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    Originally posted by jason voorhees View Post

    Interesting bit with Kapernick's vs Rapinoe's treatment. Here the US Women got the highest ratings ever, including the Deep South. For whatever reason, enough conservative dads had daughters and whatever it was in the American or Southern genetics they taught their daughters how to throw, and soccer took over because enough of those dads realized it wasn't that different from Am Football or basketball. Once they saw their kid hit someone, or their kid get hit, it was kind of instant path to 3 players being from Georgia, and others from Kansas or Arizona.

    Then add to the fact these white Southerners have a cousin or daughter or niece who developed some different, uh, preferences along the way. They're still family. They're still white.

    Kap isn't. Or not enough. Then what if he won those 2 Super Bowls, and had beaten the Ravens and Seahawks and Pats? I would say there's no way in hell he would've been gentleman's agreed upon.

    The USWNT's free speech and audacity to challenge Repubs is the one place they are guarded by their flag and their shield....and their wins. (It may also have something to do with Franco's playbook of allowing Bara to be "Mes Qu Un Club." Bread and circuses and all that.)

    Because as soon as a few weeks of purple-haired loudmouths winning trophies and subsequent parades go'll be 4 years of a media blackout.

    On the other hand, maybe they are brash, and talk shit. And what's the first thing you learn about how to stand up to bullies?

    Because I sure didn't see any of the women of the DNC saying any of this.

    It's why I hope they all party with AOC.
    I think it would have made a difference if Kapernick had actually won something. My recollection is that he was hot for a while, but then started to play like a back-up. He's definitely better than a number of guys who started games while he was waiting for a call, so there's no doubt that teams didn't want him because they didn't want to piss off their right-wing fan base (and/or the owners didn't like him, though I suspect a lot of the owners don't really care). But if he was as good as Patrick Mahomes or Russel Wilson, he'd have a job now and the fans and the team's owner would just have to deal with that. So its unfortunate that he's not just a little better and the guys who are better aren't taking a stand (or a knee, as the case may be).

    "patriarchal shithousery"

    I'm not sure I know what that means and don't think I care.


      Originally posted by Bizarre Lw Triangle View Post
      Honestly can't understand how you didn't find that an extremely funny response to a ridiculous question?
      I didn't. I just found it extremely childish.


        Originally posted by Hot Pepsi View Post

        Aside from the difference of "punching-up" vs "punching down," there's a big difference between an athlete, who is really just an entertainer playing in games that ultimately don't really matter, and somebody with an obscene level of power who is morally and constitutionally accountable to the people criticizing him.
        I'd agree there should be a difference but I'm not at all sure, particularly in Trump's case, he sees one. And there are certainly many, many sports fans theses days who believe the performance of "their" team, or favourite athlete, is of more immediate importance than that of an elected official.


          That is unfortunately true.


            Originally posted by Cesar Rodriguez
            Saw some coverage of Rapinoe's parade speech from NY today on my twitter feed, I listened to the 2 minutes and change of it.... The jist of it was "be the best version of you you can be, change the world, yah".

            I support their drive for pay equity but can we also challenge the pay-for-play culture that excludes many poorer American girls from even playing the sport in the first place? From my own experience (at the grassroots level) girls soccer is very much the preserve of the white and the privileged.
            Well, if there's another quote that captures the entire history of the United States of America, not sure what it is.

            It's all about Abe's More Perfect Union.

            We need everybody, and need to give everybody a chance.