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    Ullapool Northern Star last first-time opponent of the campaign was struggling and managerless Spice Girls.
    Delicatemoth’s side told ‘em what they wanted as they ran in four first half goals moreorless unopposed. Sonia Menashi got the first on 12 minutes, and one became two on 26 for her and her team. Ninorta Kha and Lindsey Lovell chipped in with one each before the interval as Northern Star were supporting each other’s efforts. Girl Power!
    The second-half was much quieter, Zebela Barkho scoring with the only shot of the period to make the final score 5-0 to the Scots. They stayed third despite the win as Partizan and Blancos Magicos both also won. Ullapool at the top scorers in Division 6:39, with 22 to their name after playing everyone once.

    It’s hard to know what to make of Solent Sirens, who appear to be very good one week and very ropey the next. Which would we see against Almighty Ladies?
    The early signs were certainly promising as Brígida Agra and Analissa Valdano scored on 13 and 26 minutes respectively. Almighy Ladies didn’t know quite what had hit them, which feels rather like not living up to their club name.
    The visitors retained a chance to come back until Jin-Ae Hyeong made it three on 73 minutes. At that point heads dropped, veteran Simone de Beauvoir taking advantage to net twice in the last minute and stoppage time.
    The win kept Andrew7610’s charges third in Division 6:42, but a long way behind the runaway leading pair.

    Mortal Joe was back at the helm for Dublin City WFC as they prepared to take on Jackie Brown.
    The visitors arrived three places higher in the table but didn’t look it in a first half of literally no chances. Instead it was The Dubs who broke the deadlock, Veronica Kåmark firing home after a corner prompted a scramble midway through the second half. That wouldn’t prove enough for the win though as Jackie Brown fought back to level from the spot seven minutes from time.
    Promotion from Division 6:56 is highly likely off-the table for Dublin, but a climb to third is possible and would form a basis for a promotion challenge next season.


      X11 Ladies Cup Round 4. Just on OTF team remains standing...

      The Mass WFC            1 - 2   Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC
      Muric 85'                       Willockx 11'
                                      Dalmiya 45'
      Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC  5 - 2   The Mass WFC
      Ikmal 1'                        Muric 25'
      Dalmiya 43'                     Gheorghe 75'
      Rahayuan 69'
      Grønnåsen 80'
      Wibawa 92'
      Kanjeng win 7-3 on aggregate
      That side was Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC, who were paired up with fellow Division 4 residents The Mass WFC.
      The first leg was at The Blob Stadium, and it started well for the visitors as Jennifer Willockx turned in a corner after 11 minutes. The Sea Spirits built on that through a strong first half showing, which culminated in Diksha Dalmiya doubling their advantage on the stroke of half-time. The second half saw SeanoftheShed’s side attempting to kill the game, which they mostly managed though The Mass did pull one back on 85 minutes.
      In between the end of the first leg and the start of the second, a few games from some other minor competition had highlighted that two goals and a lead from an away opening leg did not guarantee progress. What the side ahead needed to do was continue to press their opponents back and look to build on the lead rather than sitting on it (not having a key player get wilfully suspended was also important). The Sea Goddesses were clearly taking notes, as they went ahead on the night within 60 seconds of the opening whistle, Rahma Ikmal steering home a corner. That would be the high point of Ikmal’s day, with the low coming 40 minutes later when she was forced from the field with an 8-day knock.
      By then it was 1-1, but not long after Ikmal’s departure the lead was restored by Dalmiya’s header from a corner. Young forward Nurul Rahayuan burst clear to make it 3-1 on the night and 5-2 on aggregate in the 69th minute, and though The Mass pulled one back on 75 minutes the last word went to the Indonesians as two young players got their first ever career goals, Mariell Grønnåsen netting on 80 minutes and Aulia Wibawa doing likewise in stoppage time.
      Next stop, the Xpert Arena (pitch 37f) and a clash with Division 3a side Dalens IF.

      Round 5 draw - one off games at a neutral venue
      Dalens IF (3a)           vs     Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC


        Good luck Sean and thanks again Janik.

        We're happy to bounce between the bottom two divisions, we're not strong enough to compete in the higher one at the moment but I've got some players coming through so perhaps after the next cycle of relegation and promotion I'll get there.

        Friday see the first game of the double header meaning that the Heineken League reaches its half way point. We're top of the table, Zeugma Birliği, but this season has been more of a challenge. I'm also trying to transition by playing some of my academy players from the start. The average age of my starting 11 has now gone from close to 30 to just above 25.


          Originally posted by X11
          Ailbhe Mahony has been playing Xperteleven on his computer for some time and is a very good manager. Having just led a team into the top division of the Xpert league, Ailbhe Mahony is delighted and gains some form.


            Word reaches me that the managers of both Ashby teams have rejoined the game





                  Originally posted by ad hoc View Post
                  Word reaches me that the managers of both Ashby teams have rejoined the game
                  Yep with the Carrotmen coming back in time to set things on track with a victory over an unsuspecting Whoft. Great to see both them and Noj back though.


                    Originally posted by ad hoc View Post
                    Word reaches me that the managers of both Ashby teams have rejoined the game
                    I saw one had returned but not both. So it's a double from me, not just Jonathan but Julian too.


                      With apologies to HO, this brings a tear to the eye. Gawpus has got Great Ouse playing the ultimate Great Ouse style here. Score with your only chance, keep a clean sheet, dish out the red cross.

                      *doffs cap*


                        There was not a dry eye in the house.


                          X11 Ladies Season 54 Matchday 8 report. Just in time.

                          Division 2b
                          Roy Rovers              3 - 0   Viking South Utsira
                          Berri 32', 44', 77'
                          Division 3d
                          Fair Maidens of FISO    0 - 1   Drakaina
                                                          Gitsis 80'
                          Division 4k
                          Eva e Tampa FC          0 - 0   Sockford Emollient
                          Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC  1 - 0   Mean Girls
                          Azeite 57'
                          Division 5:17
                          Erbil                   2 - 0   Husmorskolen
                          Isgren 28'
                          Hinton 77'
                          Division 5:18
                          Chili Babes             1 - 1   LNWR Locomotive
                          Mamina 47'                      Reisinho 45'
                          Division 5:19
                          Athletic Mizil          1 - 2   Coxy Ladies Wulpen
                          Bratan 14'                      Beyen 56'
                                                          Vandenbergh 78'
                                                          Kerckhoeven (sent off) 92'
                          Division 5:27
                          Fantasy Factory         1 - 0   Zeugma Dostluk Spor
                          Mulholland 91'
                          Division 5:29
                          The Blue Tits           3 - 0   Menywod Maeshafn
                          Ehrensvärd 9'
                          Hartvigsen 54'
                          Abel 87'
                          Division 5:32
                          Csiki Girls             2 - 2   Lady Chatterley F. C.
                          Neaves 11', 80'                 Murarescu 9'
                                                          Schembri 34'
                          Division 6:39
                          Spice Girls             0 - 5   Ullapool Northern Star
                                                          Lovell 6'
                                                          Barkho 25'
                                                          Menashi 73'
                                                          Kha 76'
                          Division 6:42
                          Almighty Ladies         1 - 4   Solent Sirens
                          Gauld 80'                       Agra 6', 49'
                                                          de Beauvoir 20', 34'
                          Division 6:56
                          Jackie Brown            0 - 0   Dublin City WFC
                          Viking South Utsira drew their home game with promotion chasing Roy Rovers in Round 7. Could they go one better at the Black Box Stadium in the return?
                          Err, let’s be straight up about this. No, they couldn’t. The Blood Eagles struggled from the opening whistle and were two down at the interval. Roy Rovers continued their pressure after the break, and netted a killer third on 77 minutes.
                          The defeat didn’t actually make that much impact on Velvet Android’s side’s position in the Division 2b table as they remain sixth, a point from safety. However, symbolically and in terms of confidence, it was a bit more important than that.

                          Following a 1-0 defeat at Delphi, Drakaina fans must have been worried about what might happen away from home against Fair Maidens of FISO.
                          Their concerns would have been lessened after it became apparent that Dragons boss Etienne had not had his brains apparently picked on this occasion. Having ran into a Fair Maiden whichever way they turned in the first game, this time the Greek players were moving into space and able to pop the ball around freely. That lead to pressure, which eventually turned into chances. And on 80 minutes, the winning goal, fired home from range by Elena Gitsis.
                          All three of the top sides in Division 3d won 1-0 on the day meaning Drakaina stay second, a point adrift of the leaders and goal difference clear of third.

                          A home defeat for Sockford Emollient against Eva e Tampa FC(ish) on Matchday 7 also raised concerns for the fans of the OTF side about the away return.
                          Again, this proved misplaced. The Gatorsharks acquitted themselves very well, and if Patti Pennock’s 41st minute effort hadn’t been ruled out by Hans Grüber, then Foxy265’s side might have won. As it was a game of few chances finished scoreless, which counts as a definite minor success for the Framleyshire side.
                          Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC were looking for a turnaround against leaders Mean Girls after a narrow defeat in the last game of the opening half.
                          The Sea Spirits started decently against their illustrious foes, and manager SeanoftheShed could reasonably have been vaguely disappointed his side were being held to a goalless draw at the interval. However, by the hour mark that was changing to satisfaction as Leila Azeite had put the Sea Goddessess ahead.
                          That proved enough to seal the win, which made Kanjeng the first team to beat Mean Girls in Division 4k this season. It lifted the Indonesian side up to fourth in the table, and now two points clear of Sockford, who remain sixth despite their good point.

                          Would Erbil experience the morning after the night before against Husmorskolen? It was a banana skin Jdsx’s side needed to avoid this, as they had had a lot of success in the away game, winning it 5-0 against a side running in the top half of the table at the time.
                          The Erbil Arena visitors were clearly determined to make that true, as they dominated first half possession, and also created three chances to one. That made the half-time score, 1-0 to Erbil courtesy of Saga Isgren’s worked free-kick strike with her side’s only chance of the half, all the more remarkable.
                          Buoyed by this, Erbil were more competitive in general play after the break, and doubled their advantage in the 77th minute through Caroline Hinton. That sealed the win across two games which frankly could hardly have gone better!
                          The six points collected from the Husmorskolen matches more than doubled Erbil’s seasonal points tally to take them up to 11. That was good enough to leapfrog their vanquished foes and assume possession of fourth place in the Division 5:17 table. Despite that, it’s still looking below rather than above as the promotion spots are 7 points distant but the drop zone is only three points behind.

                          A trip to the 100% leaders confronted LNWR Locomotive as they opened the second half of their season at Chili Babes.
                          The Steamers did so with a 3-2 home defeat against the same opponents fresh in their collective memory. That game had seen Viktor Boskovic’s side nearly steal a point against the run of play as they fought back from 2-0 down to level, only to concede again late on. That performance appeared to inspire serious belief in the Locomotive ranks, putting in an impressive first half showing that was deservedly capped by Flávia Reisinho heading the opener on the stroke of half-time. That was Reisinho’s first goal for the club.
                          Chili Babes responded within two minutes of the restart, which could have prompted a team with less fortitude than LNWR to fold. But not The Steamers, who not only held on to the point but had a couple of chances to win it as well. If they had, it would not have been a steal as the visitors shaded chances and more than shaded possession across the match.
                          The draw was still an exceptional result, of course. And the point gained was useful as it put Locomotive 4 points clear of the Division 5:18 drop zone. They did lose a place in the table to be fifth, though.

                          Coxy Ladies Wulpen had cruised to a win over Athletic Mizil on Matchday 7 and were looking to do so again in the return.
                          Janik’s side found the going rather tougher on the road, though, and were playing catch-up as early as the 14th minute. Failing to create a chance in the first half did not help any with this, but after the break Mizil began to defend too deep and were punished when Charlotte Beyen equalised on 56 minutes.
                          That didn’t bring the hosts out of their shell though, and they paid again in the 78th minute, Laetitia Vandenbergh turning home a free-kick. The Waders had a late scare when Noémie Kerckhoeven was shown her second yellow (the only two of the match indeed), but when she saw it the match was already into stoppage time, and nothing bad for Coxy Ladies came of being a player down.
                          The win kept Wulpen third in Division 5:19, two points behind the current play-off spot holders. Who they play next...

                          A home draw on Matchday 7 for relegation threatened Zeugma Dostluk Spor against the side they need to overhaul, Fantasy Factory, left the Anatolians having to chase a win in the return.
                          Antepli Ejderha’s side certainly gave it a good go despite losing key defender Yue Zhen Kau to a 14-day injury just after the half hour. In fact, they repeatedly cautght their hosts on the counter whilst the Zeugma defence not just coped with all Fantasy’s possession but seemed to be well in command.
                          All that was missing was a goal, something emphasised by a narrow escape on 70 minutes when the hosts had a goal disallowed. The illegal nature of that shot meant that when a Fantasy player lined one up from range in the first minute of injury-time, she was taking the hosts first shot of the day. Incredibly frustratingly, seconds later the same player was celebrating the first and only goal that would be scored.
                          The effect of the sucker punch was to increase the gap between the sides from two points to five, when with even a modicum of luck they should have been swapping places instead. Now, however, Zeugma find themselves in seventh spot in Division 5:27, 3 points from safety.

                          Confidence was presumably high amongst Menywod Maeshafn players and officials ahead of their trip to The Blue Tits after a comfortable win over the same opposition seven days before. If so, it would prove misplaced as Maeshafn just failed to show up for some reason.
                          Viktor Boskovic’ charges were 1-0 down after 9 minutes, and never looked like recovering the situation. Further strikes on 54 and 87 minutes made extra sure for the hosts, but in truth they were barely needed as the Welsh side struggled from start to finish.
                          Fortunately for Maesahfn, the Division 5:29 leaders also suffered an unexpected defeat, though the third team level on 14 points at the start of the day, ZFK Nase Taksi, did win. That lifted them top by three points, as their defeat saw Maeshafn drop to third, level on points with the side in the play-off spot.


                            The second top-of-the-table match on the spin for Csiki Girls and Lady Chatterley F. C. saw both sides hope to do better than in the stalemate of their first meeting.
                            The return would actually be nearly as light on chances as the first match, but this time the finishing was much sharper. Indeed the three first half opportunities lead to a 2-1 half time lead for Chatterley, Robin Neaves 11th minute goal for Ad Hoc’s side coming in between the visitors 9th minute opener and 34th minute re-establisher.
                            Most of the second-half passed by without a further glimpse of goal for either side until the 80th minute when, out of the blue, the ball was arcing across to Neaves’ head. She made no mistake in what was not a good day for fans of goalkeeping as exactly zero chances went unconverted!
                            The equaliser kept Csiki Girls second in the Division 5:32 table, two points behind their opponents from this one and now only goal difference ahead of both third and fourth. It looks like a congested run-in in this section.

                            [b]Ullapool Northern Star[/b had smashed managerless Spice Girls 5-0 at home, manager Delicatemoth asking for “Same again” for the return.
                            The team took the boss very specifically at her word, and ran in exactly as many goals again in the second match. Lindsey Lovell got the first on 6 minutes, Zebela Barkho racing away to double the advantage on 25. Barkho added a very similar third on 64 minutes, Sonia Menashi sent one in rapier-like from range on 73 and Ninorta Kha got the target score with a direct free-kick on 76 minutes in a cruise for Ullapool.
                            The win kept Northern Star third in Division 6:39, but hot on the heels of the top two who are only 1 and 3 points ahead.

                            Also trying to repeat 5-0 home win were Solent Sirens, though their opponents, Almighty Ladies, are actively managed.
                            The chances of Andrew7610’s side doing that initially looked good, Brígida Agra firing them ahead on 6 minutes and Simone de Beauvoir doubling that with a direct free-kick after 20. In between Analissa Valdano had had a ‘goal’ disallowed, but their wouldn’t be long to wait for it to be three, de Beauvoir crunching home from range on 34 minutes.
                            When Agra made it four early in the second half, the five goal margin of the previous week looked well within reach. But then Sonja Lapcevic picked up a 15-day injury, Solent lost their flow and the only remaining goal proved to be a consolation for Almight Ladies on 80 minutes. Hallelujah!
                            The win saw The Sirens close to within two points of the Division 6:42 play-off spot after Spandex FC were beaten home and away by now runaway leaders Duisburg.

                            As always this season we end with Dublin City WFC, who were on the road at Jackie Brown.
                            Manager Mortal Joe was with them, as he had been for the home game. Despite his presence this match would also finish as a draw, just as the first meeting did. Well, nearly just. That was 1-1, this time it was goalless as two chances a piece went begging.
                            Dublin also suffered an injury to recent signing Honey Lantree that will keep her out for 16 days. Her new side will look to improve on their current sixth place in Division 6:56 in her absence.


                              X11 Ladies Cup Round 5. Our sole survivor sallies on, but how much further?

                              Dalens IF               2 - 1   Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC
                              Donald 61'                      Dalmiya 90'
                              Ackling (pen) 68'
                              Pitch 8a played host to Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC and their opponents from one tier higher than The Sea Spirits Division 4, Dalens IF.
                              It was to prove a game of two halves, both of them somewhat off kilter. Dalens held the majority of possession in the first half, only for Kanjeng to look more likely on the counter, creating two of the three first half openings. However, after the break, Dalens figured out the way to play was to give The Sea Goddesses the ball. And with that, the pattern changed. Now it was the Indonesians looking to break their opponents down, but by doing so risking over committing and getting hit on the counter. That led to a 61st minute corner from which Dalens took the lead, and then a 68th minute penalty from which they doubled their advantage.
                              Diksha Dalmiya pulled one back for SeanoftheShed’s side as the match entered stoppage time, heading home Adèle Pailloux’s cross, but it was not enough to save the tie as The Sea Spirits fell one round earlier than last season. And with that, our interest in the Cup ends.


                                X11 Ladies Season 54 Matchday 9 report.

                                Division 2b
                                Viking South Utsira     4 - 0   Ventus United
                                B.Kvalvik 24'
                                N.Austrheim 49', 77'            Cole (sent off) 47'
                                H.Hovland 81'
                                Division 3d
                                Gretna Girls FC         3 - 1   Drakaina
                                Starlander 48'                  Sietaridis 62'
                                Hjalmarsson 55'
                                Tepes (pen) 86'
                                Division 4k
                                Bethanys Binos          1 - 2   Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC
                                Elliston 80'                    Willockx 3'
                                                                Ikmal 88'
                                Sockford Emollient      0 - 1   Mean Girls
                                                                Bohnert 61'
                                Division 5:17
                                Trollboll FC            3 - 2   Erbil
                                Sakamoto 21'                    Genghini 23'
                                Rafael 46'                      Sharpe 67'
                                Torres 90'
                                Division 5:18
                                LNWR Locomotive         0 - 2   Doncaster Belles
                                                                Claussen 7'
                                                                Finch 24'
                                Division 5:19
                                Coxy Ladies Wulpen      3 - 0   Instinción CFF
                                van Sttenberghe 30'
                                Leclercq 44'
                                Vandenbergh 73'
                                Division 5:27
                                K2O3                    1 - 0   Zeugma Dostluk Spor
                                Rebola 10'
                                Division 5:29
                                Menywod Maeshafn        1 - 1   Provokator FC
                                Westerberg (pen) 25'            Pascan 77'
                                Division 5:32
                                CFF Avanzadoras         2 - 1   Csiki Girls
                                Nyberg 16'                      Neaves 76'
                                Westlin 60'
                                Division 6:39
                                Stade Brest             0 - 2   Ullapool Northern Star
                                                                Wendel 18'
                                                                Menashi 28'
                                Division 6:42
                                Spandex FC              1 - 0   Solent Sirens
                                Daniloaie 46'
                                Division 6:56
                                Dublin City WFC         1 - 1   Evil daughters
                                Bizic 77'                       Kåmark 79'
                                You have to win your home games against the winless side who sit bottom of the table. Doing exactly that was the task confronting Viking South Utsira when they took on Ventus United.
                                However, it wasn’t necessarily going to be that easy as Ventus, whilst without a win, have not been that easy to beat. Indeed, they came into the game having drawn out of eight games and only having conceded 11 times. There was therefore considerable relief around Ragnar Rock when Bergljot Kvalvik made it 1-0 on 24 minutes.
                                The next incident was a set-back for The Blood Eagles, skipper Emilie Klovning going down with a 12-day injury just minutes after the opener. Ventus also had a player depart due to a knock in the first half, but the game changer came when they lost a player in a different way, Alicia Cole getting herself sent off (straight red) two minutes into the second period. Nina Austrheim ensured Ventus paid dearly for Cole’s indiscretion by making it 2-0 just two minutes later.
                                By now, it was clear that Velvet Android’s side would win the game. But could they boost their goal difference as well? Yes. Yes, they could. Two more strikes were added, Heidi Hovland teeing up Austrheim for her second of the game on 77 minutes, and then Hovland scoring herself after being set free by sister Kristin’s pass.
                                The win lifted VSU out of the Division 2b drop zone and into mid-table. They currently sit fourth.

                                The biggest Division 3d match of the season so far sent Drakaina, second in the table, to leaders Gretna Girls FC.
                                Grenta shaded a scoreless first half on chances and also fractionally on possession. Little happened during it to be truthful, with the period giving little indication of the explosion of attacking play that was coming after the break.
                                The catalyst that opened the game up was Gretna’s opener on 48 minutes. Now The Dragons were forced to chase, which is never a good thing. They soon got caught for a second and though Laria Sietaridis pulled one back for Etienne’s side on 62 minutes, the hosts remained the more likely of the two teams to strike again.
                                They finally did so from the spot on 86 minutes, condemning Drakaina to a defeat that sees them drop from second to third in the table. The Greeks are now a point out of the play-off place and four behind Gretna.

                                The records of Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC (2-4-2) and particularly Bethanys Binos (1-6-1!) suggested only one outcome for the meeting of the two sides.
                                Jennifer Willockx was not buying that though, and put The Sea Goddesses ahead of just three minutes. SeanoftheShed’s side held the lead for the bulk of the rest of the game, and had a number of chances to seal the win. However, they didn’t convert any of them, and appeared to have paid the price when the Binos equalised with 10 minutes to play.
                                You don’t get to draw as many games as Bethanys had done without having games finish all square when one side has been well on top. That would have been precisely what Sea Spirits fans were fearing after the leveller, but they shouldn’t have worried; two minutes from time Rahma Ikmal took a pass an confidently slotted home the winner for her side.
                                Elsewhere in this section, Framleyshire to be precise, Sockford Emollient welcomed leaders Mean Girls to John Spencer Street.
                                There was nothing much to chose between the sides for most of the match, but just past the hour mark it was the visitors who took the lead. This was rather harsh on the Gatorsharks as they had started to press on for the winner themselves.
                                Sockford continued to press after Mean Girls goal, but try as they might Foxy265’s side couldn’t find a way back into it. The defeat kept them seventh in the Division 4k standings. Kanjeng’s position was also unchanged, but the fourth-placed side are now looking up rather than down.

                                Erbil came into their game at Trollboll FC on the back of two straight wins.
                                The challenge to make it three-in-a-row was for Jdsx’s girls to beat a side they had drawn at home against. The visitors fell behind on 21 minutes, but the lead was very short lived, Natalie Genghini racing clear to level just two minutes later.
                                Trollboll re-established their lead seconds after half-time, and held it rather longer on this occasion. Until midway through the second half in fact, when Rosaline Sharpe brought things back to parity again.
                                That was how things stayed until the last minute of the 90, which was when Trollboll’s attacking threat, something they had carried all afternoon, fired for one last time. There was no time for Erbil to do anything about this as they fell to a first defeat in four that leaves the side still in fourth in Division 5:17, but looking nervously over their shoulders rather than up ahead.

                                LNWR Locomotive were looking to improve on an away stalemate when they hosted Doncaster Belles.
                                The Steamers could also have put space between themselves in fifth and the Division 5:18 drop zone with a win. Victory never looked on though as Viktor Boskovic’s side were behind after 7 minutes and further adrift on 24. Locomotive never stopped battling, but didn’t create a chance and so slumped to defeat.
                                That risks LNWR being dragged back into the relegation scrap. They are currently fifth in the table, a point ahead of the best of those the wrong side of the line.

                                Matchday 9 brought a big game to the Flanders coast as Coxy Ladies Wulpen took on second-placed Instinción CFF.
                                The Waders started one place behind their foes, and pushed hard for the win. They were pretty efficient in the first half, Eva van Sttenberghe and Alicia Leclercq striking on 30 and 44 minutes respectively as three chances transformed into a 2-0 interval lead.
                                Wulpen continued to press after the break, and continued to offer no chances to Instinción. On the basis of that a third probably wasn’t needed, but Laetitia Vandenbergh said “What the hey” and provided one anyway on 73 minutes.
                                That was the end of the scoring, Coxy Ladies leapfrogging their beaten foes to move up to 2nd in the Division 5:19 standings. Janik’s side face another big game next when they take on the leaders, Immortal Angels.

                                Zeugma Dostluk Spor’s only league victory to date this season came against K2O3, meaning the Anatolian public was hopeful for the return.
                                Those hopes would prove false, as Zeugma were picked off on the break. K2O3’s goal came just 10 minutes into the match, and it would prove as Zeugma tried and failed to pick their way through the visiting massed defence.
                                Zeugma remain seventh in the Division 5:27 standings, three points from safety. It is becoming now or never for Antepli Ejderha and chums.

                                A key match in the Division 5:29 promotion race saw Menywod Maeshafn host Provokator FC.
                                The Welsh side started well, and went into the lead on 25 minutes when Luke Bribe awarded them a penalty and Ada Westerberg stroked home. That was how it remained until the last quarter of the game, but then a game changing incident saw Maeshafn’s Laure Bertheau replace by a defender after a minor knock on 70 minutes. The only problem with that? Bertheau is a ‘keeper and her replacement was beaten within 7 minutes.
                                Fortunately it got no worse for IsThatcherDeadYet’s charges as they held on for a point that keeps them just about within striking distance of the top two in the 5:29 table.

                                The promotion picture in Division 5:32 is becoming increasingly complicated with up to five sides involved. Two of these were Csiki Girls and CFF Avanzadoras, who faced off at Comanche Bottini on matchday 9.
                                The first hour of the match was pretty even in general terms. However it was Avanzadoras who scored, a long range effort on 16 minutes and one from closer in on 60 putting them two ahead. Csiki Girls kept fighting, and were given hope when Robin Neaves headed home on 76 minutes. The match ended with Csiki Girls putting the home side’s net under siege, but try as ad hoc’s changes might they couldn’t find that equaliser.
                                Defeat saw Csiki Girls lose a place in the 5:32 standings. They are now third, a point adrift of the play-off spot.


                                  A side with six wins out of eight in the form of Ullapool Northern Star visiting one with six defeats from eight, Stade Brest is a guaranteed away victory, right? Yep, just so.
                                  A strong first half showing by Delicatemoth’s side set them up for the win, Vanja Wendel nodding home the opener on 18 minutes and Sonia Menashi sliding in a second ten minutes later. That proved enough to satisfy the Northern Star players, who opted to shut up shop after the break, entirely successfully.
                                  The win kept Ullapool on the heels of Division 6:39 top two, three points adrift of the leaders and just one behind second (and with a superior goal to this side to boot).

                                  Solent Sirens’ trip to Spandex FC was close to a must win if Andrew7610’s side were going to get themselves properly involved in the battle for the promotion places.
                                  The hosts also seemed rather wary of this, and they controlled possession without making any penetrating moves for long periods of the first half. Spandex upped their intensity after the break, and opened the scoring within seconds of the restart.
                                  The one goal deficit proved unrecoverable for a Sirens outfit that was toothless on the day. Solent drop to fourth in Division 6:42 after the loss, and now need to recover a five point gap on those above them to keep their promotion hopes alove.

                                  Our final match of the week saw Dublin City WFC, with manager Mortal Joe present on the bench overseeing his side, taking on then leaders Evil daughters.
                                  Dublin showed what their side is capable of by forcing Evil daughters back for long periods. A goal was deserved by Dublin, and it arrived with 11 minutes plus stoppages still to play when Veronica Kåmark headed home. The only problem for fans of OTF-managed clubs is this was an equaliser, Evil daughters having scored very much against the run of play just two minutes earlier.
                                  That meant the points were shared which was a good result in isolation for Dublin, but in context of this season was really two points dropped as Dublin remain in sixth place and significantly adrift of the promotion places.


                                    Bloody hell that Viking South Utsira Youth Academy seems to be paying dividends, VA.....


                                      Originally posted by jdsx View Post
                                      Bloody hell that Viking South Utsira Youth Academy seems to be paying dividends, VA.....
                                      He's not selling unfortunately. I'd be bidding if he were.


                                        X11 Ladies Season 54 Matchday 10 report.

                                        Division 2b
                                        Viking South Utsira     1 - 1   Wælcyrie
                                        B.Austrheim 86'                 Babel 53'
                                        Division 3d
                                        Drakaina                3 - 0   San Francisco Wet Cats
                                        Heggarty 29', 75'
                                        Sietaridis 54'
                                        Division 4k
                                        Bethanys Binos          1 - 1   Sockford Emollient
                                        Jameson 38'                     Abdul-Muttalib 68'
                                        Flick of the Wrist      0 - 0   Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC
                                        Division 5:17
                                        Cataluna Cats           5 - 3   Erbil
                                        Arribas 20, 56', 73'            Sharpe 2'
                                        Featherstone 63'                Granå (pen) 43'
                                        Volkova 88'                     Brundin 54'
                                        Division 5:18
                                        M Bomber Girls          0 - 3   LNWR Locomotive
                                                                        Teigland 20'
                                                                        Severinsson 80'
                                                                        Nixon 90'
                                        Division 5:19
                                        Coxy Ladies Wulpen      3 - 1   Immortal Angels
                                        Carey 6'                        Stockwell 37'
                                        Baert 73'
                                        Leclercq 95'
                                        Division 5:27
                                        Zeugma Dostluk Spor     1 - 0   Chernabogs Valkyries
                                        Forsyth (pen) 22'
                                        Division 5:29
                                        ZFK Nase Taksi          0 - 1   Menywod Maeshafn
                                                                        Westerberg (pen) 8'
                                        Division 5:32
                                        Csiki Girls             1 - 0   The ladies of the past
                                        Gränsmark 18'
                                        Division 6:39
                                        Ullapool Northern Star  0 - 2   Blancos Mágicos
                                                                        Nekhaeva 4'
                                                                        Rubiera 72'
                                        Division 6:42
                                        Solent Sirens           3 - 3   MSV Duisburg Damen
                                        Agra 35'                        Manfield 13'
                                        de Beauvoir 80'                 Linné 47'
                                        Stieglecker 91'                 Jungmann 60'
                                        Lotoft (sent off) 56'
                                        Division 6:56
                                        Marieberg FC            0 - 0   Dublin City WFC
                                        Akcevre (sent off) 90'          Isabel Carreto (sent off) 68'
                                        The latest chapter in the saga of Ancient Norse derbies between Viking South Utsira and Wælcyrie was written at Ragnar Rock last Tuesday.
                                        As with many others, it was a match with a wider bearing than simply on the two participants. That was because the gap between The Blood Eagles and their visitors was not just three points but also contain the relegation line. Viking were the side above it at the start of play.
                                        For 45 minutes it looked like Velvet Android’s charges would pull further clear as they dominated the opening half, creating all four goalscoring chances it contained. Utsira failed to find the target however, and paid the price for that when it was Wælcyrie who delivered the first scoring blow, drawing blood in the 53 minute.
                                        Thereafter it was the visitors who looked the most likely. Indeed the home crowd was getting increasingly and vocally concerned that a damaging defeat was on the cards, up until the hosts man-of-the-match, Birgit Austrheim, headed home on 86 minutes to snatch a draw. That was against the run of play at the time, but on the overall balance of things sharing the spoils was a fair reflection.
                                        The point left VSU fourth in the Division 2b table, two points above the drop zone and three clear of the Warrior Goddesses.

                                        Drakaina played host to bottom-of-the-table San Francisco Wet Cats. Pretty straightforward, yeah? Well, not necessarily. Despite occupying last place, the Wet Cats had conceded less than a goal a game beforehand (8 in 9 matches); their lowly position was more about an ineffectual attack that stopped them winning then being an easy to beat soft touch. Indeed the first meeting of the sides ended 0-0...
                                        The Dragons really needed the win after a run of five points from as many games had seen them slip to third in the table. Given the background, the opening goal was the key. Both who it came for, and if it ever would. As it turned out, the Delphi crowd had to wait less than half-an-hour to see it, Gael Heggarty rising majestically to nod home [rises are always majestic or imperious aren’t they? It’s never rises proletarianly, is it??].
                                        That put Etienne’s side in a great position given their opponents blunt attack. It became even better on 54 minutes when Laria Sietaridis also converted a corner, in her case with her feet. No team all season had put three past Frisco, at least until Heggarty struck again 15 minutes from time.
                                        That was the end of the scoring, with just a disallowed visitors effort in the remaining time. The win lifted The Dragons back up to second in the Division 3d table, four points adrift of leaders Gretna Girls and two ahead of Chelsea Ladies, who drop to third.

                                        Just one point and one place separated [b]Sockford Emollient[b] and Bethanys Binos in the Division 4k table ahead of their meeting at the Forthbank Stadium, but it was a very important one as it also included the drop line.
                                        The Gatorsharks were the side looking up from underneath following a poor run of form that had seen them pick up just a single point from their previous six games. Foxy265’s charges had failed to score in any of those games. Therefore the manager had work on his hands at half-time as Sockford trailed 1-0, and undeservedly so too having had more of the ball.
                                        Part of the problem was Emollient only made one first half chance. They also only fashioned one after the break, but much to the relief of everyone with Framleyshire connections Wafaa Abdul-Muttalib’s header rippled the back of the Binos net.
                                        That was the end of the scoring in this game, but hopefully just the start of it for The Gatorsharks now the hoodoo has been ended.
                                        Another high definition clash in 4k was Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC’s trip to the Topeka Stadium to take on Flick of the Wrist.
                                        These two sides were also separated by just a point and by a cut-line, in this case the one for the play-off place. Once again the OTF side was on the wrong side. Pre-match predictions for this game were mostly that it would be a draw, mostly likely of the 0-0 variety. That was because Flick had drawn over half their preceding games (five of nine) and SeanoftheShed’s girls nearly as many (4/9). Those tipsters were spot on – whilst there wasn’t a total absence of chances there was hardly a glut, and none of them were finished off.
                                        The point was actually enough to lift The Sea Spirits up a spot to third in the table, still a point adrift of the play-offs as Flick of the Wrist maintain that spot. The situation is also unchanged at the bottom – Sockford are sixth, one point behind Bethanys Binos, who are fifth.

                                        The two most potent attacks in Division 5:17 were on show on the Balearic Sea as Erbil visited Cataluna Cats.
                                        Sometimes when two such teams meet they can cancel each other out. Any such fears that would be this games fate were assuaged as early as the 2nd minute when Rosaline Sharpe put Erbil ahead. The hosts equalised on the 20 minute mark, but Jdsx’s girls were to sit down at the interval in front after being awarded a 43rd minute penalty and Sabina Granå blasted home from 12 yards.
                                        An away win at the leaders seemed on the cards when Sandra Brundin doubled the advantage on 54 minutes, and that might have been how things had panned out if the gap had stayed at two for a bit longer than two minutes. However, getting back into it so quickly got the Cats tails up and they were all square not long afterwards.
                                        By now Erbil were hanging on for a point, and then on 73 minutes they were chasing the game to get just that. Whilst the gap stayed at one the visiting fans retained hope, but once it was extended to two on 88 minutes it was time to abandoned the game and head for the beach.
                                        Results elsewhere in 5:17 went badly for Erbil and resulting in them dropping two places to sixth in the standings. They are one point adrift of Trollboll, who are now the target in fifth.

                                        Bottom of the table. No wins, no points and no goals scored. LNWR Locomotive were not expecting much of a challenge when they went to M Bomber Girls.
                                        Manager Viktor Boskovic used the opportunity to give starts to some of his young players, including a debut for 19 year-old defender Lucine Vartanian. It’s not one she will remember with pleasure as it only lasted four minutes before she had to be helped from the field limping heavily with an 8-day knock.
                                        That aside, it was as smooth running as The Steamers fans would have hoped for. Maja Teigland fired them ahead on 20 minutes, and though it took another hour before Tekla Severinsson doubled the advantage, such was the lack of Bombers chances the lead never looked vulnerable. Charlotte Nixon made extra sure with a header in the last minute of ordinary time.
                                        The win pushed LNWR a couple of points further away from the Division 5:18 drop zone. They are still fifth, but now have a gap of three points on the side directly below, Doncaster Belles.


                                          Having beaten the team in second spot and claimed their place by doing so on Matchday 9, Coxy Ladies Wulpen were looking to partially repeat the trick when they took on leaders Immortal Angels on Matchday 10. Partially as the Angels were four points clear so leapfrogging them wasn’t possible, but getting right back on their heels was.
                                          The Waders got off to a fabulous start when Zara Carey stabbed home Sandrine Gerniers’ 6th minute free-kick. That appeared to set the pattern was Wulpen dominated the rest of the first half. But, irritatingly, they failed to score again. And that came back to bite them on 37 minutes when, completely against the run of play, the Angels levelled.
                                          That was the visitors only shot of the opening half against 6 (and 60% possession) for Janik’s side. The pattern continued after the break, Coxy Ladies dominating and creating chances but not finishing, until, in the 73rd minute, the breakthrough arrived. It came from an unlikely source, defender Emilie Baert, a player with just five goals to her in name well over 200 appearances, suddenly finding herself clean through after Alicia Leclercq’s through ball. Baert kept her composure well, sliding past the advancing ‘keeper to put the hosts 2-1 up.
                                          Leclercq also got her name on the scoresheet deep into stoppage time to give the game a scoreline slightly more inkeeping with the general play (The Waders ended the game 12-2 up on chances). The result threw the Division 5:19 title race open again, as now Coxy Ladies are just a point behind the leaders.

                                          If I remember correctly, the last time Zeugma Dostluk Spor came across Chernabogs Valkyries, that famous old club had ended up in the hands of a sexist prat. Well, good news (of a sort). He has moved on (sadly UP, now in Div.2a) and someone more apparently in tune with the Valkyries past is in charge. All the sexist stuff is gone, with kits and grounds now appropriately warrior maiden themed instead.
                                          The new Chernabogs boss has a big job on his hands to turn their momentum around though, as they currently prop up the Division 5:27 table. That made this clash a pretty big one for Antepli Ejderha and his Zeugma side, who were only one place and three points higher and desperately needed to claim just their second win of the campaign to boost their survival hopes. They were given a boost in that regard midway through the first half when Al Beback pointed to the spot. Rachel Forsyth took the ball and made no mistake.
                                          And, well, that was that. Zeugma created a few more chances but didn’t add to their total, whilst Chernabogs never had a sniff of the target. The win lifted the Anatolians up to sixth in the 5:27 table, two points from safety.

                                          Menywod Maeshafn made the long trip across Europe to Macedonia to take on top-of-the-table side ZFK Nase Taksi.
                                          Manager IsThatcherDeadYet and his players would have travelled to Nase Taksi with cautious optimism having held the leaders to a goalless draw in the first meeting of the sides. That optimism soon became burgeoning hope after Ada Westerberg converted an 8th minute penalty to give Maeshafn the lead.
                                          The visitors had the game exactly where they wanted it, and proceeded to put on the perfect rearguard action. So good was Maeshafn’s play without the ball that they actually had more chances than the hosts across the 90 minutes, 3-2.
                                          As no more of these were finished off, Westerberg’s early strike proved the winner. That cost Nase Taksi their leadership of Division 5:29, and also, more importantly from our perspective, moved Maeshafn into striking distance. They stay third, but are now just three points adrift of the promotion spot and two of the play-off one.

                                          Pre-game there was only goal difference to chose between Csiki Girls and The ladies of the past, who were both in the congested mid-table zone of Division 5:32.
                                          On the pitch there would also be little between the sides. Just one moment of clarity and class in fact. It came fairly early on, and was provided by Csiki Girls Emelie Gränsmark, who took Eleena Munoz’s pass in her stride and slotted home.
                                          Ad hoc’s side shaded the chances over the rest of the game. There were a decent amount of these for both sides but somehow that resulted in pretty limited amounts of action. Indeed the game description only has one more entry, and that is for an injury-enforced substitution. That aside, it was the original starting XIs on the pitch when the final whilst blew with the score still 1-0.
                                          Results in 5:32 on Matchday 10 had more of a decluttering than decisive impact. The sides who began the day top, second and third (the latter being Csiki Girls) all won, whilst those fourth and fifth lost. It means the Csiki’s are still one point out of the play-offs and a further four behind the leaders.

                                          Having got themselves back in touch with Division 6:39’s leading pair, Matchday 10 was the big one for Ullapool Northern Star as they took on leaders Blancos Mágicos. Given the points situation, only a win would really do for Delicatemoth’s side. It didn’t go accordingly to plan...
                                          Within 4 minutes Northern Star were behind. That forced them to chase the game against a well organised opponent who absorbed what the Scots could throw at them and then raided dangerously looking counters. When one of these succeeded fully on 72 minutes the game was up for Ullapool.
                                          Defeat left UNS four points adrift of the play-offs and six back from automatic promotion. With the top two in 6:39 unbeaten all season to date, those are gaps DM’s side likely won’t have any opportunity to overcome.

                                          Following a damaging defeat to the team I thought was the resident sexist in Division 6:42 last time out, Solent Sirens came up against leaders MSV Duisburg Damen, who had suddenly and unexpectedly added a low-cut cleavage away kit. FFS. That change makes Solent’s out-of-nowhere 5-1 victory over Duisburg in this match last season sweeter in the memory, especially as it cost the German side promotion. That match was remarkable; this would be different but just as memorable...
                                          The visitors dominated the first half at Mayfield Park and went ahead on 13 minutes. They should really have added more before the interval, but having failed to The Sirens struck back to level against the run of play on 35 minutes when Brígida Agra was sprung clear and slotted home.
                                          Being all square didn’t last long after the break, Duisburg netting again on 47 minutes. And by the hour mark, things were looking really bleak for Andrew7610’s side as Paulina Lotoft was sent off for a professional foul and soon after the visitors made it 3-1.
                                          Playing with 10 is normally a recipe for defeat on X11. Being two behind to the 100% league leaders with a player short makes defeat a racing certainty. Except nobody had told The Sirens this. They kept playing, and pulled one back on 80 minutes through another breakaway, this one finished by Simone de Beauvoir. Suddenly Duisburg memories were returning to their 5-1 shellacking, and they were panicking. And with cause, as there was one more goal in stoppage time and it came for Solent, Marlene Stieglecker rising highest to head home and grab a point that the home crowd acclaimed nearly as loudly as last season’s highlight win.
                                          It will likely prove more of a moral victory than anything else as, despite it, Duisburg remain clear at the top of table and Solent stay fourth, seven points adrift of the play-off place.

                                          As usual, our final stop is Dublin City WFC. This week The Dubs were away at bottom of the table Marieberg FC, who were without a win or goal all season. They were also managerless, but unfortunately so were Dublin as Mortal Joe was again unable to steer his side.
                                          The match would not be one to enthuse the Football purist. It would, however, have cheered those who enjoy ill-directed chaos. Two managerless and aimless sides went at it with little co-ordination. Dublin were clearly the superior players, and would surely have won, except their lack of any subs proved costly when Rita Cruz suffered a 9-day injury midway through the first half. Now it was 11 vs 10, which evened things out somewhat. Not enough for Marieberg to create a chance, but enough to stop Dublin fashioning any.
                                          Having played half a match with 10, things went from bad to worse for Dublin midway through the second half when Ana Isabel Carreto lost control and got herself shown a straight red card! Now it was 11 vs 9, and surely Dublin were in trouble. Yes indeed, Marieberg created an actual chance! They didn’t score it, but you can’t have everything.
                                          In the last minute we got one last departure from the pitch, the hosts Jale Akcevre picking up her second yellow card of the afternoon to make it 10 vs 9. So much space, but not enough time for Dublin to turn that into the bizarrest victory ever. Instead it finished 0-0, which was Dublin’s sixth draw of the season. They stay sixth in the Division 6:56 table as a result.


                                            Chapeau as always Janik.

                                            I've done a transfer deal in the last weeks of the season again, I saw a 17/5 midfielder undervalued but injured. She joined for about 1.5 million econs with a development value of 8 but because of the injury will only play twice. Let's see what happens.


                                              X11 Ladies Season 54 Matchday 11 report.

                                              Division 2b
                                              JAV Idols FC            0 - 0   Viking South Utsira
                                              Division 3d
                                              Drakaina                3 - 0   Fleeges kex
                                              Vulturescu 1'
                                              Barry 46'
                                              Atum 65'
                                              Division 4k
                                              Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC  0 - 2   The Black Widows
                                                                              Bakkerud 35'
                                                                              Svalhed 66'
                                              Sockford Emollient      0 - 0   Flick of the Wrist
                                              Division 5:17
                                              Erbil                   2 - 1   Spion Kop Ladies
                                              Sharpe 50'
                                              Hinton 72'
                                              Division 5:18
                                              LNWR Locomotive         3 - 1   Michael Michael Micky doo
                                              Nixon 10'                       Lynch 83'
                                              Teigland 56'                    Bilhar (sent off) 91'
                                              Tashdjian 73'
                                              Division 5:19
                                              Ludos Lovelies          0 - 2   Coxy Ladies Wulpen
                                                                              van Sttenberghe 45', 73'
                                              Division 5:27
                                              Zeugma Dostluk Spor     0 - 1   Transmontanas Babes
                                                                              Ornelas 47'
                                              Division 5:29
                                              Menywod Maeshafn        0 - 0   The Valkyries
                                              Division 5:32
                                              Universitatea Cluj      1 - 0   Csiki Girls
                                              Djurle 76'
                                                                              Granheim (sent off) 79'
                                              Division 6:39
                                              Ullapool Northern Star  3 - 0   Neparidze
                                              Wendel 30'
                                              Menashi 55', 73'
                                              Division 6:42
                                              Solent Sirens           4 - 0   FC Saik
                                              Hyeong 18'
                                              Ulander 37'
                                              Stieglecker 62'
                                              Roddick (O.G.) 90'
                                              Division 6:56
                                              Dublin City WFC         3 - 2   Pretty ladies
                                              Lantree 35'                     Bodmar 42'
                                              Ryding 46'                      Luz 86'
                                              Dunganstown 91'
                                              Both Viking South Utsira and their week 11 hosts JAV Idols FC had recorded more draws than any other result before clashing at the Black Hole Stadium.
                                              VSU found themselves pressed back as JAV held the majority of possession and chances. However, The Blood Eagles stood firm in a game which went according to expectations, i.e. having little action.
                                              That said, a point was a good one for Velvet Android’s side, given the sides respective positions in the Division 2b table at the start of play; second for the Idols, fourth for Utsira. As it was at the beginning, so it was at the end, which leaves Viking four points off the play-off spot and three ahead of the drop zone.

                                              There was more hope for entertainment at Delphi, where Drakaina took on bottom-of-the-table Fleeges kex.
                                              Any latecomers would have missed the opening goal as The Dragons worked the ball straight into the visitors box and Florica Vulturescu fired home. Most of the stragglers were in by the time (9 minutes) that Sandra Byzhyti was chopped down and had to be stretchered off with a 14-day injury. Her assailant escaped with only a yellow and a loud ringing in her ears from the chorus of boos that greeted every subsequent touch of the ball.
                                              Hopefully the tardy types were a bit more punctual after the break, otherwise they would have missed Susanna Barry’s goal as well as she headed in a corner as soon after half-time as the opener was into the game. But if there were some who missed both, well, world’s smallest Violin time. Tow was a comfortable lead for Etienne’s side and it became even more relaxed when Silvia Atum made it three midway through the second period.
                                              Despite the scoreline, the balance of play and chances was actually extremely even. But therein probably lies the reason why Drakaina are second in Division 3d and pushing for promotion and their opponents in this one are probably going down. Getting the automatic spot looks a stretch, there is a four point gap to close in the last three games, but The Dragons are on course for the play-offs as they hold a two point on third.

                                              The pre-match predictions for Kanjeng Ratu Kidul WFC’s clash with The Black Widows would have been heavily biased towards a draw. This was both because The Sea Spirits had drawn half their games (5/10) but more because their visitors held the extraordinary analysis of 0-8-2!
                                              Clearly breaking the Widows down was going to be tough for SeanoftheShed’s side. And equally obviously, they couldn’t afford to fall behind. Which is precisely what happened in the 35th minute. The Sea Spirits failed to create much of significance after that, and shipped another on 66 at which point the Merapi-Kraton-South Sea began to make for the exits.
                                              What is it with all the draws this season? Another team with a preponderance of these was Sockford Emollient’s matchday 11 opponent, Flick of the Wrist. 6 from 10 before kickoff, for the record.
                                              That gave The Gatorsharks encouragement they could take something from a game against the side second in the table. Foxy265’s side just needed to keep things tight at the back. They managed that and more in the opening half, extending the smothering to also incorporate midfield as the 45 minutes went by chancelessly. The second half was more open, but the Framleyshire defence held firm. Sadly, their attack was blanked as well.
                                              Undoubtedly a good point, but not enough to prevent The Gatorsharks slipping a place to seventh in the Division 4k standings. The side who went past them were The Black Widows, with that particular result also cost the Indonesians a place as they dropped to fourth. Sockford are a point from safety, Kanjeng three from danger.

                                              Following on from last week’s extraordinary game with the leaders, Erbil moved on to taking on the side a place below in the form of Spion Kop Ladies.
                                              Jdsx’s side came into the match with the second best attack in Division 5:17 and the second leakiest defence, mostly as a result of that 5-3 reverse the previous week. I’m sure the boss was looking for something a bit quieter in this one. 0-0 at the interval may even have been soothing.
                                              Erbil had had both first half chances going, despite having less than 50% of the ball. The possessional trend continued after the break, but despite that Erbil started fashioning openings at will. All those shots had to paid dividends, and both Rosaline Sharpe and Caroline Hinton scored on 50 and 72 minutes respectively. The Koppites pulled one back nearly immediately after Hinton’s strike, totally against the run of play, but no late strikes were handed on a plate to them as they fell to defeat.
                                              Victory lifted Erbil out of the drop zone, and up to fifth place. They are two points clear of trouble at the moment.

                                              LNWR Locomotive clash with struggling Michael Michael Micky doo was a key one for The Steamers as they looked to ease away from the wrong end of the table.
                                              Manager Viktor Boskovic was presumably looking for a fast start from his side, and that is exactly what he got when Charlotte Nixon found the back of the Micky doo net from a direct free-kick after 10 minutes.
                                              Maja Teigland doubled the advantage a similar time into the second half as Locomotive powered onwards, Taleen Tashdjian adding a third on 73 minutes. The visitors pulled one back 10 minutes later, but in truth they were well beaten long before Isabel Bilhar was shown a second yellow card in stoppage time.
                                              Victory shot LNWR two places up the Division 5:18 table as they climbed from fifth to third. However The Steamers continue to look over their shoulders rather than out in front as second place is seven points away and sixth is just three behind!

                                              Having beaten the top two over consecutive weekends, the message to Coxy Ladies Wulpen was ‘concentrate’ ahead of their match at basement dwellers Ludos Lovelies.
                                              The hosts possessed almost no attacking threat, they had scored one goal all season, but can be tricky to break down and were not pointless despite being goal-shy. The Waders were not helped in their forward options when starting striker Laetitia Vandenbergh went down with a 16-day injury midway through the first half. But they did get the all-important goal at the death of the opening half, Eva van Sttenberghe firing in.
                                              Wulpen’s Zara Carey very definitely is ‘that sort of player’ and the Lovelies foolishly handed her her opportunity by making a treble change at the start of the second half. It took 15 minutes for Carey to get someone within range, but when she did the home player was maimed and left on a stretched. Carey even had the temerity to moan at the ref for her yellow card (should have been red!). Now playing against 10 Janik’s side swiftly doubled their lead, van Sttenberghe heading home a corner. The boss didn’t know where to look...
                                              Maybe he should have just stared at his phone for the other scores from Division 5:19. That would have told him that leaders Immortal Angels fell behind on 78 minutes at third-placed Instinción CFF, levelled on 85 but didn’t find a winner. That result combined with Coxy Ladies win means the Flanders side move top of the table by a point.

                                              The top two in Division 5:27, which made Zeugma Dostluk Spor’s game against one of them, Transmontanas Babes, an unlikely source of points for Antepli Ejderha’s side.
                                              Zeugma picked a side to try and win it, setting up 4-4-2, but rather than leading to an open game this produced a near stalemate. ‘Near’ because there was one goal, unfortunately it came for the visitors just after half-time. There were just two other chances in the match, one a piece, as the Anatolians were left with a sense of what might have been in a close contest.
                                              Defeat saw Zeugma drop a place to seventh in the table. They are currently three points from safety, but face a further tricky match next as they play the other top two outfit!


                                                A win was expected for Menywod Maeshafn when they welcomed bottom-placed side The Valkyries to Wales.
                                                It was also needed as elsewhere the top two were playing, meaning a win would either pushed IsThatcherDeadYet’s charges up to second or have them right on the heels of the leaders. They certainly had enough possession to claim it, oodles of the stuff in fact. 71% in the first half and 63% overall to be precise. But chances were thin on the ground, and to the growing frustration of the home crowd the opening goal wouldn’t come.
                                                It never arrived, in fact, the visitors claiming just their fourth point of the season and first (and first clean sheet) since the opening day. Despite the clear setback, Maeshafn remain third, a point adrift of a play-off place.

                                                Second against third was the order of the day in Division 5:32 as Csiki Girls visited Universitatea Cluj.
                                                Ad Hoc’s side had the better of the first half in terms of possession, and if Liraz Israca’s 32nd minute strike had been allowed to stand things might have been different. But it was chalked off and after the break Cluj upped their level, took control of possession, created chances and vitally scored on 76 minutes.
                                                The Csiki’s chances of getting back into the game vanished three minutes after the goal when Elly Granheim saw her second yellow card of the day. The extremely frustrating thing about the loss, just the Csiki’s second of the season, is that if they had avoided it they would have remained right in the promotion or at least play-off shake-up. As it is, though they remain third, they are four points adrift of second and six behind the leaders. Which are large gaps at this point of the season.

                                                That is two straight games where we have had damaging reverses for the OTF side. Fortunately such a thing was highly unlikely for Ullapool Northern Star against zombies Neparidze.
                                                The visitors were pointless and goalless and from the half-hour on their way to another defeat following Vanja Wendel’s long range strike. Any tiny lingering doubts were erased on 55 minutes when Sonia Menashi, and from there on it was a cruise for Delicatemoth’s side, Menashi adding one more in the remaining time.
                                                It wasn’t all good news for Star though, as key midfielder and free-kick specialist Ninorta Kha suffered a nasty 18-day injury late on. That is a blow to Ullapool as results elsewhere had brought them back to within two points of second place, and with a better goal difference as well. Missing in a key player is bad, particularly with some tough matches coming up.

                                                There was precious little at stake when Solent Sirens took on the mysteriously abysmal FC Saik.
                                                The visitors actually boast a multi-million econ team, with the ability to field an entire starting XI at grade 11 and higher, and not with a stupidly old age profile either. However their boss, who has been in charge for nearly 20 seasons, manages to ‘boast’ a 0-bar rating and his side had just two points to their names all campaign.
                                                As for Andrew7610’s Sirens, recent defeats and the powerful form of Division 6:42’s top two meant they were effectively out of the promotion or play-off running already. Despite that, Solent turned in a focused and professional display. Jin-Ae Hyeong fired them in front on 18 minutes, Petra Ulander turned in a corner after 37 to double the gap, Marlene Stieglecker made up for a disallowed goal early in the second half by blasting in from range just past the hour and finally a tricky ball in forced Saik’s Lindsay Roddick to turn into her own net in the last minute of normal time.
                                                Victory lifted the South Coast side back to third in the standings, but they are seven points adrift of second with three to play and few signs that the team holding that spot is not going to win again this term.

                                                Dublin City WFC clash with Pretty ladies also had nothing riding on it. But as can be the case with such games, it produced a lively and enjoyable encounter for the Phoenix Park fans.
                                                Dublin boss Mortal Joe’s hand was back on the tiller, and he watched as he side took the lead on 35 minutes through Honey Lantree’s header. That was a first goal for the club for recent signing Lantree, a 31/13 midfielder.
                                                It was swiftly cancelled out by Pretty ladies, only for the hosts lead to be re-established less than a minute into the second half through Vivian Ryding’s direct free-kick. Dublin could have killed the game off after this, but failed to do so and conceded another leveller on 86 minutes.
                                                Two minutes later Brígida Padilha picked up a horrible 19-day injury. But as the manager was present this time, subs had been picked and also, fortunately, not all used so Dublin stayed at 11 players. With only ten they would have been more likely to concede a winner than score it, but at full strength it was Brady Dunganstown who netted the decisive goal in the first minute of stoppage time.
                                                A superb match, of little consequence as Dublin stay sixth in the Division 6:56 standings and Pretty ladies stay seventh.


                                                  Bloody hell, Janik, how do you find the time? Hats off, though...impressive stuff!

                                                  Originally posted by Antepli Ejderha View Post
                                                  I've done a transfer deal in the last weeks of the season again, I saw a 17/5 midfielder undervalued but injured. She joined for about 1.5 million econs with a development value of 8 but because of the injury will only play twice. Let's see what happens.
                                                  Yeah I saw her, AE, but I figured if she only got to 39 minutes in her first game before getting an 18-day injury, the likelihood of a medical bag nearby must be quite high....


                                                    Originally posted by jdsx View Post
                                                    Bloody hell, Janik, how do you find the time? Hats off, though...impressive stuff!

                                                    Yeah I saw her, AE, but I figured if she only got to 39 minutes in her first game before getting an 18-day injury, the likelihood of a medical bag nearby must be quite high....
                                                    No medical bag symbol. Intelligent, goal scoring diva. Bought for some small change of just under 1.5. She'll get two games at a starting point of 8 dv so I might get lucky. Current value is over 3 million but she's injured. When I bought her the average price on similar players was 14 million.

                                                    With 3 or 4 games left I always have a look in the transfer market as there's usually a bargain to be had. And when you're getting relegated it's not a big deal either.

                                                    In the next transfer window I'll be selling 3 or 4 players, 2 of the veterans for sure as I need to develop my team.