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    So having just finished Le Tour, how would we rate real riders on OCM stats? Here’s an attempt at Cav:

    CL 28 - DH 30 - HL 30 - SP 99 - FR 50 - CB 40 - TQ 85 - TT 40

    Feel free to critique, ignore or try others.


      His downhill is probably pretty good, we just don't see it. I think 40 TT may be generous.

      Karrick maxed at avg 46, 219 total CL+DH+HL 82, 80, 57


        Originally posted by Levin View Post
        Karrick maxed at avg 46, 219 total CL+DH+HL 82, 80, 57
        Ooh that’s great. That’s a captain.


          234 Sprinter for Cav? Might have to boost his FR slightly, but clearly a 99 SP is true.

          Pog? (playing by the maximum training possible 180 from training camp, some race training, though he's young, so by the OCM system, would have to have been on a team at age 19)

          Skill CL DH HL SP FR CB TQ TT AV
          Start 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 40 31
          End 93 50 40 60 45 30 40 90 56


            ooooh... just realized that Kavanagh is facing off against Illingworth for the first time ever, national jersey on the line.


            I have Illingworth winning this but it's quite possible Illingworth won't be named Captain. Kavanagh should be close to podium, I hope.


              Just a reminder delicatemoth for the NT race this weekend. Last hurray for Illingworth? Vencil to the fore? Will Mohler get a call up?


                Yes, no, no.

                Illingwirth (C); Vencill, Ridsdale, N. Crumley, Kavanagh, Lowder



                  updated the national scraper spreadsheet today to make an update to the IoM specialists thread.


                  Karrick very close to being the best ever IoM climber. Mohler crosses the 200 Sprinter mark. Harold Paulus (who?) keeps rising in AV.

                  Illingworth 2nd and Kavanagh 12th in their head-to-head race today, but somehow Kavanagh maintains the national jersey.

                  End of season looks tough for Fox River, but hopefully we can grab a few points before day 20 or so next season (when the team would relegate). Team development is really good right now, finally have 6 riders all above 200 for Sprinting, and still have Abbas and Priddis (who still isn't read to retire) as LO1s and Butnaru as a quality generalist.

                  Rider Gen Sprint (SP+FR+TQ)
                  Herman Kavanagh 233
                  Neal Crumley 214
                  Pontien Ntawuyirushintege 209
                  Ross Mohler 207
                  Luke Brasher 202
                  Senussi Mosbah 201
                  Gusti Butnaru 195
                  Jean de Dieu Abbas 185
                  Frasier Combs 183
                  Mannes Van Het Groenewoud 182
                  Kingsley Paille 174
                  Yaw Okereke 173
                  Wil Priddis 159
                  Veniamin Bessonov 126
                  Braden Ash 112
                  Brett Heinritz 103

                  The bottom three there are all under 23, so have plenty of room still. Okereke should (fingers crossed) hit 200 early next season. Mannes is a weirdo who may still hit AV 50.


                    I wasn’t wrong when I said I was a couple of seasons behind you. Obviously these are CL+DH+HL:

                    Hunzberger 217
                    Niedziela 204
                    Treadwell 196
                    Obregon 196
                    Albrecht 196
                    Vidigal 195
                    Ariuntungalag 192
                    Gaby 190 (wants to retire)
                    Neagoe 190
                    Bang 185

                    In Training U23:
                    Stephansen 139
                    Hagenhofer 124


                      Two 1sts on the same day, Vencill & Perkis. Tripling my wins for the season and giving me a massive points drop in a season's time. It's also put me into D4 where there are currently 4 available races next weekend.


                        Great work Levin!


                          Yeah, very nice.

                          I've just realized Fox River could potentially put riders into the U23 World Championships (ranks 1-200). It's a complete waste of time, of course, and I don't have any intention of doing it, but it's possible for the first time.

                          (Also just realized I failed to mention the NT result today. Illingworth outside the top 9. No luck lately in sprints for IoM.)


                            Cheers guys. What roles do you give your other riders for you climbing teams? For sprints it's pretty simple, 1 leader, 3 different lead out roles, 1 drinks and 1 in wind breaker or pace setter.


                              Without posting a book, I give roles that maximize the effect per the profile, and don't worry much about doing different roles. afaik, only superdomestique can't be duplicated. This applies to leadout as well: I assign 5 LO sprinters if the profile calls for it. For cobble races, if I had the riders: I'd make them all pave pacers. Wind breaker only matters if your captain has bad FR (and the wind is significant on that race).


                                Yes, most often on a typical climb race I’ll have four Pace Setters and a WC. If the profile necessitates and the rider fits I will use Downhill Guides or Hill Helpers. I have my own basic spreadsheet and drop race profiles in, then sort by highest teammate scores. It has columns for PS, DHG and HH.


                                  Last week Carder finally gained our first podium in Div 4, finishing 2nd in an Icelandic race IIRC.

                                  Don't know if my recent dropping of WaterCarriers in favour of an extra PaceSetter/DownHiller helped.


                                    Well done dm. Hmm that’s interesting; I always use a WC without even thinking about it.

                                    And is that your cat?


                                      matt j so your rider scraper (I have updated mine which is here):

                                      So having got your rider data in there, how do you then use it to select races? I know you target specific races; is that because you also have another spreadsheet with all the potential races in different divisions and plot the ones you are best suited to? I just look at forthcoming races in the visible calendar and find the one which suits Hunzberger and the squad best.

                                      Results have dried up lately which is why I’m clutching at straws. We’ve signed up for our third Bali Classic where HH has had a 3rd place in the past. But despite now having a better group supporting him I feel less confident.


                                        Originally posted by Sits View Post
                                        And is that your cat?
                                        My best friend's cat, though half the time I think of her as "our cat" (friend and cat live literally two minutes away and I see them most days).