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A biennial tournament?

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  • danielmak
    It's hard for me to gauge if audiences in the US would be excited enough if the tournament happened every two years. There has been steady (and I'm sure steadily growing) interest in the Women's WC in the US. But there has also been interest when the women do well in the Olympics, which seems to happen during that two-year gap if I remember correctly.

    I can say that the Africa Cup of Nations is the only biennial tournament that has any interest for me. Gold Cup I only watch the final if the US is in the final, Copa America had always been very exciting but CONMEBOL has ramped up Copa America tournaments and I mostly don't worry about missing most of it, I can't remember the last time I watched AFC Cup games (maybe 2007 when it aired in the US but since then there are many ways to access games even though it's not on TV here). So, I say all of this with some types of caveats that I am someone who watches way more football than the average football fan and can't even compare to the big tournament spectator but also someone who is aware that most of these tournaments are bloated cash grabs that wear out players who should be resting for tournaments that actually matter. Therefore, maybe fans of big spectacles could care less about the draining the excitement of a four-year wait and instead would be interested in more spectacle-focused football. I would think that some national teams might benefit from the spectacle that comes with a WC because those teams might be able to get more money from their federations and those funds could help grow the sport more among women.

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  • Diable Rouge
    started a topic A biennial tournament?

    A biennial tournament?

    FIFA, particularly Infantino, is floating the concept in order to "boost the development" of the womens' game, but in truth it seems somewhat sexist and patronising to suggest special treatment is required, given that, as in the men's game, the Euros bridge the gap between World Cups, and the European club game has grown in leaps and bounds this decade.