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    I don’t know if this will appeal but I’ve really enjoyed my first season. The concept is like most fantasy football games - pick a squad of riders from the full start list within a set budget; shuffle the roster in between stages/races in a series with a limited number of transfers. You might have more than one squad running at a time depending which stage races / race series you have entered and are running at the time. There are around 20-25 full series/stage races available in a season, but it costs money to enter more than eight in a year. So eight can be played for free in the year and that’s what I’ve done. I have still managed to sit 247th out of about 1600 worldwide who have actually scored points.

    I would propose entry to the OTF league in 2022 is for “free eight” entrants only. I am now in my eighth and final series “Autumn Classics”, having selected these over the season:

    I am posting this now in case you want to try it for the tail end of 2021 - you could still tag onto the Autumn Classics just to see what you think.

    Here is my team Dashboard:
    Play Fantasy Cycling against your friends. A full season of racing with great prizes to be won throughout the year.
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    The OTF league ID is 1759, so ideally you can join now-ish and be ready for the start of the 2022 season. Plenty of notice!

    I will bump the thread during the close season.

    Any questions please shout.


      This is my lineup for today’s Primus Classic, which I will have to change tomorrow for Eschborn-Frankfurt: