.S.G.
                                Woozley 20'                     MacBryne 73'
                                Crampsey 23'
                                Division 6:53
                                Meninas do Convento     1 - 1   Zeugma Dostluk Spor
                                Celas 8'                        Turchetti 92'
                                Division 6:56
                                Danis Ladies            0 - 2   Menywod Maeshafn
                                                                Kilford 33', 81'
                                Escribano (sent off) 53'
                                A first win the previous week was a great confidence boost for Gastele ahead of a huge game against Stoke City FC.
                                ‘Huge’ because both sides were struggling in the table, in seventh and eighth respectively. The first goal is always important in any game of Football, but particularly so in such encounters. And it was Gastele who got it, Odette Diarra firing home in the 28th minute, arguably slightly against the run of play.
                                Stoke had actually created more first half chances than Jdsx’s side, so there were few realistic arguments when they drew level in the 50th minute. Indeed the visitors continued to shade opportunities throughout the match, but despite that it was Gastele who nicked the winner, Lisa McRenton racing away to finish coolly in the 84th minute.
                                The other match involving an OTF side in this Division sent Drakaina to Girls Aloud.
                                The Dragons were defending a perfect winning record, but found themselves playing against referee Irre Levant as well as their opponents as first a 10th minute penalty was given to Girls Aloud (which then converted) and then Laria Sietaridis had a 27th minute effort disallowed.
                                Girls Aloud hit a high note in the 57th minute as they made it 2-0. That looked like being enough for most of the rest of the game as the Greeks struggled. However Etienne’s side finally managed a legal shot in the 91st minute, and they scored it, Gael Heggarty blasting home. Time was against any miraculous comebacks though.
                                Despite that first defeat Drakaina remain top of the Division 2b table, though their lead over second is now just goal difference. Meanwhile Gastele’s second win on the spin lifts them to sixth, just goal difference from safety.

                                Viking South Utsira were unbeaten ahead of their trip to Misconduct United.
                                The Blood Eagles fell behind however when Misconduct struck in the 25th minute with their only first half opportunity. The hosts had a glorious chance to double their lead on 48 minutes when awarded a penalty, only for Geneviève Charpin to fluff her lines. The reprieve for Velvet Android’s girls was brief however, Charpin making up for her miss just six minutes later.
                                A long ranger late on made the final score 3-0, which was a harsh reflection on a game that was only 4-1 in chances against Viking. Defeat it was though, which was enough for the sides to switch places in the Division 3e table, VSU slipping down to third.

                                Second hosted third, both sides with three wins and a single defeat as Coxy Ladies Wulpen went to Old Trafford to take on Busby Babes.
                                Were The Waders awed by their surroundings? Hopefully not, but whatever the reason they were one-nil down within three minutes. That was also how it stood at the interval, but it was rather fortunate for Coxy Ladies that that was the case as Sarah Asselman was forced into a string of saves. The pressure told eventually though as she was finally beaten for a second time on 56 minutes.
                                A bad day for Janik’s side got worse when Noémie Kerckhoeven picked up a 10 day knock. But then a ray of light punctuated the gloom, Charlotte Beyen pulling one back with 19 minutes to play. That was utterly against the run of play though, and it wasn’t to be added to for the theft of a point.
                                Defeat saw The Waders lose a spot to sit fourth in the Division 4i standings, three points behind the leading pair but a healthy five ahead of the drop zone.

                                A vital, must-win game for all sorts of reasons sent LNWR Locomotive across the pond to take on San Francisco 9ers.
                                The importance of the match was not just that the two teams began the day seventh and eighth respectively in the Division 5:16 table, but also down to the hosts name and its sexist reference. For 60+ minutes nothing much happened as The Steamers cool the home side and crowd down. The last twenty saw Viktor Boskovic’s side slowly opening the throttle, create a succession of chances and net twice through Gayane Zakarian’s header (73 minutes) and Tekla Severinsson’s shot (78).
                                That was comfortably enough to seal victory against their pathetic hosts, victory rocketing Locomotive up to fifth in the table, out of the drop zone on goal difference.

                                Ullapool Northern Star had a challenging fixture to preserve their leadership of Division 5:19 as they visited a Gregorys Girls side that was one of a gaggle hot on Stars heels.
                                The visitors were the first to strike, midfielder Suzy Bastock heading home her first for the club following her ~3.5 million acquisition in the 26th minute. That was rather against the run of play at the time and became more so as the first half bled into the second. Gregorys Girls pressure was rewarded with an equaliser on 52 minutes.
                                It remained 1-1 deep into the game thanks to some stalwart goalkeeping from Helen Hess and wasteful finishing from the hosts. However just when Delicatemoth would have been beginning to hope that her side were going to escape with a draw a long range effort slithered past Hess.
                                Defeat for Northern Star was compounded by the three sides directly below them all winning. It meant DM’s team dropping from top to fourth in the 5:19 table. They remain much closer (two points) to the summit than the drop zone (six points), though.

                                Only two points separated Division 5:21 leaders Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC (3-1-0) and fourth-placed Beta Andromedae (2-2-0) prior to their meeting in the Alpha Quadrant.
                                After a cagey first-half that was in keeping with the closeness of the league positions, the game went up a gear in the early stages of the second as the sides swapped goals. Hosts Andromedae scored first on 48 minutes, but that was quickly cancelled out by a breakaway goal from Diksha Dalmiya on 55.
                                After this the teams traded chances, without either getting their noses in front again. That was until the match reached stoppage time when substitute Utami Sumanti, who Sea Spirits boss SeanoftheShed had only introduced five minutes from the end of normal time, raced away and dinked the winner home in cheeky fashion. Well, she is 18, cheekiness comes with the territory.
                                That late, late victory combined with results elsewhere to consolidate Kanjeng’s position at the top of the table. They are now two points clear of second and three ahead of third.

                                Csiki Girls were determined to bounce straight back from their first dropped points the previous week when they hosted bottom-of-the-table P.S.G.
                                Most pointless sides are so for the lack of a manager, but that was not the case with the Parisians, who are just somewhat inexplicably pointless so far this campaign. That meant Csiki’s boss ad hoc needed to be wary. However, any tension in the hosts was relieved when a two-goal blast from Trudy Woozley with a direct free-kick and Ginger Crampsey with a header midway through the first half gave the hosts clear water.
                                At that point a rout looked possible, and one may have happened if teenaged midfielder Crampsey’s second strike in three minutes had stood. Justin Thyme ruled it out though, and the hosts gradually got bogged down, particularly after defender Deb Beck was clobbered and stretchered off just after the half-hour (9 days). Paris were offering very limited threat though; in fact their only shot of the match came in the 73rd minute. They did score it, but the Transylvanians held them at arms-length thereafter to close out the win with no scares.
                                The Csiki’s started the day in second in the Division 5:32 table, a point behind the leaders. They won, the leaders were held to a draw. So they go top, right? Er, no, because third place was level on points, won 4-0 and jump past on goal difference! The Csiki’s stay second, just behind a new leader (and a point closer).


                                  A top of the table clash was the New Year’s Eve offering for Zeugma Dostluk Spor as they visited second-placed side Meninas do Convento.
                                  The two teams would prove to be well-matched. The hosts [Nuns? Convent staff who haven’t taken vows? My Spanish isn’t quite up to the nuance here] went ahead early on when they headed home a cross. Well, crosses are common in such institutions. Las Meninas they sat back on their advantage and tried to absorb Zeugma’s pressure.
                                  This was mostly successful, Antepli Ejderha’s side only managed a single shot in the 90 minutes despite 60+% possession. However there were still a few minutes of stoppage time, and during that a second opportunity of the day presented itself and, from another cross, Zeugma skipper Volante Turchetti haeded home. Cue some truly ungodly language from the home team and fans.
                                  Turchetti’s captains example kept Zeugma top of the Division 6:53 table, a point clear of second and two ahead of the Nuns (or whatever), who had been poised to leapfrog until the late intervention.

                                  Another second versus first encounter in this tier sent Menywod Maeshafn to Danis Ladies.
                                  This one would be a hard match to categorise. For example: Maeshafn dominated first half possession with 57% of the ball, got out-shot in this period 4-2 despite that, but came into the dressing rooms at half-time 1-0 up thanks to Laura Kilford’s 33rd minute breakaway strike.
                                  That Kilford was the scorer befitted the slightly woozy nature of the game; she had managed one in her previous 33 matches for IsThatcherDeadYet’s side. That was a total she was to match and double within 90 minutes as she also scored the second of the day on 81 minutes. That goal was actually a long time in coming as Danis Ladies had been playing a man down since the 53rd minute after Dora Escribano got herself a straight red. Maybe the delay was readjusting after star defender Tina Käck picked up a 14-day injury soon after (but not associated with) the red.
                                  Victory obviously strengthened Maeshafn’s position at the top of the Division 6:56 table. They remain three points clear of second, but are now six ahead of Danis in third.


                                    Change reports in this week for both the Golden League and the Human League. Both were ok.

                                    My Golden League team is developing nicely, I've placed three players on the transfer list as I move to a 3-5-2 formation. I'm a little bored of being in the with the same teams in the regional format but there's nothing I can do.

                                    My Human League side sees no sales and the addition of a youth prospect. I'd like to see someone end the domination of Suffragette City but it's not going to be us, they are too far ahead and we're mid table at best.

                                    How did everyone else do?


                                      Having won seasons 2 and 12, Eintracht Eindhoven had set their sights on winning The Human League again in season 22. This may become a more daunting task than imagined, since we start season 20 as just promoted to Division 2, and the squad has lost out on too many jumps along the way. Even if we achieve the end goal, we may miss the mark by a season or two.

                                      A squad full of ten- and eleven-skill players may not even be good enough to get promoted from Division 2, so let's take it one season at a time.


                                        Good change report for Pittsburgh - I expected two key mid-30s players to announce retirement. but they didn't. so hopefully another season of development for the younger players lies ahead. The aim is simply to stay in Div 2.

                                        Ullapool Northern Star have lost their jam in the Official Women's League though, two defeats in a row and the top two looking a big ask now.


                                          Lysistrata's change report (Human League) was reasonable - no DJs but then I wasn't expecting any. As we're always on the brink of penury, we'll have to sell someone; so, as my no. 2 keeper did rather badly last season, and only just scraped up a level, she's on the market, but won't raise much more than a million at best. We'll have to buy in a cheap young midfielder - today's YA offering was a measly 19/3...
                                          Of all my teams, Lysistrata have probably done the best - I took them over just as they were in the process of being relegated to Div 4 at the end of Season 8, and they've finished as Human League runners up in the last two seasons. I'm hoping that Suffragette City and Just Plain Random are now just-over-the-hill.... but HO's Holkham Forest look like being serious contenders this season..... But if you'd really like to see a new name on the Human League championship, AE, well, feel free to play those youngsters against us.... Hehehe


                                            Holkham look very strong.

                                            I think if we stay injury free then we'll be up there as contenders again, but we're very short of depth having lost Rambusch, Davison and Mangakahia from last season. We've a bit of cash to spend, but that's going to have to go on teenagers, unless the academy produces something.


                                              An OK CR for Les Sangliers, who have stagnated. I’m shoehorning them into a 3-5-2 but a bit lost for inspiration with them at present.

                                              Lincolnshire Curly Coats have also been a bit stagnant, and I’ve been similarly bored with them, but they have just had a really good CR, apart from GOAT Quincy Sefton deciding he will retire. In fairness he’s 36, having arrived as a 16/4 youth just when I took over. I’d told myself I would ditch this team when Sefton quit. But let’s see how good this season might turn out to be.


                                                Sandringham Park continue to be an absolutely textbook 'Division 1.5' team (or 0.5, or however you want to call it), thanks to another final-day relegation last weekend after seeing a late-midseason revival peter out in the crucial final games. The same thing happened to my Tiree Automatic side in the Xpert Zone, so I suffered two matching relegations an hour apart on Saturday evening.

                                                That's a fourth demotion from the Human League's highest level in only six total seasons spent up there. Three times now we've gone straight back down after promotion, including the last two attempts. So I'm consistent, at least.

                                                Since finally getting out of Div 2 at the end of Season 9, there's four seasons ever we've spent in the second tier; four times we've spent a single campaign there and all four times we've been promoted straight to the top flight. Having just discovered the new season has been set up – well done Sits! – I note we're ranked as strongest squad in Div 1 so there's a good chance we can yo-yo right back up again. How to bridge the gap more sustainably is something I've clearly still not managed to work out, however.

                                                Complicating things is the news that top striker and all-time leading scorer Alexandra Mitchell-Webb (34/14, 276 games, 75 goals) has announced she's going to retire after the coming campaign, which will make her the first player ever to do so after spending an entire career at Park. She was one of my original batch of 17-year-olds purchased soon after I formed the club, and all the others have been sold off again along the way. My other two forwards (Lady Beth Chatto-Windass and Orla Leaveser-Brown) are both 24, though, so hopefully they should be able to step up easily enough.

                                                Goalie Keira Vorderman-Whiteley is my other ever-present veteran, signed two days after AM-W in April 2016. At 36, she doesn't want to go anywhere, which is nice. Not least because there's a 14-year gap to her putative successor.

                                                The 10-year age chasm in the heart of my defensive quartet may be hurting us too – it jumps from 31/16 Grace Darling-Budd straight to 21/10 Katy Perry-Como, coincidentally our only two genuinely top-class looking players, but the younger pair are starting to come along so I'm moderately hopeful for the coming seasons.

                                                Midfield is the one area where there's a steadyish conveyor, but they are also steadily mediocre at all levels, so hey.
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                                                  One of the problms with stopping and then restarting (my own fault I know), is that it does take a season or two to get things going again. Queues Likely were never going to pull up and Div 4 trees, but at least the young squd all got a least one jump. The only DJ was keeper Penny Black (not surprising as she played the entire season) and with an econ pot of just 100k, the youngsters are going to be very much to the fore in the next season as (hopefully) the squad develops some serious skill levels.


                                                    Hah, "not pulling up any trees" was exactly how I was going to describe my younger keeper Mandy Lyfebohtz-Quick's development to date. Decided I'd been verbose enough though so excised any direct mention of her above.